10 Best Monitor for Solidworks [2021] (TOP PICKS)

Solidworks is a computer-aided engineering and computer-aided design program for modeling runs on Microsoft Windows. Solidworks does not support macOS but still, you can run it. Its main use is to develop mechatronic systems.

Firstly you use it for planning, modeling, visual idealization, prototyping, and management, and then you use it for designing and building software, mechanical and electrical elements.

In 3CAD technology, Solid works as a leader, and no one can beat it. It is because of the high-end performance it has it offers to its users. 

It is obvious that a high-end program needs a high-end monitor to run efficiently. I know PC specs are very important to consider but without a quality monitor, you will not be able to get good results. You may have faster GPU, higher RAM size, and the latest Windows version but it is not enough.

Top 10 Best Monitors For Solidwork & Autocad

There are varieties of monitors available in the market but not all of them are suitable for using Solidworks. Finding yourself a suitable monitor is not an easy task nor do you have to read reviews on different products and have to compare them, only then you can find one.

It takes a lot of time and you may feel frustrated. So to make things easier for you we have shortlisted some of the best monitors available in the market. All of these are suitable for using Solidworks. So let’s have a look at these.

  7. LG 27UK850-W 4K IPS MONITOR

1. ViewSonic VP2468 Professional 100% sRGB 14-bit Monitor

This monitor is available in a color scheme of black having the resolution of about 1080p. This monitor is ideal for the professional photographers, video-editors, graphic designers, graphic content creators etc. Its frequency is around 60Hz. This ideal monitor gives aesthetic colors that add appealing effects in the pictures. 

It also has a warranty of three years. It contains very thin bezels. For all those set-ups that are multi-monitoring, this monitor gives a smooth and edge to edge viewing adventure. It has HDMI ports along with future-proof DisplayPort Technology. It also has IPS technology. 

This technology provides solutions to the major hindrance for liquid-crystal displays. It has a mini display port. Its static contrast ratio is around 1000:1. This monitor holds up the color accuracy of Delta E>2. It also controls 100% sRGB color space. The size of the IPS monitor screen is 16:9.

It can provide a color range of about 4.3 trillion together with a 14-bit look-up table. It has an advanced function for color representation that has a 6-axis color adjustment capacity.

 Hardware calibration functionality is also available in this unique monitor. It is one of the best devices used for professional applications. This monitor is also factory calibrated to make sure that all the color schemes are uniformed and précised. Such a uniformed scheme also provides reliability regarding the compatible chromaticity over the screen.

It is an all-round performer monitor that can be purchased at quite affordable rates. All the advanced features make it more popular. Response time of 5ms is provided. It is grey to grey and the time specified.

The maximum brightness level this monitor can provide is about 250 cd/m2. Its refresh rate is 60 Hz. It has 2 viewing angles. Horizontal and vertical both are at 178o.  It consumes almost 22W power. It also contains a WLED backlight.


  • Professional-grade monitor of best quality
  • Budget-friendly


  • No display port

2. BenQ BL2420PT 1440p Accurate IPS Monitor

The maximum resolution of this monitor’s screen is 2560 x 1440 pixels. This resolution makes it a 1440p BenQ monitor. If you want to carry it on any occasion along with you then it is important to know its exact weight that is about 15.43 lbs.

The size of the screen is 23.8 inches that becomes 60 centimeters. Its weight in kg is 7. All the dimensions of this monitor including length, width, and height are 13.3 in x 22.2 in x 2.8 in (inches). Its Rec-709 color space ensures remarkable editing. It is best for 3D animations, graphic designing work and for other video-editing features. It has tailor-made CAD/CAM mode along with animation mode. 

It contains many other astonishing features that include low blue light mode, flicker-free technology, and OS compatibility. Flicker-free technology helps you to perform all of your editing and other work without any eye fatigue. You can comfortably do your work for a longer period of time. Other than this, it also contains IPS technology. Its response time is 5ms. 

The connectivity ports include VGA, DVI-D, Display port with 1.2 video inputs, and 1.4 HDMI port. Its contrast ratio is dynamic that is 20,000,000:1. This latest monitor is VESA mount compatible. Its screen is anti-glare with HDCP support. It contains built-in speakers. The wiring of built-in speakers is not visible because it is hidden in the wall. These speakers also provide your extra space as they do not occupy much space. 

If you want to ship this monitor then its weight would increase up to 9kg from 7kg. This IPS monitor provides great viewing angles with a perfect color scheme because of 16.7 trillion precise professionally rendered colors. Its animation mode gives enhancement in the darker shadows without affecting those parts or areas that do not require this function.


  • Its color rendering capacity is 100% sRGB


  • No manual is available with the packaging of monitor

3. ASUS PB287Q 4K UHD Monitor

This monitor also comes in a color scheme of black with amazing unique features. It is affordable to buy. Its resolution is 2160p with 4K UHD display. Its size is 28 inches. Its pixels are 157 per inch. For color representation, it contains a real 10-bit color. 

If you want to view the screen by sitting in a comfortable position then you can also tilt its screen. It has wall mounting capability for a good viewing angle. This monitor also provides flicker-free technology to provide protection for the eyes. This technology lessens the fatigue and damage to the eyes. You can work for the maximum hours without getting tired. 

This is an eye-care technology. It also provides height adjustments for the ease of the users. Its contrast ratio is 100000000:1. It also has two viewing angles, horizontal and vertical. Horizontal angle is at 170o and vertical angle is at 160o.  It has a quick response time of 1ms. Its refresh rate is 60 Hz. Display port and a 30 Hz HDMI port are included in its hardware interface. 

The digital signal frequency of this unique monitor is 24~99 KHz (H) / 30~75 Hz (V). This monitor device also comes with a three years warranty. You can adjust the brightness level of this monitor by the help of OSD. It is a high-quality monitor that improves the details of your photos. It has an impressive style with a versatile performance and features. 

It is also manufactured around a TN panel just like all the other monitors. If you are working near sunlight then this monitor works perfectly. This monitor is the best choice for the photographers, video-editors, and graphic content creators. It has multiple strengths including a subtle color production.


  • Input lag of this monitor is low
  • Robust performance
  • Pixel response of this monitor device is very fast


  • Controls and OSD is dainty
  • USB ports are not available

4. Dell Ultrasharp U2718Q 4K IPS Monitor

This monitor contains Bluetooth 4.0 as its hardware interface. It comes in two color schemes, white and black. This monitor has extremely thin bezels. It is very ideal for all those screens that work as multiple monitor set-ups. Its size is 27 inches with a resolution of 4K UHD 2160p. 

It provides a color support of 1.07 billion color schemes. Its brightness level is 350 cd/m2.  Its pixel pitch is 0.1554 mm x 0.1554 mm. This monitor can connect with almost six compatible RF devices. These devices are usually used to transfer radio signals across two devices. This monitor has ideal viewing angles that can be adjusted to the desired positions accordingly. 

You can also share media creation with anyone else with the help of its wide viewing angles. It does not have a high contrast ratio that is why in a room without light, its screen displays black color as grey. This device can handle many tasks at the same time. Its display type is LCD. 

Its weight is 13.70 lbs. Its aspect ratio is 16:9. Its screen is completely undetermined at all the four sides. It also contains built-in devices. All the three dimensions are available as 611.3 x 356.2 x 49.1mm. It provides two viewing angles, horizontal and vertical. Both of these angles are available at 178o/ 178o.  The sRGB of this monitor is 99.9%. 

Around 75% adobe RGB is available in this monitor. Its panel type is IPS. Its display has the capability to produce 30 bits of colors. A backlight source is also available as WLED. Its response time is not so fast, that is 5ms. This monitor has a 60 Hz refresh rate.


  • This monitor can be easily adjustable with large ergonomics
  • Its gradient handling is exceptional
  • The viewing angles of this monitor are very wide


  • The HDR performance of this monitor is not so good

5. BenQ SW271 PhotoVue 4K HDR IPS Monitor

This monitor comes in black color that gives a classy look. USB, SDHC, SDXC, Secure Digital Card are all included as hardware interfaces. The size of this monitor is 27 inches. Its resolution is 2160p. Its response time is 5ms. This is not so fast.

This monitor provides a clear image quality with fine details. Its hardware calibration is very easy because it can transfer all the data like video signals etc. with the help of a single cable. 

The horizontal frequency of this monitor is 27~140 KHz. Besides this, the vertical frequency of this unique monitor is 24~75Hz. It has 14-bit 3D LUT that provides flawless color reproduction. This is only possible because of Delta E< and also equal to 2. This enhances the accuracy of RGB color blending. 

This monitor also provides the latest feature that is Palette Master Element Calibration Software. At the optimal state, this unique feature sustains the color presentation of the monitor. This monitor has only 1 USB-C port only for the purpose of optimal convenience. This port displays around 4K UHD brilliant content. 

Besides this, it also gives about 5Gbps transfer rate. If you want the screen of the monitor to display the image closer to the detail then it can be possible by the HDR feature of the monitor device. It maximizes the whole dynamic range between black and white to make the image closer. This monitor is a best choice for video editing work. You can get this model at very competitive rates. 

This monitor provides high-quality detailing features and color accuracy. All the dimensions are available in 14.65X24.64×9.37 inches. It also provides AQ color technology which delivers high-level color accuracy.


  • Provides marvelous image-quality
  • Dual gamut along with PIP/PBP modes
  • Multiple input options


  • Bit expensive as compared to other monitors
  • Its HDR mode provides no image adjustments

6. ASUS PA329Q UHD ProArt Monitor

This monitor comes in 34 inches size. Its resolution is around 3840 x 2160p. It contains 3 display ports as a hardware interface. A mini display port of 1.2, 4 x HDMI 2.0 inputs, and display port 1.2. All the color critical objects that require precision, it provides 99.5% Adobe RGB. 

For color accuracy, it provides 10-bit display colors. It also provides an ergonomic stand tilt along with flicker-free technology for the protection of the eyes. This makes it quite easy for you to work for a longer period of time. Besides these features, major hardware calibrators are also available that include X-rite i1 Display Pro and Data color Spyder 5 series. 

This monitor also gives low blue light technology. A 3m QDEF gives a wide range of colors. The wide viewing angles are also available in this monitor. IPS technology provides these angles. Its weight is 34.70 lbs. Its mounting type is also wall mount. Its refresh rate is also 60 Hz. Aspect ratio of this monitor is 16:9. It provides brightness at a level of 300 cd/m2.  

The dimensions of this monitor are 33.4 x 13.8 x 21.8 inches. Its voltage is 240 volts. This monitor is very bright. Bright backlighting is due to the HDR sets. No color shifting is possible from the extreme positions due to the IPS display of this monitor. 

This is the best option for the graphic artists and also for professional photographers. This monitor has all those features that are also present as expensive devices. You will not disappoint spending your money on this if you are a professional who knows all the ins and outs of the editing.


  • IPS panel of ASUS PA329Q UHD ProArt Monitor is very bright
  • Unique feature is its calibration software
  • This devices has professional appearance
  • Fast response time
  • Negligible lag input


  • The OSD calibration of this model is not so flexible
  • Not budget-friendly

7. LG 27UK850-W 4K IPS Monitor

This monitor provides AMD Freesync Technology. This technology is best for liquid-crystal displays. It reduces the tearing and stuttering by supporting an inconsistent refresh rate. The size of this monitor screen is 27 inches. Its resolution is 3840 x 2160bp. It has HDR 10 compatibility. It has 4 K UHD resolutions. Its response time is 5ms. Its refresh rate is 60 Hz. 

The contrast ratio of this monitor is 1000:1. The connectivity port of this monitor includes USB type-C connectivity. It has around 99% sRGB color gamut. The design of this monitor is 3-sided borderless. It provides very accurate colors. This C-type connectivity provides high efficiency. The color mode conversion is also available at the color mode menu. This conversion occurs between Adobe RGB and sRGB. 

The borders of its screen are made up of ultra-thin bezels. Free sync technology is only available if it is connected either to the HDMI or to the display port. Its weight is 13.40 lbs. Its aspect ratio is 16:9. Its voltage is 100240. It requires a 1 lithium ion battery. It is best for the robust gaming performance and also for the precise color calibrations. 

It has an ergonomic design with 4 K resolution. This is ultra HD. It provides fantastic features at very good price rates. Its remarkable IPS panel gives amazing imaging fidelity. It also provides marvelous image quality together with smooth performance. For AMD users, free sync is a bonus. 

It is basically an all-rounder monitor. Your eyes do not get tired after using it. It has a glossy and stylish display. Its advanced gaming features rapidly enhance monitor settings to activate black stabilizer.

This activation let out upper-level details in dark scenes which in turn provide flawless gaming action. It provides effortless and nice setup.


  • Flexible design
  • Compatible to free sync
  • Nearly borderless
  • 4 K ultra-HD resolution


  • It has no DCI-P3 color
  • Very costly

8. ViewSonic VP3268-4K Pro Monitor

You are a professional creator which means you need color accuracy. There are a lot of high quality monitors available in the market. ViewSonic VP3268 is one of these high end monitors that you can consider. It is a large monitor with 32 inches screen offering IPS display. It is equipped with unique features and is designed for professionals especially. It is not for gamers. 

This is a set of excellent features offering you 3840 x 2160pixels resolution. It utilizes a 9-bit panel along with a 14-bit look up table (LUT) and also supports 10-bit via FRC. It offers a contrast ratio of 1300:1 contrast ratio on the other hand it peak brightness is 350 nits which is nice. It claims to provide you uniformity which is demanded of professionals. 

Another quality of this monitor is that it supports HDR although this feature is not advertised may be for a good reason. Bezels around the edges are very thin so it is an excellent option if you want to have a multi-monitor setup.  Body is made up of plastic but the build quality is excellent. Stand has a glossy finish and the monitor will look good on your desk. 

Ergonomic adjustments are very important in a monitor, but with this monitor you don’t have to worry about this thing as it comes up with a highly adjustable stand. You can pivot, swivel, tilt and can also adjust the height of the monitor the way you feel comfortable. Although it is thin, you can VESA mount it on the wall if you want. 

Connectivity is not an issue with this monitor as it has enough ports to offer. It features a full-size DisplayPort, two HDMI ports, mini DisplayPort, USB port, and audio jacks. Moreover, it has built-in speakers so that you can have a full package at your desk.


  • It offers a high end IPS panel. 
  • It has to offer amazing specs. 
  • Bezels are thin so good for multi-monitor setup.


  • It is not a full-pro panel. 
  • It is an expensive monitor.

9. Philips BDM4350UC 43″ Brilliance Monitor

Philips BDM4350UC is an Ultra-wide monitor providing you quality image performance. Whether you want to buy more screen real estate or dual monitor setup is the best solution for you at a reasonable price. Its 43 inches ultra-wide screen is perfect for professionals who love multitasking. Aspect ratio is 16:9 which means it is one of conventional monitors available in the market.   

Its sleek design is all you want, with anti-glare coating you do not have to worry about reflection. But you do not have multiple options for the adjustment you can only tilt it for better view moreover it does not have holes for VESA mounting. It offers 4K 3,840 x 2,160 pixel pixels resolution, which means you will get crisp clear image quality.

I/O ports are on the backside of the monitor and include, pair of HDMI, two Display ports, and one VGA port. All these ports are located on the rear side of the monitor which can be a problem when you want to use these ports. Contrast ratio is 1200:1 and the brightness peak is 300nits. So you will have a brighter image on the screen.

It offers 10-bit color depth; color accuracy it offers is mind-blowing that you will love. It is equipped with 100% sRGB. Response time is 5ms which is perfect for professionals. Although it is not as good as 1ms but works fine for professionals. It is a budget-friendly monitor for you to have with all the quality features it has to offer.


  • Offers you 4K resolution
  • Screen is very large and perfect for multi-tasking
  • Offers multiple connectivity ports
  • Offers great value for the price


  • Port orientation is poor.
  • Backlight shadows may annoy you.

10. Apple iMac Pro

Apple iMac Pro is a powerful monitor designed for professionals but it is very expensive so if you are on budget it is not for you. The most attractive thing in this monitor is its extremely thin chassis.  This monitor has a sleek design to offer which will go for any studio and office environment. It is extremely light in weight and weighs just 0.7 kg which is mind blowing. 

The best thing about this monitor is that it has an effective cooling system. This cooling system will effectively circulate cool air via dual fans and also eliminate the hot air. It also comes with a magic keyboard, mouse and trackpad. Using these may be a bit frustrating but these will work once you get used to them. 

Its 27 inches large screen supports P3 gamut which offers you high color accuracy. In addition to this it offers you 5K resolution which offers you mind blowing visuals. At a time you can open four projects side by side, you can edit a 4K video on this monitor. 

This amazing monitor has to offer you 8GB Radeon Pro Vega 56 graphics which is perfect for those who love to work on 3D animations and videos. It is equipped with 32 GB RAM and 3.2 GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon processor which is perfect for multi-tasking. 

Connectivity is not an issue with this monito.it has plenty of ports to offer you including, one audio port, one card slot, four USB 3.0 ports, 4 Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports, and one Ethernet port. You cannot expect this much connectivity option from an ordinary monitor.


  • Most powerful among all Macs
  • Design is excellent
  • You don’t have to face heat up issues


  • It is very expensive.
  • It is not upgradable.
  • Magic Mouse is still annoying.

What is the ideal aspect ratio for Solidworks?

Most suitable answer to this question is to consider your preferences.  Normally monitors come up with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It means 9 units in heights and 16 units in length. The most popular aspect ratio which is known for gaining momentum quickly is Ultra wide (21:9).

The best thing about an ultra-wide aspect ratio is that you get a feel of enjoying multiple monitor setup placed adjacently without bezels involved. But they are more expensive than conventional monitors.

For professionals it would be better to consider a multi-monitor setup with conventional monitors of 16:9 aspect ratio instead of ultra-wide monitors. It is because on ultra wide monitors you can use a single application at one time on full screen mode and it is difficult to maintain focus.  

What is the right panel type for Solidworks?

As you have to deal with color precision and crisp clear visuals are required, IPS panel technology is perfect for you. There are some issues associated with IPS panels like slow response time and these are a bit expensive but if you go for high-quality monitors these issues are resolved except you to have to pay a lot. For budget-conscious users monitor with TN or VA panels will work fine but these should be of higher grade with good color production. 

What is the best resolution for Solidworks?

When it comes to resolution for solid works, higher the resolution means the better experience you will have. With higher resolution you can do your work precisely, moreover it offers more screen real estate. So, the best resolution for Solidworks is 4K resolution. But these monitors are very expensive if you are on budget you cannot afford them. A monitor with 2K/QHD or 2560×1440 will work for you as it is intermediate between best and least possible resolution for Solidworks. 

Does color production matter for Solidworks?

It is a very important thing to consider. A professional monitor must cover 100% sRGB color space. If you have to print your work also, make sure that it supports Adobe RGB color space. There are monitors with 8 bit panels producing 16.7 million colors and 10 bit panels producing 1.07 billion colors. Later ones are better for Solidworks. There are also monitors with 14 bit 3D LUT panels but they are very expensive so consider only if you can afford them. 

What is the right screen size for Solidworks?

A monitor with QHD resolution and 27 inches large is perfect for solid works. If you are on a budget a monitor with FHD solution with 24 inches large screen size is good for you. Make sure that it offers high color depth and excellent color fidelity. 

If you can afford and budget is not an issue, a monitor with 32 inches large screen along with 4K resolution or a monitor with ultra-wide screen of 34 inches large with WQHD resolution will be perfect for you. 


Finding a suitable monitor for Solidworks that is not a burden on your pocket is not an easy task. Monitors I have mentioned above are of different price ranges. You can choose a suitable one based on your needs. While making the choice consider, screen size, aspect ratio, connectivity ports, pixel resolution, color production ratio, and response time. Keep your needs in mind and then make a choice. Hope so this guide will prove helpful for you.

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