How to Open RAR File?

There are many file extensions available in the digital environment today. These file extensions differ according to their intended use and development methods. Therefore, technology users may encounter different file types. “RAR” is one of the file extensions that users encounter most frequently. However, people who do not know what this file extension is, are wondering what is a RAR file and how to open it.

In this article, we will try to explain the RAR file extension to you. We will touch on why this file extension was developed and what its advantages are. In addition, we will provide answers to the questions about how to create and open a RAR file for you.

Of course, before mentioning the details of this file extension, it would be more accurate to give information about the file format. Therefore, let’s first take a closer look at the answers to the questions of what is a RAR file and why it was developed.

What is RAR File?

With the developing technology, various file extensions began to meet with technology users. These file extensions differ from each other in terms of the features they offer. Therefore, users feel the need to use different file extensions in various fields. One of the most used file types around the world is “RAR”. However, people who do not know what this file type is, “What is a RAR file?” they may wonder.

Today, the increase in data capacity has led to an increase in file sizes. Therefore, people who want to keep their data under control or share it with others feel the need to compress this data. At this point, RAR becomes the most useful option.

RAR, Roshal Archive Compressed, is a file format that stores data by compressing it. Developed by Russian engineer Eugene Roshal, RAR has been in use since the early 1990s. Therefore, the number of RAR files on the market today is quite high.

Of course, being outdated isn’t the only reason this file extension is so common. Users use the RAR extension because it is more useful. Because as we mentioned, RAR works on the principle of compressing data. In this way, users have the opportunity to protect or transfer high-capacity data in a lower size by compressing it into a RAR file.

RAR files are located on devices with the extension “.rar”. In addition, users have to recover the file in some cases due to an error in RAR files. In such cases, you may encounter the “.rev” extension, which is planned to save.

What are the Advantages of the RAR File?

The RAR file extension is a file format that many tech users often use. Users may encounter RAR files when they want to download data from the internet or make a data transfer. Besides, RAR is also a frequently used method to compress the size of files.

Therefore, people who want to shrink the high-capacity data on their devices can also benefit from the RAR file format. So what are the advantages of the RAR file? Why do tech users use this file extension so widely? Let’s look at the answers to these questions together in the rest of our article.

Storing large files on devices can cause problems in terms of storage space. Therefore, technology users consider compressing the data they want to store. Considering the possible data loss at this point, many people are hesitant about data compression. However, RAR offers technology users the opportunity to securely compress files. In other words, users can compress files of any size by converting them into RAR files.

In addition, it can be difficult to share or store large numbers of files one by one. In these cases, the RAR file extension is very useful for users. Because this file extension has the feature of storing multiple files by compressing them as a single file. Thus, users have the option to store or share a large number of files into RAR files, combining them in a single folder.

Finally, the RAR file extension manages to satisfy technology users in terms of security. Users normally want to securely store or share their data. For this, many people do not want to use alternative file extensions for data storage.

However, RAR reassures many tech users as it is a file extension that has been around for a long time. In addition, the structure of RAR files has improved in many aspects, from data structure protection to security. In this way, technology users can convert their data to RAR file extension with peace of mind.

How to Create a RAR File?

RAR files attract the attention of technology users in terms of the features they offer. Therefore, many users want to take advantage of RAR files when they want to store or share their data. For this, the answer to the question of how to create a RAR file is very curious.

In order to benefit from RAR files, you must first have a RAR file tool on your device. There are many RAR file tools developed for various devices in the market. Computer users generally prefer to use WinRAR, 7-zip, and WinZIP. In addition, mobile users have the opportunity to use iZip, WinZIP, and RAR applications.

Creating a RAR file is very easy for a user who has any RAR application. Because the structures of RAR applications are very similar to each other in general. For this, you can easily create a RAR file by following the steps below.

Creating RAR File on Computer

  • First, you must select the file or files you want to convert into RAR files. Then right-click on the file and click “Add Archive”.
  • After clicking the “Add Archive” option, the RAR tool you used will offer you some options regarding the details of the file. Among these options, there are various features such as archive name, archiving options, and compression method. You should determine these features according to your own preferences.
  • Then you should confirm the screen that appears by choosing the archive format as “RAR”. After your confirmation, your RAR file will be prepared according to the size of the files you have selected.

Creating RAR Files on Mobile Devices

  • You may want to create a RAR file on mobile devices. In order to create a RAR file on your device, you must first download an application that supports RAR viewing and printing. After downloading the application, you must open the application to be able to create a RAR file.
  • Almost all mobile RAR viewing and printing applications have similar interfaces. In this interface, there are file creation expressions such as “+” or “New”. Clicking on this statement should open the new file creation page.
  • On the new RAR file creation screen, you must first select the file or files you want to convert into RAR files. Then you must specify details such as the name of the file and the password if you want to use it.
  • After specifying the details about your file, you can easily create your RAR file by clicking “OK” or “Create”.

How to Open RAR File?

Technology users encounter a lot of RAR files in the digital environment. People who encounter this file type for the first time may have difficulty opening the files. Therefore, many technology users wonder how to open a RAR file.

Opening RAR files are actually not as difficult as many people think. Technology users need software to open RAR files on both computers and smartphones. Because operating systems generally do not integrate RAR files into file management tools. Therefore, in order to open RAR files, you need to obtain software with RAR support such as WinRAR.

Most of the RAR software has basically the same features. However, some software has various extra security and compression features. In addition, some RAR software provides a paid service to its users. At this point, you can choose the RAR software you want to use by researching the features of the software.

After determining and installing your RAR software, what you need to do is very simple. After installing the RAR software, your device will automatically start detecting RAR files. Therefore, you can easily open your file by clicking on any RAR file.

In addition, you have the opportunity to open your RAR files via RAR software. For this, you must first run your software. Then, depending on the interface of your software, you should click on either “File” or “RAR folder”.

After clicking these options, the software will offer you various options related to RAR files. Here you have to continue by selecting the option “Open Archive” or “Open RAR File”. Then the software will ask you to select the RAR file you want to open. You can easily open the RAR file by selecting the RAR file you want to view at this step.

Generally speaking, the only thing you need to open RAR files is to get software with RAR support. You can easily create RAR files thanks to software with RAR support. In addition, with the same software, you will have the opportunity to view RAR files.

What are the Alternatives to RAR File?

People who decide to compress their files are wondering at this point with which file types they can do this compression process. At this point, many technology users prefer to take advantage of the RAR file extension. However, there are people who do not want to use RAR files for various reasons. These people are wondering what are the alternatives to the RAR file.

We can say that the best file extension for people who do not want to use RAR files is ZIP. ZIP is a file extension type developed in earlier years than the RAR extension. ZIP is similar in logic to RAR. In other words, the ZIP file extension was developed to compress files like the RAR file extension.

However, RAR files are more advantageous than ZIP files. Because ZIP, which is an older file extension type, works slower than RAR files. In addition, people who want to compress with ZIP cannot compress as high as RAR files.

Of course, ZIP files also have some advantages over RAR files. For example, if you want to make use of ZIP files, you usually do not need to use third-party software. Because operating system developers integrate the ZIP extension into their internal folder viewing software. In this way, on many operating systems, it is possible to open ZIP folders via the operating system’s file tool.


There are many file extensions available today. RAR files are one of the most used file extensions in the digital environment today. People who want to compress the data on their device or who want to bulk their files into a single file make use of the RAR extension. Therefore, the number of RAR files in digital media today is quite high.

However, some technology users do not know what RAR files are. Therefore, in this article, we tried to give answers to the questions of what is a RAR file and what is it good for. In addition, we explained how to create and open RAR files, which some technology users have difficulty with. In this way, you can easily create and open a RAR file by following the steps in our guide.

Our RAR file extension guide that we have prepared for you ends here. You can also share your questions and thoughts about RAR files in the comments section below.

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