5 Best Slippers For Men’s 2020 (Comfortable)

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best men’s slippers among more than thirty products available at the moment.

Toms Berkeley slippers are my favorites. Not only are they comfortable, but in addition to a pair purchased, you automatically offer a pair to a poor child. What to combine comfort and good actions!

You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find the best men’s slippers for you!


These slippers are cheap but are nonetheless durable and comfortable slippers.


These slippers feature a felt top and rubber soles. Like most slippers, no closure system, just put them on!

These are designed to hold the foot with a slightly elevated sole for better comfort of the heel and the back.

The sole has the good taste of being slip-resistant and is quite thick without sacrificing anything in terms of flexibility. Plus, that says thick sole, says better insulation of cold soils like tiled floors, which can be a nightmare for barefoot in winter. These slippers are very warm to the foot and whatever the model is chosen (more than twenty different models are available!).

It should be noted that these slippers tend to carve a little bit, it will be better to choose a half size, even a size below if we do not want to end up having to send them back because our feet float in, which would be a pity because, remember, these slippers are supposed to fit!

We can also note the fact that they are slippers that hold over time. I saw user reviews mentioning a minimum of two years before they do not look avachis, which is not bad at all for entry-level slippers.

The slippers cover the top of the foot without becoming annoying, which is another plus.

As I said above, these slippers are available in a rather large number of different versions. Beyond the classic black or gray slippers, you will be entitled to zebra slippers, leopard or with more classic designs like tiles.

Some have a rather classy velvet look. There is literally something for everyone!


These leather slippers are both soft and fluffy. The insole is made of leather and it is accompanied by Merino’s fiber which is comfortable and odorless.

The slipper is available in different colors, but the only noticeable difference is the color of the external seams, you will have the choice between black, brown and gray.

The sole itself is synthetic. It benefits from EVA foam technology, which helps improve blood circulation.

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In addition, this memory foam is able to adapt to the shape of the foot and absorb shock heel cushioning each step. Another plus: this sole has the good taste of being slip-resistant!

The width of the shoe is normal size and unless you have the feet of Hulk, you should have no problem to slip into it. Slippers do not tend to fracture or tear even after a long-wearing period.

It is not only possible to wear them at home, but also at the office by their design that makes them look like normal shoes. Be careful, however: the leather of the slipper is not waterproof!

It is also interesting to note that two versions of these slippers are available, a normal summer version and a winter version with sheep wool lining to keep your feet warm during the icy winter evenings!

The wool used is of high quality, soft and fluffy with a fine fiber coming from merino sheep. This wool helps to ensure the circulation of air and maintain the heat of the feet.

The leather is also of good quality and adapts to the shape of the foot after a while to ensure lasting comfort.


These slippers provide exemplary comfort without having to break your piggy bank too much. And there are the Toms who make you do a good action while buying your slippers!


Before I start I would like to send a big green thumb to Toms for their One for One initiative. Indeed, for each pair sold, Toms offers another pair to a disadvantaged child! This is an excellent initiative that I want to salute and I encourage you to contribute to keeping your child’s feet warm this winter.

But let’s come to this shoe. This one is comfortable and has a checkered rod.

Its black faux fur lining is here to keep your foot warm and is very soft. A logo is stitched on the side but remains quite discreet, it is far from the comma Nike that takes half of the shoe …

The top of the liner is made of textile with a 100% polyester lining. The sole is also made of synthetic material. Like any slipper that respects itself, this pair of slippers is put directly, no closing system here.

Attention, these shoes cut a little small, but from the moment we found the right size, it’s a pleasure to wear them. The soles absorb shocks very well, which makes the shoe all the more comfortable. In addition, the texture of this pair of slippers is very nice both outside and inside.

These slippers are extremely warm feet, even in the cold, after a few minutes, the feet are warm. The soles offer excellent adhesion and durability of good quality.

The design of these slippers is not left out with different colors available that remain quite classic after all, gray, black, blue checked (you know, the kind of tiles that we always find on slippers for a reason that m escapes).

One version offers a different format with green upholstery rather than the textile top of the other versions of the slipper.

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These slippers offer a suede leather upper combined with a wool and acrylic lining. The insole is EVA and thus offers great comfort, while the natural rubber sole is there to ensure excellent grip on the ground.

In addition, these slippers are very warm to the foot, ideal for icy winter evenings or just brave the tiles a little too cool.

The sole gives the impression of wearing shoes at the outsole and being barefoot at the insole, which is a real plus.

Be careful with the choice of size because of this pair of shoes small. It will be a question of choosing a pair of slippers one or two sizes above. The manufacturer would benefit from reviewing his size information so that one does not have to return his pair of slippers after purchase because they are too small.

This pair of slippers has the good taste not to make a lot of noise when walking with, which is always nice (which has not known the incessant “schliiip schliiip” of a pair of tired slipper that makes the noise – always a little annoying to force).

The design of these slippers is quite interesting, a big stitch is there to make a lining effect/reinforcement before the level of the sole, which gives it an aspect both original and solid, we feel that the pair of slippers do will not flatten in less time than it takes to say “slipper”.

Several colors are available in fairly sober tones. The color of the fur also changes to get married rather happy with the color of the slipper.


Here we really talk about luxury slipper. Reserved for the public with an enlarged budget!


At a similar price for slippers, no doubt, we are in the presence of a high-end product. Made in waterproof suede and fully lined with natural wool, this pair of Ascot slippers are of excellent quality.

Plus, you can wear them everywhere with a durable rubber sole.

These are luxury slippers, which means that we will have to take special care in their maintenance, especially since they are made of living matter. It will be better to mop up the stains rather than clean them with a damp cloth.

Ascot offers a coating made to avoid stains and damage from too much water to extend the life of this pair of slippers. Just apply it once every few months.

The manufacturer also gives some tips to find the size that suits you so you do not have to return this pair of slippers because of a bad choice. Since these instructions are only available in English, I will try to translate them here: “Draw a straight line, longer than your foot, on a piece of paper. Place the paper on a flat surface.

Stand on the line with your heel and longest toe centered on the line. If you measure the foot of one final, it may be easier to hold the paper. Place a mark on the line at the end of your longest toe and the back of your heel. Measure the distance between the two marks, take the larger of the two measurements (one for each foot) and use the conversion chart to find your slipper size. ”

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Attention, it will also take into account your intention to wear these slippers with socks or not. If you plan to wear them without socks, rely on your true shoe size, if you plan to put socks more or less thick, I recommend you to review the size up a size.


Winter is coming, the cold is attacking you and your feet, and you’re tired of it? It may be time to get some slippers so you do not get unnecessarily cold!

And rest assured: you will find the pair made for your feet!


We can find different types of slippers, to choose of course according to your preferences!


You will have no trouble recognizing these. They never come with laces and you can slip in and out easily. They completely cover your foot although depending on the design, parts of the top of your foot can be exposed.


Traditionally made in animal skin, moccasins are lightweight but durable and even good for occasional use outdoors like to go to the mail for example.


These do not cover the upper part of your heel but will cover the toes and the top of the foot. They are especially effective for people with back problems or other health problems that can make it difficult to put on shoes and slippers.


If keeping your foot warm is your priority then you will want to look at this type of booties. They cover the ankle and are cut to help you withstand the cold even in an isolated cabin.


Many slippers are designed for indoors and outdoors and use durable soles. They are usually treated for bad weather too.


What is the use of wearing slippers if they are not comfortable? Yes, slippers can keep your feet warm during freezing winter nights, but they must be comfortable or you’ll soon be tired of wearing them.

Be careful, a certain style and cut that is comfortable for someone is not necessarily for someone else. Slippers are supposed to be comfortable at all times. So, before making your choice, make sure that the slippers you want to choose are something that you can wear for a long time at home.


Most of the best slippers are made of real leather or suede. Both materials are durable and provide comfort and durability.

Also, natural animal skin provides a more comfortable environment for your foot while helping to keep you warm, even during those long bitter cold nights in February.

Cotton is another material used to make slippers and provide comfort and the advantage of easy cleaning: indeed, it is sufficient to swing them in the washing machine if necessary.

Natural fibers such as cotton also have the advantage of being cheaper than leather and suede.


The harder the soil, the thicker the soles will need to be. This is very important if your house has a hard floor or any other type of uncovered floor, but it is less so if your floor is made of carpet or carpet.


Although most people will plan to wear their slippers at home, there are some brands that offer slippers with reinforced rubber soles. These reinforced soles will make activities unthinkable with a pair of traditional slippers like going to buy some things at the grocer for example.

Now if you are looking for durability, then a reinforced fabric sole should offer enough protection for most men at home.

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