6 Best Monitors For Digital Artists Work [2021] | Reviews

Digital art is all about some quality devices, especially monitors. Artists have to spend a lot of time in front of these monitors. And it can result in straining eyes and headaches. So it is necessary to find a high quality monitor whether you are a beginner or a professional. For this purpose you have to consider several factors including, brightness, color quality, screen size and many more.    

Monitors have become very advanced with time. Market is full of a variety of monitors and among so many options it is difficult to find the right one. There is a long list of specs that it becomes impossible to justify price tags. It is very tiring and time consuming to sit and search for the right products after comparing their specs.

If you are wondering where you can find a perfect monitor for you or what is the right option you are in the right place. We are here to help you in finding the right products. 

List Of 6 Best Monitors For Digital Artists

Based on the needs and requirements of most digital artists we have shortlisted some monitors. All of them are of good quality and you can totally rely on them. You can make decisions on your own based on your individual needs and budget. So let’s get started:

1. Dell P2418HT: best monitor for digital art

It is one of a few monitors in the market having matte finish on their screens. This quality makes it better than other monitors. It comes with an easily adjustable stand. You can adjust the angle of the monitor according to your needs. Its sleek design and 24 inches touchscreen makes it an attractive choice.

Its 1920 x 1080 resolution full HD screen gives you excellent color accuracy. Picture quality is extremely good. It has a backlit-LED ISP panel for making your experience delightful. Its anti-glare coating on screen makes working easy and bright. HDMI and USB connections are easy and simple to use. 

It has a unique “easy arrange” feature which makes things easier for you. If you work while opening several tabs and windows on your screen this is going to be very helpful. With its wide angle view it will be easy for you to enjoy a crisp clear view. 

Controls for contrasts and brightness etc. are on bottom of the screen. You won’t touch them accidently while using the touchscreen. Input lag is not so good which is an issue otherwise it is an excellent option for a digital artist. 

At start people may not know that it is a touch screen because of its matte finish but it will work fine with your home and your office.


  • Stand is easily adjustable
  • It has a small bezel and stylish design
  • Screen quality is good


  • Input lag is high
  • I may wobble while using it

2. Acer UT241Y: good monitor for digital art

Main focus of Acer is to produce a monitor that can handle glare but this monitor also has a good display with effortless usability. It is an excellent option especially for those who are workaholic. This amazingly designed monitor comes with a sound and heavy stand which has dual hinge and is easily tilt-able. It does not mean that carrying it is an issue. Overall it is very light in weight.  

It is very durable opting to consider and won’t break easily. Its full HD display gives you an excellent view. It supports Acer’s Zero frame design for display so that you can enjoy a virtually borderless appearance; its 23.8 inches screen gives you a wide view as it has an IPS display. 

Another best thing about this monitor is that it features one USB 3.1 type-C port and two USB 3.0 ports. It also has dual speakers and 4ms quick response which is a perfect feature for gaming purposes. Touch screen is very responsive so it is not an issue at all but it works with only Windows 10 computers.  

It is an excellent monitor that will work with not only your home but also the office. You can turn it at different angles based on your comfort zone.


  • It is portable
  • Stan is strong but flexible so you can change angle
  • You do not have to worry about glare issues
  • Display quality is excellent


  • Touch only works with Windows 10 computers

3. Planar Helium PCT2235: Best Budget Art Monitor

If you are not in search of something with super high functioning this can be a good option with a fine touch screen and reasonable price. It is a good alternative with some of the high quality features. Its 22 inch large LCD display has full HD resolution and is perfect for you if you have digital art work to do. 

Its touch screen is very responsive. With most monitors you may face lagging issues but with this monitor you do not have to worry about delay or lagging issues. It comes up with two days of replacement warranty in case you feel something wrong. In addition to this you also get a three years warranty which is honestly mind blowing. 

Display is wide and it is excellent for not only work purposes but also for other entertainment and gaming purposes. It also has integrated speakers which work fine and audio quality is good. You do not have to buy, install or download special drivers. As you buy it you can use it immediately.

Another good thing about this laptop is that it has multiple video inputs including HDMI, VGA, and Display ports. You can tilt it the way you feel comfortable. Honestly, at this price, it is the best deal you can have.


  • Touch screen is very responsive
  • No drivers needed
  • You will enjoy accuracy while using the touch screen
  • You will get 2 days free replacement warranty


  • It is not a high definition monitor

4: MageDok T116D: Best Stylus-Compatible Monitor For Artists & Drawing

Touchscreen are preferred in most cases and most of them work with fingertips, which is fine. But sometimes you need precision in work and touchscreens only compatible with finger time are not perfect. So in that case monitors who are compatible with styluses are good to go. Fortunately this monitor is an excellent option for stylus-users who want perfection. 

Its 11.6 inches display screen makes it a portable monitor which is easy to carry everywhere. It does not have a bezel around the screen so you can also keep it in your bag along with your laptop. It uses IPS technology and gives you full HD display for enjoying high image quality. 

You will fall in love with its colorful display. Its wide viewing angles let you enjoy your work without any trouble. With this amazing monitor there is no need to have an extra power source as it has USB-C connection. It can carry video signals, touch data and power. 

Its 10 point multi touch display gives you the best touch screen option. As it is mentioned above it supports use of active styluses for example Microsoft surface pen. For an even better experience it also allows you to change the pressure levels. It is an excellent option you can have within the price.


  • Display quality is excellent
  • Touch quality is amazing and it supports styluses
  • It is light in weight and portable
  • You can adjust it at comfortable angles


  • Screen size is a bit small which can cause trouble

5: Wacom Cintiq Pro 32: best 4k monitor for digital artists

If you want something high performance there is nothing better than Wacom for you. These are an excellent option for creative minded people who have a lot of work to do. It is a tablet display with 32 inches wide screen giving you an amazing experience. 

It has an IPS panel which offers you a fabulous wide view. It is a 4K ultra HD resolution monitor which is the best a digital artist can expect. Color accuracy will blow your mind. It easily covers maximum Adobe RGB space with its 10-bit display; it will show you almost 1.07 billion colors.

It works excellent with Windows and Mac devices for multi touch support. For keeping your workplace clutter free it also has USB-C cable. Another best about this device is that you will enjoy high quality accuracy along with Wacom’s pen. This pen has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity.

For making your experience perfect it also has Cintiq Pro Engine. It is a high-performance computer that you can easily attach with a monitor and it will work like a whole unit. You can tilt it the way you want to have a comfortable view. It is a bit pricey but it is for professionals and once you start using this it would be impossible for you to go back to an ordinary tablet.


  • Wacom pen offers precision and accuracy in work and comes with a pen clip
  • Screen is large enough to work properly
  • Chances of scratches are negligible
  • Display quality is amazing


  • Macro button setting is easy but time consuming

6: GeChic 1303i: best monitor for digital work

If you are a digital artist and have been looking for a touch screen you may have heard or seen some products from GeChic 1303i. Although it is not a very popular company, it does have produced some of the very good displays for digital artists. And still they are working in improving touch quality.

Its 13.3 inches screen gives you a clear view of your tasks. Its screen supports 10-point multi-touch quality and has full HD resolution to offer. Wide viewing angles and clear image is its specialty because of high quality IPS display.

 Its small size makes it portable and you can carry it whenever you want wherever you want. It does not need any extra power cable which is a relief. So it is an excellent option to consider as a secondary laptop display. It can also be connected with a small Raspberry Pi computer and it will be an all in one functional unit. 

For running it you need to plug in GeChic 1030i along with VGA, Micro HDMI or Mini display cable from the video output of your computer. It also has a power adapter but it is not essential to use as it can draw power from USB.


  • It offers full HD display
  • It is portable
  • Color quality is amazing
  • It is easily tilt-able


  • None


What is the right screen size for a monitor?

Size of monitor matters a lot for digital artists, a larger screen enables them to view multiple documents at a time. So prefer monitors with larger screens. A monitor between 27 to 32 inches can be a good option. But it would be better to consider a monitor which is 29 inches large.

What should be the resolution?

For digital art work resolution must be considered. These days 4K monitors are very popular and are perfect for this kind of work. But are a bit expensive, so you can pick a monitor with 1080p resolution, it also works fine. 

What is the perfect refresh rate?

Number of images a monitor displays in one second called refresh rate. Picture will be smoother if the refresh rate is high. So buy a monitor with at least 60 Hz refresh rate. But a monitor with 100+Hz is better for a good experience. 

How necessary I/O connections are?

I/O connections are ports that are needed to connect computers. The monitor you choose must have HDMI, Display ports and dual link DVI ports. So that you may not face any trouble. 

Does esthetics matter?

It all depends on you if you are more into looks you can consider such monitors. Although a monitor must have a decent and pleasing look based on your office environment. Bezel free monitors are more stylish.  

What are some other qualities we must look in for?

As digital artists spend a lot of time in front of a monitor, their eyes may feel strained. Consider laptops having built-in technology for this, you can consider monitors with adaptive dimming technology or non-flicker displays. Color quality cannot be ignored. If you have habits of making notes consider a monitor with bezels for sticking Post-its. It is good if a monitor has small hoods above it will help with reflections.

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