CS: GO FPS Boost Methods

Valve periodically updates the game in terms of graphics and modes for CS: GO. This can cause players to experience FPS problems. In this guide, we will talk about CS: GO FPS increasing methods.

Released by Valve in 2012, Counter Strike Global Offensive is still at the top of the list of the most played games today. Although the game was released in 2012, its graphics and gameplay are at the same level as the games released today.

So, what are the FPS increase methods for CS: GO? Let’s first take a look at what FPS is.

What is FPS?

FPS, which stands for Frame Per Second, refers to the number of frames per second. In other words, the number of frames transferred to your screen in 1 second gives your FPS value. When it comes to FPS value, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is games.

Is FPS Important in Games?

The FPS value, which varies according to the performance of your video card and processor, actually shows how fluently you can play the game.

Because the higher the FPS value, the more dynamic gameplay a game offers. Therefore, the FPS value is important to have a quality gaming experience.

How Much Should FPS Be?

We said that FPS value is important for a smooth gaming experience. So, what should the FPS value be?

There is no clear answer to this question. Because while some games offer a smooth game experience at 30 FPS, some games can cause problems even at 60 FPS. Therefore, it would not be correct to specify a clear FPS value. However, having a constant FPS value is important for the fluency of the game.

You may have a very powerful computer and you may not get the FPS values ​​you want in games. This is mainly due to your drivers not being up to date or due to the game.

The optimization problems of some games can cause this. In other words, it may not be possible to exceed a certain FPS value due to the structure of the game. In addition, you may not see a stable FPS value with this issue.

In such cases, an update from the game’s developers will fix this problem.

CS: GO FPS Boost Methods

FPS values ​​are extremely important in multiplayer shooter games like CS: GO. Because in such games, the more fluent your game is, the more likely you are to be successful.

You can apply the following methods to increase the FPS values ​​you get in CS: GO and other games.

Updating Drivers

If your computer drivers are not up to date, this may affect your computer performance. In particular, keeping your video card driver up-to-date can improve your computer’s gaming performance. This will increase the FPS values ​​you get in games.

You can update your computer’s hardware as follows (For Windows Users):

  • First, we type Device Manager in the Windows search section and open the matching result.
  • A screen opens in which we see the hardware of our computer. From this screen, we come to the “Display Adapters” section to update our video card driver.
  • For laptop users, two video cards can appear here, internal and external video cards. Right-click on the video card whose driver you want to update. Then click on the “update drivers” option at the top.
  • In order to automatically update your video card, we click on the Automatically search for drivers option at the top.
  • If an update is available for your video card, Windows will automatically install the update.

You can also update your other hardware by following the order of explanation above.

Strengthening Computer Hardware

The FPS values ​​you get from the games are directly related to your computer hardware. The better the hardware of your computer, the higher the FPS value you get.

If you have a desktop computer, upgrading your graphics card and processor will allow you to get better performance in games.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for laptop users. Processors and graphics cards in laptops are usually embedded in the motherboard. Therefore, it is often not possible to change the video card or processor in laptops.

Upgrading your video card or processor may not increase the FPS values ​​you want. Because your monitor affects the FPS value as much as the video card. Today, 60 Hz monitors may seem like enough. Because many laptop models still use 60 Hz screens.

However, in the future, these screens will be insufficient for people. Because the FPS value you will get from a 60 Hz screen will be low. (The FPS value displayed by your computer may be high. However, the FPS value reflected on you from the screen will be low.) Therefore, we recommend that you buy a monitor with at least a 120 Hz display or a laptop with this display for long-term use.

When it comes to upgrading hardware, people first think of upgrading RAM. Upgrading the RAM will not increase the FPS values ​​you will get from the games too much.

Of course, this upgrade will make your computer a little stronger. Therefore, your FPS value may show an increase of 2-7. However, the RAM upgrade will not be as effective as the graphics card and processor on the FPS value.

If you don’t know how to check your computer’s hardware settings, you can take a look at our guide.

Lowering the Game’s Graphics Settings

If you do not have a very powerful computer, lowering the CS: GO display settings will increase the FPS value you get. Because you need to have a powerful computer to use CS: GO display settings on ultra.

However, if you do not trust your graphics card and processor too much, we recommend lowering your graphics settings.

In order to change the graphics settings, you have to enter the settings first after entering the game. Then it will be enough to choose the top image option from the options at the top.

When you enter the Image tab, you will see the “Image” heading at the top. You can adjust this part according to your own personal preferences.

A little below is the “Advanced Display” heading. In this section, we recommend using the following settings.

If You Have an Entry Level Computer;
  • Universal Shadow Quality: Very Low / Low
  • Pattern / Texture Detail: Low
  • Effect Detail: Low
  • Shader Detail: Low
  • FXAA Unsharp: Disabled
  • Motion Trace: Disabled

If You Have an Intermediate Computer:

  • Universal Shadow Quality: Low / Medium
  • Pattern / Texture Detail: Medium
  • Effect Detail: Medium
  • Shader Detail: Medium
  • FXAA Unsharp: Disabled
  • Motion Trace: Disabled

Note: If you have a graphics card with NVIDIA GeForce Experience support, you can adjust your display settings directly from the application. The application applies the image settings where you can get a high performance in terms of both graphics and FPS in the game.

Do FPS Booster Programs Work?

Recently, a lot of FPS booster software has started to be sold on the internet. Especially for people who do not have strong computer hardware, these programs are very attractive.

However, we cannot say that these programs fully work. Because, as we mentioned above, FPS values ​​are basically related to your computer’s hardware.

However, these programs make a few adjustments to the display preferences of your computer and games. Therefore, the FPS values ​​can increase, albeit slightly.

As we mentioned, such applications can access your computer settings. Therefore, you may experience security problems while trying to increase your FPS values.

We advise you not to buy such applications. We recommend that you do not risk the security of your personal information in order to increase your FPS value slightly.

CS: GO System Requirements

Since CS: GO was released in 2012, it does not require a very high system as a minimum. However, the game has recently received a major update in terms of graphics. That’s why you need to have a powerful system to upgrade the graphics settings.

CS: GO Minimum System RequirementsCS: GO Recommended System Requirements
Processor:  Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6600 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8750Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G or equivalent
Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible video card with 256 MB or more memoryVideo Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 or equivalent
Memory: 2GB of RAMMemory: 8GB RAM
Storage: 15 GB of available spaceStorage: 15 GB of available space

The CS: GO FPS increase guide we have prepared for you ends here. You can share your questions or opinions about the FPS values ​​you get in the games and CS: GO in the comments section below.

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