Best Perfumes For Women That Men Love – 2019

Here, you will learn how to choose your new fragrance correctly, get acquainted with the new sensational fragrances and beloved famous inspiring celebrities.

The fragrance is identical to your personality, lifestyle, and memories. You have combined it with loved ones and situations that have marked you. With the first “Fit” and the first note that pops up in your nostrils, a morning smile of optimism is formed in your face. Later, you have closed your day by wearing only that, feeling a star like the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe and a protagonist of your life.

There is no doubt about the power of the perfume. Your fragrance is you. Unique and unforgettable as you want to be your presence in an erotic, social and professional relationship. The fragrance is obsessive, you need to have lasting and accent, complex tones and specific notes. A fragrance uniquely seals your best.

What are the basic categories of perfume?

  • A drop is enough. It contains 15-25% aromatic oils and is the purest form of perfume. That’s why it’s the most expensive one.
  • Perhaps the most widespread category in the world of women’s fragrances, as its aromatic oil content ranges from 8 to 15%, and therefore we have a long-lasting performance. It is natural, therefore, that its “pricked” honor, however, deserves, and that is why the female population prefers it, especially as an evening fragrance.
  • This category is the “stopover” from the Eau de Parfum in the Eau de Cologne. That is why it is worn equally day and night. It usually has freshness, average duration, and intermediate price.
  • It’s light and cool. It is pleasantly worn mainly in the morning (it has the lowest content of essential oils) and historically it is the first form of perfume. Repeats are enforced as it does not last. Of course, it is cheaper.
  • The modern version of the Eau de Cologne, as it is even lighter, more playful and the most economical. We know them as a body mist, body spray or fragrance mist.
Making perfume is a demanding and complex art. Few people are “noses” and are therefore highly sought after and paid. The “nose” can recognize all the substances of a fragrance and combine them with real-life experiences. Because this is the aroma, a journey of memories, experiences, and dreams.
Famous “smells”
There are people who have made their inspiration inspired to create a new perfume. Here are four wonderful women and their perfumes. Women with unique personalities who invest in their uniqueness, as you can do.
  • The fiery Penelope Cruz never releases the legendary Lancome Tresor.
  • The aristocratic Nicole Kidman always wears Angel by Thierry Mugler.
  • The upbeat Cameron Diaz chooses Happy, one of Clinique’s most successful fragrances.
  • Dynamic Madonna loves perfume and one of her favorites is the Hypnotic Poison of Dior.
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How to choose the flavor that suits me

The kinds of perfumes
The notes of a fragrance are distinguished in top notes, hearts and base notes. See below the structure of famous perfumes.
Sensual perfumes
You distinguish them from the oriental and earthy notes that refer to sensual women. They are, for a long time, the aromas they like for men and you prefer them for an appointment and for your evening outings.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

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Top notes are almond and coffee, medium notes are jasmine jasper and tuberose, base notes are tuna and cocoa seeds. Louise Turner is the perfumer with the famous “nose” hidden behind the same seductive scent.

Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Tease

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With pear, lychee (rare red aromatic fruit from China), mandarin and apple in the top notes. Gardenia, jasmine, sweet peas, magnolia, and freesia in the middle notes. With base notes, vanilla, gasoline, amber, calf, praline and sandalwood. This incredible perfume, floral and fruity, was not filled with sensual notes.

Burberry My Burberry Black

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The sweet “my Burberry black” with warm, charming tones of flowers. The women’s perfume-symbol of Burberry.


Shik perfumes

You distinguish them from an internal spark, from an erotic subtle hint. Top notes are cool and fresh, while heart notes have an earthy substance. If you feel classy, mysterious and with high expectations, in this category, you will find your new fragrance.


Narciso Rodriguez For Her

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The top notes are osmanthus, orange blossoms, and bergamot, the middle notes are Egyptian musk and amber, base notes are vetiver and vanilla. A woody floral scent, unrivaled chic.

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