Best Smart Watches For Women in 2020 (Buying Guide)

best smartwatches for women

If you are looking for the best smartwatches for women at a reasonable price, you are in the right place!

I offer you my complete buying guide on this phenomenon: sales have literally exploded with the recent price drop due to strong competition between major brands (Samsung, Apple, Fitbit, Fossil, Garmin, etc.).

To begin, here is my opinion on the best smartwatches for women of the moment!

best smartwatches for women


Comparison Of The Top 3 Best Smartwatches For Women

1. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch: The Best Luxury Women’s Watch On The Market?

best smartwatches for women
Today, we live in a connected world, and it did not take long for the various brands of smartphones and others to offer the connected watch. In this new market, the Samsung brand seems to hold the reins. Indeed, it is currently the brand that has put up for sale the most products and has harvested the most sales. Of course, there are models for women. Also, how about this Samsung brand smart women’s watch, the Galaxy Smartwatch?

The Strong Points

Design: This watch is highly appreciated by women, because it has kept the special design and warmth of classic watches, with their needles and the second hand, which highlights the attention to detail of the brand. In addition, this pink gold women’s watch adopts the right tone to offer a very elegant color and at the same time very refined. You can also choose the bracelet of your choice,

Technology: But this watch is also made for modern women, it incorporates all the latest technology to satisfy their every need. Being sometimes a woman connected the watch to read SMS, sometimes a device allowing to read and respond to emails, or to answer calls, or to control your music, she will pose as a perfect virtual assistant, the perfect connected woman watch luxury to have.

Personal Coach: Because women also like to take care of themselves, this watch also knows how to turn into a perfect personal coach to assist them in their sports activities. Built-in GPS, altimeter, barometer, heart rate sensor, etc., this device has everything you need to enable you to do more than 39 exercises and even 6 different activities at the same time.

Reliable and Robust: Beyond its very glamorous appearance, this watch hides its game very well, because it is also a monster of reliability and robustness. It has been designed to withstand a variety of situations, even the most extreme ones. Among other things, this women’s swimming watch can support up to 50m deep when you have decided to take it with you to dive. It also has a military certification to withstand high pressures.

The Weak Points

Battery: According to some users, the autonomy of the device would be quite limited in a permanently connected mode. But how not to enjoy all the features offered by this watch. It will be necessary to resolve to reload every night.

2. Garmin Vivomove HR: The Best Value For Money

best smartwatches for women
But there are also many other brands that excel in the connected watch with the discreet look, class and the warm design of classic watches. We find among others Garmin Vivomove HR, which certainly will not leave women indifferent with its Rosegold to finish combined with its white bracelet. In any case, it will seduce all those who do not seek a watch “too connected”, but only enough to meet all their expectations while enjoying a very good value for money in passing.

The Strong Points

Hybrid Connected Watch: It turns out that this connected watch is a hybrid model. This means that it has analog hands, but at the same time, it has a touch screen on which the various information (SMS, notifications, heart rate, number of steps, calories burned, etc.) will be displayed. When you interact with the screen, the hands will move automatically to make roo and will reposition when finished.

A Coach For The Sport: If you are looking for a woman connected watch to run, this model will fulfill this function with ease, under its air class and elegant watch. Indeed, this watch is able to track your fitness by giving you many information like your age fitness to motivate you to perform a regular training, an estimate of your VO2 max, or of course other basic information like the number of not done, your heart rate, etc.

A Personal Wellness Assistant: This watch is also able to monitor your stress level during the day, and to tell you if it has been calm, balanced, stressful, etc. This model will even help you perform a breathing exercise in order to calm you down if your stress level is too high. Other than that, this connected watch can also analyze your sleep. In short, real personal assistant well-being.

Design: As stated above, this model takes the warm design of classic watches, but hides its good inclination for technology. It allows you to enjoy a beautifully elegant and classy watch, which will also keep you connected by sharing your SMS, your emails, your notifications, etc. This watch can also be used to control your music.

The Weak Points

Touch screen: According to some users, it is not easy to use the touch screen, especially for different settings. This is pretty normal given the size of the screen. It will be much better to use the application on Smartphone for this kind of task and use the touch screen as a simple display.

3. Garmin Forerunner 35: The Best Sports Watch For Women

best smartwatches for women
You’ll understand, the real watch connected woman to run, it is this one. Moreover, his name clearly suggests it. In any case, women who play sports and who like to run to maintain their fitness will appreciate this model. Its design is well adapted to the context while remaining sober and class to be worn with pride outside the sport. If you are looking for a good sporty women’s watch, this model is recommended. Here are some of its many interesting features

The Strong Points

Many Data: To achieve optimal performance during physical activities, it is important to consult certain data. On this point, this connected watch will be a perfect ally, because it is able to monitor the main data of your running sessions and sports, such as your pace, distance traveled, calories burned, etc.

Cardio System: This model features Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology, which allows you to run without having to wear a heart rate monitor belt. Your watch will constantly monitor your heart, day and night, and help you improve your performance.

Run/Walk Functions: This watch puts you in Run / Walk mode, where you can perform running sessions and pause while walking. The device will tell you when to slow down or accelerate. Vibrant alerts will alert you based on race instructions.

Pre-loaded Sport Profiles: The Garmin Forerunner 35 will adapt to the sporting activity you plan to do, running, treadmill, cycling, cardio, with preloaded sport profiles.

Smartwatch: As it is above all a connected watch, it is, of course, able to send you your SMS, your e-mails, the various notifications of social networks, control your music, etc. It also has the LiveTrack mode that allows you to share your race or sports session in real time.

Garmin Connect: It’s always nice to be able to share between owners of the same device. The Garmin Connect brings together a whole online sports community, to share the various data of our running or sports sessions. But you will also have tables, maps and different graphs clear and easy to understand, to help you track your progress and achieve your goals.

The Weak Points

Size: If you have a certain size, remember to check the dimensions of the product and especially the bracelet, some users had the unpleasant surprise to end up with a bracelet too tight despite the many holes proposed. But that should not be a problem for women (except of course if you’re as tall as the big blonde in Game of Thrones).

4. Fitbit Charge 2: Cheap But Reliable Smartwatch

best smartwatches for women
But finally, who decreed that a budget of about 100 euros would not be enough to have a well-connected watch? At Fitbit, anything is possible and with that price, you will leave proud with the Fitbit Charge 2. Attention, this is not about any connected watch, this model is from the American brand, first class in the world of activity sensors. Moreover, the qualities are absolutely not lacking in this connected watch. Here are just a few features that grab the attention.

The Strong Points

Design: The Fitbit Charge 2 comes with a very simple design that results in a very sober and classy look, with its rectangular OLED screen where will attach the bracelet of your choice. At this level, women will be served, from indigo to soft pink, or brown for leather, or black, blue, plum, blue-green or lavender for silicone, etc. Here, it is the color lavender and rose gold which is in the spotlight.

Easy To Use: This connected watch has only one button, while the screen is non-touch. To manipulate it and display the different information, simply tap on it. For example, to turn on the screen, just double tap, or a quick movement of the wrist in the direction of the gaze. Successive tapping (or pressing the button) allows you to scroll through different information such as heart rate, distance traveled, number of minutes inactivity, etc.

Connected Smartwatch: As a connected watch, this model will also keep you connected, by communicating your SMS, your emails, your calls, etc. It will also allow you to control your music.

Good Battery: This model is among the good students in terms of autonomy because it can withstand up to 5 days away from the charger. Of course, for very sustained use, it could be out of service after 4 days but will have enough juice to continuously do non-stop sports over such a period.

Compatibility: It should be noted that this watch is to be set on a smartphone or tablet using the Fitbit application, which is compatible with Android and iOS. If you are looking for a smartwatch for iPhone, this model will be compatible.

The Weak Points

Not waterproof: indeed, it happens that the Fitbit Charge 2 is not waterproof, despite the fact that it can withstand some splashes or small splashes of water.

Which Smartwatch For Woman To Choose?

Have your eyes less glued on our Smartphone, or not having to take it out every time with each notification, it is possible. Today, it is possible to deport certain uses of the Smartphone on what is called the connected watch. Take calls, read an SMS or an email, a notification of social networks, or to follow his sports activities, the possibilities are many with such a device. But which one to choose among all the models of the market? Here are some answers.


Wearing a watch is for many a way of healing or affirming one’s appearance. Also, when choosing a watch, it is above all a question of design. At this little game, the classic watches with their needles and their second hand are the best. Precisely, there are connected watches that have kept the charm of the old watches, by displaying a classic dial with the hands and the second hand, even if they can also quickly switch and juggle other displays.
But there are also many other people who prefer the taste of modernity, the display of a digital or tactile screen. In this department, it is also full of connected watches with different aspects, especially at the bracelet and colors chosen for the whole. Some models allow choosing different bracelets according to your tastes or situation (sport, work, etc.), being compatible with standard bracelets market.


In general, a connected watch goes with a Smartphone on which an application (Android or iOS) will be used to set it. The connection is often done via Bluetooth. Also, remember to check the compatibility level of the watch with your smartphone, because some users have made white with some models of smartwatch and some models of Smartphone. It’s better to be … sure of good accounting between the two.

Tracking Your Sports Activities

In terms of functionality, the connected watch is particularly known for monitoring your sports activities, thanks to different sensors such as heart rate, altimeter, barometer, etc. But at this level, the differences can be huge from one model to another. Some may be real sports coaches, while others may simply display some basic information such as the number of steps taken, the heart rate, etc.
Indeed, some models quickly become unavoidable, for example by measuring each of your movements (no, race, climb, etc.) to then obtain a detailed report, which will allow you to monitor your progress and better achieve your goals. The device can even go to alert you when it is necessary to accelerate, or on the contrary when it is necessary to mark a small pause. Others will go so far as to analyze the quality of your sleep or the level of stress of your day.

The Connected Smartwatch

As we now live in a connected world, the connected watch also offers many features at this level. If some models only allow consulting the SMS, emails and other notifications, others allow to answer them, even to compose new SMS or emails. While some models also serve as a shortcut for answering calls, others are equipped with microphones and loudspeakers so that you can make calls with.
Note that virtually all models allow you to control your favorite music. But others can also launch applications like Spotify to play offline music, for example.


Sealing is also a criterion that may be absent on some devices, while others resist to a depth of 30, 50 or even 100 meters. The level of tightness is recognized by the IP67 and IP68 index or by the mention 3, 5, 10 ATM, for 30, 50 and 100 meters depth.

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