How to Learn IMEI?

IMEI, which means something similar to a serial number on devices, is a unique identification number for each device. Devices cannot carry the same IMEI number. For this reason, lost or stolen devices have the opportunity to be easily tracked instantly. On the other hand, copying the IMEI number of the devices carries a risk. This possibility exists in devices that enter countries illegally. So what is the IMEI number? How to find out the IMEI number?

IMEI is the 15-digit serial number that each mobile device manufacturer defines for phones. IMEI stands for International Mobile Device Identity. In order to ensure the security of mobile devices, each device is produced with a separate serial number. Thanks to the serial number query process, it is possible to find out by whom and with which service provider the device is used.

There are several ways to find out the IMEI number of a device. However, these may vary depending on the device. There are also different options for Android and IOS devices. You can learn your IMEI number with different path options and register it for your security. So what exactly is the unique identification number IMEI that is important for your devices? How to find out IMEI? How many different ways of learning are there? How to check IMEI?

If you are wondering about the answers to these and similar questions and how to learn IMEI, this content will be for you. Now first ‘What is IMEI?’ Let’s start with the answer to the question.

What is IMEI?

IMEI stands for ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity in English. Its Turkish equivalent is known as the ‘International Mobile Device Code’. In this regard, the IMEI number is the serial number of the devices. Available on your phone or tablet.

It is given to devices that support the GSM communication protocol. The IMEI number, which should not be shared with anyone, carries the risk of being faked by copying. On the other hand, if the device is lost or stolen, the necessary information can be accessed with the IMEI number. But what exactly is the IMEI number that needs to be kept secret? What does the IMEI number mean? How to find out IMEI? Let’s take a closer look at the answers to these questions.

The IMEI number found in all kinds of phone and tablet devices is added during the production phase. The IMEI number is unique and unique. Each device has a separate IMEI, in other words, an identification number. In addition, the IMEI number consists of 15 digits. IMEI is a necessary detail to verify your device’s warranty. It also gives information about the second hand phone you will buy. Thus, you can access information about the production year, model, or technical specifications of the device.

On the other hand, the IMEI number also helps in finding lost or stolen devices. At the same time, mobile devices are identified through the IMEI number. If your device is stolen, you can report the IMEI number by calling the relevant service or going to the service center. Thus, the device belonging to the IMEI number you have reported is locked.

In fact, this situation has a legal obligation for some countries. However, in the event of a crash, all communication between the phone and the operator is cut off. Therefore, tracking the phone becomes impossible. For this reason, locking the device by reporting the IMEI number is the last resort.

How to Learn IMEI?

There are several methods you can do to find the IMEI number of your device. These method options are the fastest for some and the simplest for others. But do you know the IMEI number of your device? How to find out the IMEI number? What methods are available for Android and iOS users? Let’s take a closer look at the answers to all these questions.

The simplest way to learn the IMEI number of mobile phones is to reach the IMEI number by dialing the code “*#06#”. At the same time, this way is one of the most well-known methods of finding the serial number. It is even used for both iOS and Android users. Whether you have a new or an old phone, this method with a universal code will work. After the “*#06#” phrase you enter on the search screen, you will see the IMEI number.

In fact, when you enter this code, there will be no need to click on ‘Call’ or ‘Send’. As soon as you key in the universal code, an information screen will appear in front of you. However, copying your IMEI number from this information screen is not allowed. For this reason, the way to save your IMEI number will be to take a screenshot of the information screen or write it down somewhere.

In addition, another way to find out the details of your serial number according to the brand of your device is to visit the company’s websites. You can find answers to your questions in the Support area on the brands’ website. What’s more, you can view the IMEI details in case of lost or stolen using your Google account. For this, you need to reach the ‘Google Find My Device’ application. After logging in with the credentials of your Google account, all your devices connected to the Google account will appear.

Ways to Learn IMEI Number for Android Users

One of the ways to find out the IMEI number of an Android mobile phone or tablet is to check the Settings menu. Go to the phone or tablet’s settings. Then browse the results by typing IMEI. If there is no result, you will have to check the Settings – About Phone option. The About phone option can be located at the bottom of the Settings menu. However, these options may vary according to the devices.

On the other hand, the IMEI number can be located on the back of the device. Although this is not preferred for a clean look on new phones, it is useful to take a look at the back of your phone. At the same time, the IMEI number may be located in a different place on the device. Another area where the IMEI number can be located in the SIM Card entry area.

Regardless, smart device manufacturers have to write the IMEI number. Therefore, if there is no IMEI number on the back of your phone or tablet or in the SIM Card entry field, the alternative way is the box. There is a barcode label in the box supplied with your device as you purchased it. These tags may include the IMEI number. In addition, the barcode and IMEI number can be found together. Moreover, if you lose your device, your only chance is to check the labels on the box.

In addition to all these, if you have a phone with a removable battery, removing the back cover is a separate option. However, the point you should pay attention to here is the suitability of your device for this method. This option is not available for iPhones or devices with built-in batteries.

Let’s say you have a device with a removable battery. First, remove your device’s battery. Then find the IMEI number. The location of the IMEI number may vary depending on the phone. However, usually, the IMEI number is written on a fixed sticker under the battery.

Ways to Learn IMEI Number for iPhone and iPad Users

In addition to all these, there are two ways to learn IMEI numbers that are valid only on iPhone and iPad devices. The first among these options is to go to the Apple ID address. Then you need to log in with your Apple ID username and password. A list of your Apple devices will appear. From this list, you can get information by clicking on the device you want to learn the IMEI number of.

Another option to learn the IMEI number, which is offered exclusively to iPhone and iPad device owners, is to use another iOS device. An iOS device’s IMEI number is found from the other signed-in iOS device. All you have to do for this is to enter the Apple ID option from Settings. A list of your devices appears on this page. Click on the device whose IMEI number you want to view. The device information will be displayed on the screen that will appear.

Moreover, if you have older models of your iPhone or iPad, the IMEI number is located on the back. For this reason, checking the back of your device should be the first option that comes to your mind. If you have a phone with iPhone 6S Plus and earlier models, your IMEI number may be engraved on the back of the device. In addition to all these, just like Android devices, iOS devices can also access the IMEI number from the barcode label on the phone box.

How to Check IMEI?

Since we have found answers to the questions of what is IMEI and how to learn IMEI, the first question that comes to our mind will be how to check the device’s IMEI number. Because we mentioned that the IMEI number carries a risk in case of loss or theft. Therefore, one of the important considerations is the possibility of copying your IMEI number. This possibility is much higher, especially in phones coming from abroad or brought illegally. So what can we do in this situation? How to check the device’s IMEI number?

If you have doubts about the place and person you bought the device from, it may be good for you to check the IMEI number of your phone or tablet. Therefore, the first question that comes to mind is how can I check my IMEI number. Actually, checking your device’s IMEI number is quite simple. In our country, this process is managed by the Information Technologies and Communications Authority.

Information Technologies and Communication Authority creates a chance to check your IMEI number via e-Government. With this service, you can check whether your mobile device is legal. The service detects whether the devices are illegally imported or if they are lost/stolen devices. For this, after logging into the e-Government page, you need to access the ‘IMEI Inquiry’ page and enter your number. There is no obligation to log in to the e-government system with your identity information.

Moreover, you can apply to the e-Government system during the IMEI number registration process. All you have to do for this is to reach the Register IMEI page via BTK. After you fill in the required information on this page, your device registration will be completed. As a result of the controls made in the electronic environment, the device is registered to the system. However, if you do not have permission to transact via e-Government, you must contact your service provider operator.


In this article, we talked about what an IMEI number means, which is as important as an identification number for mobile devices. In addition, we answered the question of how to learn the IMEI of each user’s device with a special number. At the same time, we examined different options for Android and iOS devices on the ways to learn the IMEI number. On the other hand, we touched on the answer to the question of how to check the IMEI number against possible threats.

From the IMEI number, it is possible to reach which SIM card and by whom your phone is used. In case of stealing or loss, you can contact the operator from which you receive service. The phone will be blocked with the action taken by the operators.

Considering all these risks, your IMEI number is important for your device. Just like an identification number, it carries a risk of being copied because it is unique and unique. Therefore, it may be useful for you to know the IMEI (serial number) of your device.

Since the IMEI number is a piece of important information that identifies your phone, it is useful to save it somewhere. If you haven’t saved it yet, we recommend that you write down the IMEI number in a safe place. You can also share your questions about the IMEI number learning process with us in the comments section below.

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