How To Fix Instagram Feed Could Not Refresh Error?

Instagram is a social media platform that has attracted great interest from users since the moment it entered the market. There are many features on the platform such as sharing photos, and videos, adding stories, and opening live broadcasts. However, sometimes there are some problems with Instagram. One of these problems is the error that the stream could not be refreshed. So what if the Instagram feed could not be renewed error and how to solve it?

Instagram regularly innovates to give its users the best experience. In most of the updates, you see that some features of Instagram have changed or new features have been added. As with almost every application, sometimes problems occur on Instagram. Instagram fixes these problems to a certain extent. Instagram is trying to fix the errors you are experiencing with the updates it releases or by repairing your problem in the ‘Help’ section.

However, sometimes it is not possible to find immediate solutions to these errors. Apart from that, the cause of the error may not be entirely due to Instagram. In this article, we will answer the question of how to solve the Instagram feed could not be renewed error in various ways, and then we will explain the solutions to this error.

What Causes Instagram Feed Could Not Refresh Error?

There are many reasons why you might be getting the Instagram feed could not be refreshed error. There is a possibility that you may encounter this error sometimes for several reasons and sometimes for a single reason. Now, let’s explain in detail the reasons why you are getting this error.

Error Caused by Instagram Cache

If Instagram’s cache files are starting to pile up too much, you’re likely to encounter performance issues on Instagram. Stream refresh error will also be among the performance issues. Temporary files are stored on your device to speed up application loading time. However, if the app’s cache is overfilled, you’re likely to get a “Failed to refresh stream” error.

Using Third-Party Applications

If you are using a third-party application to track features such as liking and commenting on Instagram, you are likely to get the error that the feed could not be renewed. Instagram is very strict in its use of third-party apps and automation tools. Therefore, it disables some movements within the application. The reason Instagram is strict about this is that it tries to reduce the number of robots and automation on the platform.

If you’ve encountered the Stream could not be refreshed error, Instagram may think you’re a bot and temporarily block you from viewing the app. Instagram only allows the use of certain third-party apps. These tools are basically scheduling tools that you will use for scheduling your posts. Therefore, if you use third-party apps that are not approved by Instagram, you are likely to encounter a feed refresh failed error.

Incorrect Date and Time Information of Your Device

Incorrect date and time of your device also cause you to get the error that the feed could not be renewed on Instagram. Because Instagram synchronizes the date and time with the settings on your device. Therefore, you should be careful to keep the date and time information of your device up to date.

Instagram Servers Might Have an Error

Instagram is a platform with more than 1 billion users. Millions of users are circulating on Instagram every hour of the day. However, in some cases, when too many people log in to the platform, there are crashes in the system.

The purpose of Instagram crashing is that the infrastructure that will allow the system to establish a connection between the devices and the server stops working. The only reason why the platform crashes is not that many people are in the system at the same time. There are other reasons for this as well. For example, Instagram developers may be doing maintenance work at the moment. Therefore, a mishap on the servers causes the Instagram feed to fail to refresh error.

Instagram Application Outdated

Developers periodically release updates for their applications. The main reason for these updates is to fix bugs in applications and add new features. Instagram’s mobile applications also receive updates periodically. Not installing these updates on your device will cause you to encounter various errors, especially the stream could not be refreshed.

Data Usage Restriction

Technology users can choose to impose data usage restrictions on the applications they use. This is because the applications use high data and finish the internet package. Instagram is also a platform that uses a lot of data. When users place a data usage restriction on this application, some changes occur in their accounts.

For example, videos don’t start automatically and pictures don’t load quickly. However, sometimes this data usage restriction causes the Instagram feed could not be refreshed error.

Connection Problems

One of the most common reasons why you might get an Instagram feed that could not be refreshed error is due to internet connection issues. Recent images and videos on Instagram won’t load properly if your connection isn’t fast enough. You are likely to have problems refreshing your Instagram feed in cases such as poor Wi-Fi or mobile connections, provider issues, and slow speed.

Having an Old Phone or Operating System

Having a device that the Instagram app doesn’t support or a fairly old device will also cause issues with the app’s streaming. At the same time, if your device has an old operating system and you have not been updating for a long time, you are likely to encounter the error that the stream could not be renewed again.

Account Issues

Instagram monitors the movements of all its users. If you have made inappropriate comments or if you have liked and commented on too many posts on your newly opened account in a short time, your movements will be restricted. During this restriction, it is possible that you will get the error that the stream could not be refreshed.

In addition, if your account is stolen, hacked or your device is infected with a virus, you may get the error that the stream could not be renewed. Also, if you sign in on multiple devices at the same time or use third-party tools at the time of sign-in, you may experience problems refreshing a stream.

Thus, we have explained the situations that cause the Instagram feed could not be renewed error. Many users have encountered this error at least once. Although this problem sometimes disappears by itself, sometimes you need to take action. Now let’s give information about this subject.

How To Fix Instagram Feed Could Not Refresh Error?

Since Instagram feed could not be renewed error is a problem experienced by many users, and there are many solutions to this problem. If you are still experiencing this problem after waiting for a long time, you can start applying some of the solutions we will talk about below.

Find Out the Status of Instagram Servers

The most common reason for getting the Instagram feed could not be renewed error is due to the platform’s servers. All Instagram accounts are affected by the problems caused by the servers. For this reason, you can follow the official social media accounts on Instagram if there is a problem on the platform.

In addition, when a server-related problem occurs on a popular platform such as Instagram, this issue is on the world agenda in a short time. Therefore, if you are encountering a problem with the stream refresh, you can find out if other users are also encountering this problem and determine whether the problem is caused by the server or you.

Update Instagram’s App

Users are required to update the applications they use periodically. In this way, users have the opportunity to use the most up-to-date version of the application. We mentioned that one of the reasons the Instagram feed did not refresh error is the outdated Instagram application. Therefore, when you encounter this error, you can try to update Instagram’s application. For this:

  • Type ‘Instagram’ in the search section of the Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  • If you see ‘Update’ on Instagram, update the app. There will be an information box on the screen about what will change as a result of the update. If there is information about bug fixes here, the stream could not be refreshed error is likely to go away.
  • After the update, try opening Instagram and refreshing the homepage a few times.

Update Your Device’s Date and Time Information

We told you that one of the reasons you may receive an Instagram feed could not be renewed error may be due to the wrong date and time. Therefore, check this process by clicking ‘Date and time in the ‘Settings’ section of your device. If your date and time are wrong, correct them. Then log in to Instagram and check if the feed could not be refreshed issue has been fixed. You can also use the ‘Automatic date and time option to avoid problems with the date and time in the future.

Turn off Data Saver Option on Instagram

If you’re taking advantage of data savings on Instagram, you’re likely to encounter a feed refresh failed error. When you exceed your daily data limit, it is possible to encounter errors in the flow of the application. Therefore, you can solve this problem by removing the restriction on your daily data usage on Instagram or by increasing your data limit.

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Enter your profile.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right of the screen. From here, go to where it says ‘Settings’.
  • Then enter where it says ‘Account’.
  • Click on ‘Cellular Data Usage’ from the options that appear.
  • If the ‘Data Saver’ option is active, slide the bar to disable it.

Re-login to Instagram

Another way to resolve the failure

Clear Cache

Instagram keeps temporary cache files on the device. The more often you use Instagram, the more cache the app will fill. After a while, due to the cache getting too full, Instagram may fail to refresh the stream. For this reason, it will be useful to periodically clear the cache of Instagram.

Restart your device

The simplest solution to many errors is to reboot the devices. The solution to the problems you experience in applications is sometimes fixed when you restart the device. So try restarting your phone. After this process, open Instagram and check if the problem is fixed.

Reload Instagram

Another way to resolve the Instagram feed could not be refreshed error would be to uninstall the app from your device. After uninstalling the app from your device, reinstall it. Then log in to your account and check if this error is gone.

Use a Stronger Internet Connection

Instagram spends a very high amount of internet in the process of uploading photos, videos, and stories. If your internet connection is slow or you are in an area where the internet does not receive enough, you are likely to encounter the error that the stream could not be renewed.

to refresh feed error on Instagram would be to log out and back in. In this way, the application will try to refresh itself and delete existing errors.

  • Enter your Instagram profile. Click on your profile picture at the bottom right to access your profile.
  • Then click on the three dots at the top right and tap on the section that says ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen that appears. Click on ‘Sign out under the ‘Logins’ heading.
  • After signing out, wait a few minutes and sign back into your account and check if the error is fixed.

If you are on Instagram over Wi-Fi, turn on your mobile data. In addition, if you are using your mobile data, enable the Wi-Fi connection. Also, if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network that many people use, you’re more likely to encounter the “Failed to refresh stream” error on Instagram.

Disable VPN Connection

VPN stands out as a tool that allows users to establish their connections through a different IP address. That’s why a VPN is a fairly common tool. However, if the Instagram app is not working and you are getting the error that the stream could not be renewed while using a VPN, the VPN may be the source of the problem. So disable your VPN connection and log back into Instagram. If the main source of the problem is VPN, this problem will be solved.

Try Signing In From Another Device

The reason why you get the message “Failed to refresh feed” on Instagram can also be caused by the device you are logging in to. To understand this, try logging into Instagram from another phone, tablet, or computer. If you don’t get a “Failed to refresh stream” error when using another device, the problem is either with your phone’s app or with the device itself.

Delete Inappropriate Posts and Comments

We said that the stream refresh error can be caused by inappropriate posts and comments. If you have such a situation in your account, log in to your account. If you have a post, story, or comment that violates Instagram’s community guidelines, you should remove them. It would be good to check the comments on your posts as well. If there are inappropriate comments under your posts, clear them as well.

Check Your Account Login Activity

One of the reasons why you might get a “Failed to refresh feed” error on Instagram is because your account has been stolen or your account is infected with a virus. To understand this, you will need to check your login movements.

  • Enter your profile from the Instagram app. Then tap the three lines in the upper right and enter the ‘Settings’ section.
  • From there, tap where it says ‘Security’.
  • Then enter the section that says ‘Login Gestures’.
  • A list of all devices you have logged into will appear. If you see an unknown device name in this list, simply click on the three dots and select ‘Sign out. If you want to fully secure your account, changing your password is also a good option.

Update Your Device’s Software

If your device has received a software update, it will be useful to perform this procedure. In this way, some problems with applications or your device will disappear. You have to do this in different steps on Android and iOS.

  • Enter ‘Settings’ to update the software of your Android device.
  • Continue by selecting ‘About phone at the bottom.
  • If your device has a software update, start this update process.
  • At the end of the process, log in to Instagram and check if the error is gone.

It is healthy to update the software of the device frequently. If you have received information about the software update, it will be useful to perform this process without delay.

  • Enter ‘Settings’ to update the software of your iOS device.
  • Then select ‘General’.
  • Then tap on the ‘Software update option.
  • Click on ‘Download and install’ at the bottom of the screen and start the update process.
  • When the process is finished, enter Instagram and check if the error is fixed.

Report an Instagram Feed Couldn’t Refresh Error

If you have not been able to resolve the Instagram feed could not be renewed error even though you have tried the solutions we mentioned above, or if you are encountering this error frequently, you will need to report this to Instagram. It will be effective for the platform developers to know that you have encountered this problem.

  • Log in to your Instagram account and enter your profile.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ from your profile.
  • Click where it says ‘Help’.
  • Tap on ‘Report a problem from the options.
  • Click on ‘Report a problem again from the 3 options that appear.
  • In the problem reporting window, type a description of the failed to refresh stream error. To support the situation with an image, choose ‘Gallery’ or ‘Take a screenshot. Then click where it says ‘Send’.

general evaluation

When you encounter the Instagram feed could not be a renewed error, you cannot perform some operations on the platform. For example, you cannot refresh the page. It is also impossible to access your profile. Besides, you will not have a chance to search or access any profile. In addition, you do not have the chance to enter your message box or the explore section of the application.

When you experience your Instagram feed could not be renewed, apply the solutions we mentioned in our article. If these solutions don’t work, it’s most likely due to server issues. In this case, you will have to wait as there will be no action to be taken. Stream renewal problem is solved by platform authorities as soon as possible.

Our Instagram feed could not be renewed error guide that we have prepared for you ends here. You can also share your questions and thoughts about this error that Instagram users frequently encounter in the comments section below.

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