8 Best Monitor For League Of Legends [2021] | Reviewed

League of Legends is a team-based game where you work with your teammates to bring down the enemy. You have to take down the Nexus located in the center of their base before they attack yours. It may seem simple and easy but doing it is not a piece of cake.

But gamers like to accept challenges and that’s what makes this game very preferable and popular. But for playing this game you need a proper set up so that you can enjoy excellent visuals.

For gaming, monitors are preferred; gamers love to have a huge and separate game unit at their place. But while considering a monitor you need to find one which can work fine for league of legends.

It is a very popular online game that demands, high refresh rate, low response time, and good resolution so that you can have the best experience.

Our Top Picks For Best Monitors For League Of Legends


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We have mentioned some qualities of a quality monitor that will work best for the league of legends. But finding such a monitor with all good qualities is not that easy. You have to compare different products, read online views, etc.

When you are spending your money you need to be very careful. So to make selection easier for you we have shortlisted some of the best monitors that you can buy if you want to play league of legends. All of these monitors have the best features to give you the best gaming experience so let’s get started:

1. Acer XF252Q best 240Hz monitor for lol

For most users, Acer XF252 is a decent choice. It is an amazing monitor for gaming purposes especially for playing League of Legends. Its low input lag and brilliant motion handling make it an excellent choice. 

It offers you premium design qualities combined with multiple connectivity options that you will love for sure. 

Its excellent design makes it easily adjustable; you can tilt, pivot, and mount it the way you feel comfortable. It also features two built-in speakers that will give you amazing sound quality but it would be better to use headphones for the better gaming experience. 

When we talk about the display quality, it comes up with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Its 24.5 inches large screen along the TN panel makes the gaming experience amazing for you. Response time is really fast. Unfortunately viewing angles are not wide; you get 160°/170°. Brightness peak it has to offer is 400-nits. With its 8-bit color depth, you will enjoy 16.7 million color options. 

Its refresh rate is 240 Hz which is amazing, even if you have a mid-ranged PC you will be able to take full advantage of its quality. Although its display is not by NVIDIA for being G-SYNC compatible, the working of FreeSync is mind-blowing without any problem along with NVIDIA GPUs. You cannot use MBR and FreeSync at the same time; you have to choose one based on your needs. 

Other gaming features that it has to offer you include Aim Point, customizable picture profiles, Ultra-low latency, and Black Boot. You will also love to see its low-blue light filter and grayscale pictures adjustments. It has multiple connectivity options to offer including two HDMI ports, display port 1.2, quad-USB 3.0, and a headphone jack.


  • Motion handling is outstanding
  • Input lag is extremely low
  • It supports FreeSync VRR


  • For HDR It cannot display a wide color gamut
  • Viewing angles are poor
  • Black uniformity is not good at all

2. ASUS VG27BQ – Crisp Graphics With Fluid Motion

Three new gaming monitors have been introduced by ASUS and all of them come up with high refresh rates and Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync technology (ELMB Sync). ELMB technology utilizes adaptive Sync and motion blur reduction technology you that you can enjoy smooth and clear images. If you want to enjoy high-quality graphics your GPU must push at least 85FPS.

Among these models, TUF Gaming VG27BQ is the most interesting and reliable model to consider. Its 27 inches wide screen comes up with a low response time rate as low as 0.4ms. Refresh rate you will enjoy with this monitor is between 48 Hz to 165 Hz. It’s very low response time is very appealing for gamers who want low input delay.

Its design is classy and versatile and you will enjoy full ergonomic support. You can tilt, swivel, pivot, and adjust the height according to your comfort. Compatibility is not an issue at all as it features display port 1. And two HDMI 2.0 ports. It features two built-in speakers to give you good sound quality. The peak of brightness is 350 nits which works best.  

Because of ELMB Sync technology, you will enjoy a crisp clear image. Screen Panel is certified by NVIDIA and is compatible with G-Sync. It efficiently covers about 99% sRGB color space. It features a 2,560 x 1,440-pixels resolution TN panel. You will not get the as vibrant and colorful image as a VA or IPS panel but it works fine.

It is one of the first gaming monitors that utilize MBR and VRR simultaneously because of ELMB Sync technology. It does not offer wide viewing angles and you will only get 160°/170° arrow viewing angles. You can also enjoy HD with the help of software emulation. The contrast ratio is 1000:1 and this works fine.


  • The image quality is fine
  • It comes up with ELMB-Sync technology
  • The response is very low


  • Viewing angles are narrow
  • The display is not as good as IPS

3. LG 27GL83A – Smooth Motion And Striking Colors

LG 27GL83A-B is an astounding gaming laptop that you can consider if you want to play league of legends. It is also an excellent option for media creation. With its mind-blowing response time, it also delivers quickly-moving content with no blur trail. It is a dream monitor for gamers who want low input lag.

In appearance, it is just like any other laptop of LG’s UltraGear lineup. Mainly it is available in black color. Mainly it is designed for gaming purposes but it will also fit any kind of office environment. The stand has minimal wobble but supports the whole monitor efficiently. The footprint is wide and you can place little things in front of the monitor.

Ergonomics are not that pleasing but work well. You can adjust the height and tilt it but cannot swivel. You can also VESA mount it if you want. Monitor also has a clip in the stand for cable management. Borders of the monitor are thin but the bezel is a bit thick from the bottom side. It is made up of plastic but the build quality is good so you do not have to worry about it.

IPS display quality is usually but in this monitor contrast ratio is a bit disappointing. In dark black looks like grey. The screen is backlit with no local dimming option. You do not have to worry about the glare in a bright room. Brightness peak is good that you will love. It does not change with different content. 

You will enjoy a 144Hz remarkable refresh rate. It supports the FreeSync refresh rate. It is certified by NVIDIA and so is G-Sync compatible. Connectivity is not an issue as it comes up with 2 HDMI ports, one display port, and one analog audio out.


  • Response time is outstanding
  • Input lag is extremely low
  • You will enjoy the high accuracy


  • Black uniformity is poor
  • Contrast quality is very disappointing

4. MSI MAG271CQR – Curved Screen With High Contrast Ratio

MSI Optix MAG271CQR is a perfect choice for gamers who love to play league of legends. It comes with a VA panel so it does not offer fast response time like IPS or TN panel but the contrast ratio is excellent. It comes up with a 3000:1 contrast ratio that offers true blacks and vivid colors to enjoy. It has a very robust and sleek design that you will love.

Its refresh rate is not that fast so changing one color to another can take some time. So you will have to face the trailing of fast-moving objects. If you are a pro gamer this may annoy you but if you are a casual gamer it will not bother you. You can play moderate-paced games efficiently but with fast-paced games, image quality is not that good.  

 Anti-Motion Blur technology solves this issue to some extent but it is not very effective and cannot compete with TN and IPS panels. Screen brightness peak is 400 nits which are very pleasing.

When you use backlight strobing you will enjoy a brighter image than normal. It also features RGB LEDs at the monitor’s back that uses MSI’s Mystic light technology.

Color accuracy and consistency are not as perfect as IPS panels but they are better than TN panels. It is a curved gaming monitor that supports AMD FreeSync.

Refresh rate it offers is between 48 and 144 Hz. So using it with NVIDIA GPUs will not be an issue. Other features that you will get with this monitor are a Black tuner, picture by picture, picture in picture, and screen assistance. 

It is good if a monitor has some useful ports, thanks to MSI Optix MAG271CQR connectivity is not an issue. It features two HDMI ports, two USB 2.0 ports, one display port 1.2, and one headphone jack.


  • Mystic light is a good combination for gamers
  • Refresh rate offers smooth gaming
  • It offers a low response time


  • There are not many ergonomic options
  • Color accuracy is not that good

5. AOC CQ32G1 – Best 32″ Curved lol Monitor

Some people prefer to play on smaller gaming units while some prefer to have larger game units.  Gaming is more enjoyable when you are playing on a larger screen. On larger screen graphics look more pleasing. So if you want a big screen there is nothing better than having an AOC CQ32G1 monitor. It is a three-sided frameless monitor and a good option for a multi-monitor setup.

It is 32 inches large gaming monitor and worth buying. There is no monitor of 32 inches having TN or IPS display so this monitor comes up with a VA display panel. It comes up with 2560×1440 pixels resolution but as the screen is larger so you won’t get more details but you will have a pleasing experience with playing games especially leagues of legends.

Contrast ratio is also very pleasing and you will have an 80000000:1 smart contrast ratio. Brightness also matters a lot as it enhances the experience and with this monitor, you will get 300 nits peak brightness. Moreover, it offers quality color gamut which is about 125% sRGB. It also comes up with motion blur reduction technology. 

Backlight strobing frequency can be adjusted via MBR settings. This feature is also helpful in clearing motion blur. His feature cannot be used when FreeSync is active. The refresh rate is between 48 and 144 Hz which is also good for gaming purposes. It offers stable G-SYNC performance for you. Ergonomic adjustments are not that good; you can only tilt it. But you can VESA mount it if you want.

In addition to all this, you will also get pre-calibrated picture presets, game control for saturation and gamma adjustments, and also Shadow control.  Connectivity is not an issue with this monitor as it has two HDMI ports, one display port, and one audio jack.


  • It comes with eye protection technology for extensive use
  • Refresh is good
  • Response time is just 1ms


  • Image quality is good but you won’t get much detail

6. Viotek GN34CB – Best UltraWide lol Monitor

Viotek GN34CB/W is all you need if you want to enjoy your favorite game League of legends. It is a perfect kit that comes in two different colors white and black. You will get a fast refresh rate along with high resolution. This ultra-wide monitor comes up with a 34 inches large screen. Having a large screen enhances your gaming experience. 

It comes up with 3440×1440 pixels resolution which works fine for gaming as you won’t only get details but also a crisp clear image. Moreover, the contrast ratio is just perfect which is 3000:1. Because of this amazing contrast ratio, you do not have to worry about the dark or dim environment. Color accuracy is not as perfect as IPS panel but you get rich colors because of 115% sRGB color gamut.

Just like other VA panel response times is not that good, so you may notice trailing of the fast-moving object but it is bearable as image quality is high. Moreover, it features AMD FreeSync which offers refresh rates between 48 and 100 Hz VRR. It is compatible with NVIDIA cards so you do not have to worry about it also. 

You get much more than this from this ultra-wide laptop, and these other features include, customizable crosshair overlays, Picture by picture, picture in picture, advanced picture adjustments, and pre-calibrated pictures presets. It has a sleek and modern design that you will love.

Unfortunately, it does not have to offer many ergonomic adjustments, so its stand only offers a tilt option. But it supports VESA mount so you can hang it on the wall if you want. As the screen is large so you won’t face any issue if you sit far away. It offers a reasonable number of connectivity ports including, HDMI port, and display port and headphone jack.


  • Image quality is good and you will enjoy the detailing
  • It has a split-screen viewing option


  • Color accuracy is not that good like in IPS or TN panels

7. LG 27UL550 – Best 4K Monitor For Mixed-Use

LG 27UL550 is an exciting version of LG 27UL650 to make it more affordable. So t is an ideal option if you want something affordable but with the best quality. It comes up with minimal aesthetics that makes it modern. Its silver base and matte white chassis make it a luxurious monitor so it is a perfect partner for high-end PCs. 

The build quality of this monitor is very good. You can place it on your desk and also can mount it on the wall. It is a very sturdy monitor with a total weight of 13 pounds. A good thing about this monitor is that it does not have OSD buttons, honestly, they are useless. It is better to control some features like brightness and colors on-screen control features. 

You can tilt or pivot the monitor and if you want you can VESA mount it too. Connectivity is not an issue; it has enough options to connect it with gaming consoles and PCs. It comes up with a display port 1.4, two HDMI ports and a 3.5mm jack. Unfortunately, it does not feature any speakers or USB slots. 

It comes up with a 27 inches large IPS display that offers high image quality. It has a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. The contrast ratio is also fantastic and is 1000:1. Response time is very low about 5ms which is not as low as some other motors but works fine. Its backlight is limited to 300 cd/m2 and is only compatible with HDR10.

This monitor has about 98% of the sRGB gamut. Moreover, it supports FreeSync but it is not certified by NVIDIA so is not G-Sync compatible. You must try this monitor if you want to have multiple monitor setup moreover it is the best you can have within the price.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Ready to use after you take it out of the box
  • Perfect for daily tasks and gaming too


  • Response time is not that good
  • Not compatible with Display HDR 400

8. LG 32UD59 – 32″ 4K Monitor With Superior Contrast

LG 32UD59 is a big 4K monitor offering you fine image quality. It is a perfect piece of technology for gaming and office use. It comes up with a very decent design and the bezel is matte black with a metal brushed finish. The monitor does not flex very much and the stand is very sturdy to handle the weight of the whole monitor. 

It does not offer too many ergonomic adjustments which are a drawback; you can tilt it but cannot rotate it or adjust its height. You can VESA mount it on the wall. It also features a clip for cable management. Plastic is used to make this monitor but the build quality is excellent so it does not have any defects and does not feel cheap.

It offers decent picture quality, and its contrast ratio is 2644:1 which is good for dark rooms. Black and grey uniformity are excellent. It has a peak brightness of 253.6 cd/m² which is fine with most of the rooms but not enough to deal with the glare due to a brighter room. Color reproduction quality is excellent. 

For an ideal monitor response time should be very low, but this monitor has a response time of 15.4 ms which is not ideal but acceptable. It supports AMD’s Free sync technology, which means you will adjust the refresh rate of the screen base don’t he type of game you are playing. Input lag is of 9.8ms which is decent for 60 Hz monitors. 

Connectivity is not an issue with this monitor as it comes up with one display port and two HDMI ports; unfortunately, there is no USB port. It uses a brick adapter along with a proprietary connector because of which monitor is made ultrathin. But if you, unfortunately, lose the adapter it would be difficult to replace.


  • Offers excellent contrast quality with deep blacks
  • Offers uniform solid colors
  • Wide color gamut is excellent


  • When the view from a side may degrade the image
  • Reflections are distracting in a brighter room


What is the ideal resolution of the monitor for playing league of legends?

For playing games, a monitor must come up with high resolution so that you can enjoy high image and graphics quality. But if a monitor has 1080p resolution it would be good to go. Monitors with 4K resolution are also available in the market so you can prefer them if you want. 

What is the ideal screen size for playing league of legends?

Another important factor that you should consider is screen size. It depends on your priority. If you want more details and excellent visual experience consider a laptop of large screen size in combination with high resolution. The best thing about large-screen monitors is that if resolution is not very high you can compromise it. 

What should be the refresh rate of the monitor?

For gamers refresh rate matters a lot. If a monitor has a higher refresh rate it means you will enjoy lag-free smooth gameplay. In the case of monitors with a lower refresh rate, you will not be able to enjoy the smooth performance and crisp details. A monitor with at least a 100 Hz refresh rate can give you better gaming experience. 

Does build quality matter?

The durability of a product matters a lot because we are spending our money on it. If a monitor is of cheap build quality and flimsy it will not last long which truly is a waste of money. Consider is a monitor with an extended warranty to be on the safer side. A cheap quality monitor can get damaged within a week and a quality one can last up to 10 years.

What should be the response time?

While buying a monitor for gaming purposes response time is very important to consider. If response time is low it will give you fluid experience. Moreover, quicker response time reduces motion blur so you don’t have to worry about blurry images. 


We know the struggle to find the right technology product. It is not always easy. League of Legends is a very popular online game and demands a quality monitor to give you the best gaming experience. We have tried to help you by choosing some of the best monitors for this purpose. If you are thinking of changing the monitor you can consider any of them. If you are still confused consider your needs, priorities, and most importantly your budget, and then it will be easier for you to pick the right option. Hope so this guide will prove helpful for you.

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