Top 5 Best Popcorn Machines For Home Theaters -2019

When we are watching a movie or having a slumber party at home but making popcorn the traditional method is just boring. So instead of simply cooking in a microwave or a stovetop pot why not take popcorn prepping to a whole new level no need to wound yourself up looking for a good popcorn machine. Just sit back and relax as we go through our own list of the top five best popcorn machines for home theaters but you can enjoy together with your friends and loved ones right in the comfort of your own home.


Top 5 Best Popcorn Machines For Home Theaters -2019


1. Nostalgia KPM 200 2.5 Ounce Kettle Popcorn Maker

First up is the Nostalgia KPM 200 2.5 ounce kettle popcorn maker as the name implies this popcorn machine is sure to bring back many fond memories. I swear the vintage finish and classic look will remind you of your favorite movie house and all the popcorn you had in the past.

The stainless steel kettle has a built-in stirring system that ensures your popcorn is cooked evenly. It is well lit and allows a 360-degree clear view of what’s going on inside the machine. So you can watch your popcorn as it gets cooked this one has a nice tilt door that makes serving just effortless, no need to worry if you’re just cooking for yourself or your entire family as it can hold up to 10 cups of popcorn per batch.

This popcorn maker also comes with a kernel measuring cup an oil measuring spoon, so you don’t have to take a wild guess if you are putting in the right ratio of popcorn and oil. Whether you like it with flavorings such as cheese and barbecue or just the classic salt and butter flavor.

Making your own bowl of popcorn has never been as easy as 1-2-3. Cleanup isn’t so bad – which sometimes is a deal breaker for most kitchen equipment all in all. We like this popcorn maker because it is fairly convenient to use perfect for families and it makes for a great conversation starter for parties.


2. Cuisinart CPM 100 Red Easy Pop Hot Air

Next on our list is the Cuisinart CPM 100 red easy pop hot air popcorn maker. Wow, that’s definitely a mouthful and so will your mouth be with this nice popcorn machine that is highly recommendable for those trying to cut back on calories.

This healthy popcorn machine uses hot air and requires no oil to cook which means you can enjoy your favorite snack without feeling guilty afterward. It does have a butter warming tray so you still get the classic pop taste. This popcorn maker has a ten cup capacity and only takes about three minutes per round making it hassle-free whether you are prepping for yourself or a small group of guests.

Cuisinart is a well-known brand for excellent quality and they certainly did not disappoint with this one. The clean finish looks elegant simple and has no frills whatsoever, I would say it is pretty straight forward with its functionality but it isn’t tacky either. I know its purpose and it sits well with other appliances that you might have in your kitchen.

Compared to other bulky popcorn makers this machine is relatively compact and does not take a lot of space. It also comes with quart storage if you’re the type of person like me who likes their kitchens tidy and with everything put away neatly. The red easy pop hot air popcorn maker is also dishwasher safe so thumbs up for easy and quick cleaning.

This popcorn maker seems pretty great for personal or family use and I think it would also make for a perfect game. So we are done with two out of our top five best popcorn machines for home theaters if you have used any of the products we’ve mentioned so far let us know in the comment section below.

3. Funtime Sideshow Popper 4-Ounce Hot Oil Machine

Next, on our list of the top 5 popcorn machines, the number 3 spot goes to the Funtime Sideshow Popper 4-ounce hot oil machine with black or silver cart. Who talk about fancy this one is a huge leap from the simplicity of our previous item.

You might have seen one of these if you watched movies or seen photographs from the early 20th century. The carnival look and elaborate finish make it a nice accessory in your home theater room.

The price may be hefty for a popcorn machine but it is high-quality all-metal construction it makes up for the durability and ensures that you can use it for years and years to come. You might even be able to pass it on to your family’s next generation. It utilizes safety tempered side glass panels which make it break resistant with a 4-ounce capacity there’s no shortage of popcorn even when you have family and guests over for a movie. Inside you’ll find a built-in warmer light and a heating deck which keeps your snack crisp and more.

The old main drawer is made to catch any unpopped kernels so you don’t have to have any bowls intended for catching the uncooked ones yourself. What I like is the Handy storage compartment found on the base of the cart imagine going back and forth to your kitchen and movie room in case you forget to bring in the salt or butter. You can simply stash all your popcorn essentials at the bottom and enjoy your movie top.


4. Electric Coca-Cola Can Hot Air Popcorn Machine

Now here’s something that coca cola junkies would love our fourth popcorn maker is the Electric Coca-cola Can hot air popcorn machine. I think this one would be one of the cutest popcorn makers I’ve seen, definitely works well in small gatherings just prop one of these on your tabletop and voila. Light and healthy snack for everyone designed after the famous Coca Cola Can.

This popper weighs a mere 1.3 pounds and barely a foot tall that just makes it so convenient and effortless to lug around. It doesn’t even have to stay in the kitchen all you have to do is find an outlet and you can get on cooking with this tiny popcorn machine wherever you want to. This one also uses hot air instead of oil so you can worry no more about the extra calories. The measuring cap ensures you have just the right amount of kernels in every batch.

The shooter on the side may seem a bit smaller compared to those from other makers but I think it still does the work just have a bowl ready to catch the flying popcorns. The Electric Coca-cola Can hot air popcorn machine can make up to eight cups of popcorn in every batch. So that’s not too bad for a compact and lightweight maker I think it will be a great addition to any coca-cola memorabilia collection as well.

Are you enjoying our list so far we are down to the last item in our top 5 popcorn machine list and we hope you found something useful in case you would wish to buy one yourself? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment so you’re always updated with our top 5 lists.


5. Paragon Cineplex Red 4 Ounce Popcorn Machine

Now for the final entry in our top 5 best popcorn machines for home theaters list, we have the Paragon Cineplex Red 4 ounce popcorn machine. If we are talking about classic this is the one they combined quality and convenience in this heavy duty popcorn machine.

The simple design makes it rather fitting for home theaters and gaming rooms, it’s not too flashy but the clean finish gives off an elegant and classic look. It is made of stainless steel and glass with some added red and white graphics on the side. The presentation lamp makes the popcorn really enticing to watch it also has a built-in warming tag to keep your popcorn nice and more.

The serving capacity is ninety-two one ounce servings per hour so you don’t have to fear any shortage of popcorn while you’re enjoying your movie. The cleaning process may seem tedious compared to other like popcorn makers that you can stash in your dishwasher. With a Paragon Cineplex popcorn machine, you will need to wipe the insides clean with a cloth wash the tray and drawer with mild dish soap and use a mixture of vinegar and water for the glass.

The kettle is coated making it easy to clean up but you must use a carbon cleaner for heavy-duty cleaning. The stirring mechanism of this popper is pretty impressive compared to the cheaper ones I would say it is suitable even for commercial use because of its material build and functionality.

Overall the Paragon Cineplex Red 4-ounce popcorn machine may seem over the budget but it can prove to be a wise investment if you are really into popcorn or maybe thinking of using it for a small business.


Final Words

There go the five best popcorn machines for home theaters available on the market today we surely hope that this article will help you in deciding which one is best for your home. If you find any of the featured products interesting write a comment below.

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