How to Turn Off Google Assistant?

Developed by Google, Assistant stands out as one of the most popular virtual assistant services of recent times. This virtual assistant provides users with the convenience of using their devices easily by giving commands with their voices. In other words, with Google Assistant, users can do more than one job over the phone without using their hands, just by giving commands. Google Assistant, which provides various conveniences, can be distracting or frustrating for some users. Therefore, it is wondered how to turn off Google Assistant.

Google is known as one of the largest technology companies in the world with the technologies it produces. Company; It serves its users in many areas such as search engines, cloud recording, and online advertising. In addition, there are auxiliary services developed by Google. One of these services is Google Assistant.

Technology users may need virtual assistants to actively use their devices in their daily lives. At this point, Google has developed Google Assistant to help technology users. This service has become quite popular lately.

But there are also users who do not know what Google Assistant is and how they can benefit from this technology. Therefore, in this article, we will try to answer various questions about Google Assistant, especially the question of what is Google Assistant.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is an assistant released by Google in May 2016. This assistant is a virtual assistant and can make two-way conversations. You can use the virtual assistant on all your Google-supported phones, tablets, smartphones, and smart home devices.

This virtual assistant, which has been developed, receives information from the Google search engine and offers you the information you are looking for in voice and written form. In addition, Google Assistant, which does versatile work, also helps you with the operations you want to perform in the applications on your phone.

Google Assistant is a personalized assistant. In other words, we can say that Google Assistant helps each user differently. Single voice command will be enough to run Google Assistant. After running the Google Assistant, you will be able to perform many operations on your smart device using only voice commands.

Google Assistant attracts many users because of the features it offers. That’s why this virtual assistant has been on the rise lately. However, there are negative features as well as positive features offered by this assistant. Therefore, in order to understand what Google Assistant does, it will be useful to take a closer look at the positive and negative features of the assistant.

What are the Features of Google Assistant?

Google Assistant attracts the attention of technology users with its features. Because Google offers a wide variety of features to its users in this service. However, the number of people who do not want to benefit from this service is quite high. Therefore, it would be more accurate to examine the features of Google Assistant closely to understand whether the service is suitable for you.

Positive features of Google Assistant:

  • It is a very easy service to use. With a single button, you can activate the assistant by calling out without physically moving.
  • You can perform many operations such as sending a short message, setting an alarm, and marking a calendar with voice commands. You can manage your tasks with a single gesture.
  • Activity suggestions prepared by Google Assistant help pass the time. Because, thanks to this feature, the areas of interest are prepared based on the areas you have been interested in before.

As we mentioned, the service has some features that may disturb its users as well as positive features. Therefore, many tech enthusiasts do not actively use the Google Assistant application. When we look at the negative aspects of Google Assistant, we can list them as follows:

  • Google Assistant is a voice-activated service. When using the Service, we also allow the use of the speaker and microphone feature of the device. Therefore, a suspicion arises among users. Thanks to this consent you give while using the service, Google has permission to access various files, especially voice recordings.
  • Again, the microphone and speaker approval you give while using the service can record the voices of the users or those around them while using the device all day. This makes us think that the information can be analyzed and sold to advertising companies. The company provides the opportunity to use some of the usage approvals given to use Google Assistant for its own interests.
  • One of the reasons for users to turn off Google Assistant is that it can work with false detection at unexpected times in daily life. The fact that the device is in continuous operation disturbs some users. Therefore, these users prefer not to use Google Assistant.
  • Google Assistant, which is always active, becomes operational at the slightest sound detection. This may cause the device to run out of power quickly.

Devices Compatible with Google Assistant

As we mentioned, technology enthusiasts show great interest in Google Assistant. As a result, Google strives to take steps to continuously improve the service. This makes it even more interesting for users. As a result, tech enthusiasts are wondering which devices they can use Google Assistant. Devices with Google Assistant support include:

  • Android (5.0 and higher) devices
  • Devices running iOS (10.0 and higher)
  • Google on a smart speaker
  • Google on smart screens
  • on Chromebooks
  • In various smartwatch models
  • In some types of cars
  • Android TV

How to Turn Off Google Assistant?

If the negative aspects of Google Assistant are more for you, you can turn off Google Assistant and not use it. As a user, you can control whether you can use Google services. Let’s examine in detail how this feature is turned off and the steps to turn it off.

Turning Off Google Assistant on Android Devices

  • Open the Google app on your Android phone.
  • After that, you will see the Google search engine on the screen that opens.
  • You will see your profile in the upper right corner of this screen. Click on your profile.
  • Click on “Settings” on the next screen.
  • On the screen that opens, you will see the “Google Assistant” option. You can turn it off in these options. In addition, with this option, you can make your Google Assistant settings.
  • Click “General” on the Google Assistant settings page. This will take you to the page to manage the general settings of the assistant.
  • You can turn off your Google Assistant by deactivating the Google Assistant option on the last page that opens.

After the Google Assistant shutdown process, which we proceed with step by step, your assistant will become passive. However, after this process, you may still receive a warning when you press the middle key of your phone or accidentally press the middle key. This warning is Google Assistant is not active, would you like to activate the warnings from the Google Assistant feature? If you don’t want to see any warning when you press or hit the middle button of your phone, you can also disable this feature.

  • Go to the “Settings” of your phone.
  • Find the “Applications” menu, which will then help you manage the default applications.
  • In the Applications menu, you will see all the applications on your phone. If you do not see the applications, you can reach this screen by clicking the “Default Applications” option on some phones.
  • After that, find the “Google Assistant App” on the screen that appears. On some phone models, you may need to select “Help” before this screen.
  • Thus, you will see the “Device Help Application”.
  • Finally, you need to select the “None” option among the options that appear. Thus, Google Assistant or any browser assistant will not be able to send notifications to your phone.

When you complete all these processes, you will see that the Google Assistant feature is turned off. In addition, when you press the middle button of your phone, you will not receive any notifications such as Google Assistant turned off or Google Assistant off.

Turning Off Google Assistant on a Chromebook

  • Select the “Clock & Settings” option located in the lower right corner of your Chromebook page.
  • Select the “Google Assistant” option found in the “Search & Assistant” option.
  • After that, select the “Settings” option on the page that opens.
  • On the page that opens, select the Chromebook under the devices heading.
  • On the next page, disable the “Access with Voice Match” option. So when you call Ok Google, Google Assistant won’t answer you.

Turning Off Google Assistant on iOS Devices

If you are using Google Assistant on an iOS device, you can follow the steps below to turn off the assistant.

  • Go to the phone’s “Settings” page.
  • Then select the “Google” application from the applications that appear on the settings page.
  • Turn off microphone permission by selecting Google Assistant. Thus, you can prevent security problems that may occur. Turning off the microphone feature will also stop the microphone from listening to your commands.
  • In addition, you can disable Google Assistant by directly deleting the Google Assistant application.

Turning off microphone permission will disable many negative features of Google Assistant. For security reasons, Google is prevented from accessing private data. At the same time, it prevents the device from working as soon as possible, causing you to waste time. In addition to all this, it will also make the phone’s charge decrease more slowly.

How to Turn Off Google Assistant: General Review

In this context, we have explained in detail the answer to the question of how to turn off Google Assistant, step by step. However, we tried to convey the answers to questions such as what is Google Assistant and on which devices it can be used. Finally, we made an evaluation of the positive and negative aspects of Google Assistant and tried to create a guide for users who do not want to use the Google Assistant service.

Google Assistant can often appear unexpectedly or accidentally. This is a reason for most users to uninstall Google Assistant. One of the most important reasons why users do not want to use the Google Assistant service is the permissions they have given to Google to use the service. The speaker and microphone permission given to run the service raises doubts about security for users.

In addition to all these, many features that will make your daily life easier come into your life with Google Assistant. This service allows you to effortlessly call someone, send a message, check the weather forecast or turn on music in a short time. At the same time, Google Assistant acts as a real assistant in your life. Therefore, we can say that the features of the service make your life easier and streamlined.

In addition, Google is developing new features every day in order to make its voice assistant service more usable. As a result, the voice assistant experience of Google Assistant users continues to evolve. However, as we mentioned, despite the convenience of this service, the number of people who do not want to benefit from this service is quite high.

After evaluating the benefits and harms of Google Assistant, which we have explained in detail in our article, it is up to you to decide whether to use the service or not. If your decision has been to turn off the Google Assistant service, what you need to do is quite simple. In our guide we have prepared for you, we have explained how you can disable this service on devices where Google Assistant is available. You can uninstall Google Assistant in line with this information in our guide.

Our Google Assistant guide that we have prepared for you ends here. We can say that Google Assistant, which has been rising rapidly recently, will appeal to more users in the coming period. Therefore, you can share your questions and thoughts about Google Assistant with us in the comments section below.

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