6 Best Monitors for Watching Movies & Streaming [2021]

Who does not like to watch movies? Well if you love to watch movies you might be in search of a quality monitor. Don’t worry we got you covered, first have a look at some of the features 

Things to consider while choosing a monitor

Here are some factors you need to look after while choosing a monitor if you love to watch movies, videos, and TV shows. 

Display technology

Refresh rate, response time, and input lag all these factors are dependent on display technology. These factors are not very important to consider if you just want to watch movies on your monitor but display technology does matter.  IPS, VA, and TN are very popular display technologies these days and you have to choose one based on your needs. 

  • If a person wants to enjoy wide viewing angles and color accuracy he should go with IPS. The IPS technology is perfect for those who want to watch movies.
  • TN is for those who want good refresh rates and response time. 
  • VA is intermediate between IPS and TN. It offers quality image production close to IPS and response time close to TN display technology. 

Image resolution

Resolution matters a lot for monitors if you want to watch movies and videos a good resolution means high quality crisp clear image. And if a monitor does not have to offer quality visuals why consider it for watching movies? Full HD (1920×1080) resolution is a favorite among all and is also a budget friendly option. 4K (3840×2160) and Quad HD (2560×1440) are also gaining popularity in the market and offer high-quality visuals but are not budget-friendly options.

Display size

The display size depends on the resolution you want. Suitable screen size is required by display resolution to provide an image of good quality. For example, an ideal monitor is with full HD resolution with 24 inches display size.

If you consider a monitor with a larger screen but with the same resolution you will experience seeing individual pixels. Just like this 4K monitors can produce sharp images on a much larger screen and the ideal screen size for this monitor is 32 inches. A 27 inches monitor is perfect if you want to play safe and don’t want your eyes to strain.

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Ergonomic Adjustments

If you are going to buy a monitor it is the most important factor to consider after resolution and display technology. Because you would not want to sit in a certain way in order to enjoy your favorite movies. It should also come with a VESA mount option so that you can use it as a TV option to enjoy Netflix.

1. LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD best streaming movies monitor

LG 32UD60-B is a big 4K monitor offering you fine image quality. It is a perfect piece of technology for watching movies and office use. It comes up with a very decent design and the bezel is matte black with a metal brushed finish. The monitor does not flex very much and the stand is very sturdy to handle the weight of the whole monitor.  

It does not offer too many ergonomic adjustments which are a drawback; you can tilt it but cannot rotate it or adjust its height. You can VESA mount it on the wall. It also features a clip for cable management. Plastic is used to make this monitor but the build quality is excellent so it does not have any defects and does not feel cheap. 

It offers decent picture quality, and its contrast ratio is 2644:1 which is good for dark rooms. Black and grey uniformity are excellent. It has a peak brightness of 253.6 cd/m² which is fine with most of the rooms but not enough to deal with the glare due to a brighter room. Color reproduction quality is excellent. 

For an ideal monitor response time should be very low, but this monitor has a response time of 9.8 ms which is not ideal but acceptable. It supports AMD’s Free sync technology, which means you will adjust the refresh rate of the screen base don’t he type of game you are playing. Input lag is of 9.8ms which is decent for 60 Hz monitors. 

Connectivity is not an issue with this monitor as it comes up with one display port and two HDMI ports; unfortunately, there is no USB port. It uses a brick adapter along with a proprietary connector because of which monitor is made ultrathin. But if you, unfortunately, lose the adapter it would be difficult to replace.


  • Offers excellent contrast quality with deep blacks
  • Offers uniform solid colors
  • The wide color gamut is excellent


  • When the view from a side may degrade the image
  • Reflections are distracting in a brighter room

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2. LG 27UK650-W best monitor for twitch streaming

LG 27GL83A-B is an astounding monitor that you can consider if you want to watch your favorite movies and videos. It is also an excellent option for media creation. With its mind-blowing response time, it also delivers quickly-moving content with no blur trail. Its large space gives you enough space to work comfortably and you will enjoy movies on a larger screen.

It has a modern design with a white back and a stand wide enough to bear the weight of the whole monitor. The stand is curved and made up of plastic with a wide footprint so you can place your things in front of it. Ergonomics are a bit of a disappointment as you cannot swivel or tilt. You can only rotate it clockwise which means inputs are on top. If you have short wires it is not an ideal option. 

Back is smooth with a ring for cable management, you can also VESA mount it. Borders are thin to make it look elegant. It is made up of plastic and build quality is amazing. It does not have a local dimming feature. It has native contrast ratio of 1196: 1 which is mediocre. Native resolution is 3840 x 2160 along with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Connectivity is not an issue with this amazing monitor as it has one DisplayPort, two HDMI ports and one analog audio out. There is a joystick nub under the center of the monitor which you can use for controlling onscreen display. This monitor also covers 99% of the sRGB color spectrum. Color accuracy is mind blowing and it produces a life-like image.  

It comes up with Dynamic Action Sync which guarantees brilliant performance so that you can optimize the settings of the monitor. It also has functionality for screen split 2.0 and you will love multitasking. 27 inches large monitor is all you need if you want to enjoy your favorite movies. Its price makes it a perfect option to buy.


  • Excellent resolution quality
  • Input lag is low which is perfect
  • Offers wide viewing angles to watch movies in any direction without disrupting the image
  • Size is perfect for multi-tasking


  • Lacks HDR performance
  • There is no local dimming support to offer

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3. BenQ EL2870U best monitor for watching sports

It is developed for every kind of task and you will love watching movies on it. Simply we can say that it is a multipurpose monitor, you can watch movies, play games and you can also consider this monitor for office working. It is equipped with two different modes including Cinema HDR mode and High Dynamic Range. So it offers an increase in dynamic range between brightest white and darkest black. 

This monitor employs a standard arrangement of input ports. It consists of dual HDMI ports and Display port as connectivity ports. For headphones, a line-in port is also available. It is 28 inches in size with a resolution of 3840x2160p. It also has an aspect ratio of 16:9. This BenQ EL2870U comes with a TN panel. 

It is a full HD display monitor with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. To reduce ghosting and input lag, it has a very swift and fast response time that is 1ms. It has thick borders that make it robust and firm. You can also display it on the wall with VESA 100 x 100. Native contrast ratio is 1,000:1 and peak brightness is 300 cd/m2.

It also has some unique and remarkable features like black eQualizer. It lightens up the dark spots and areas in the game. This gorgeous monitor also presents clear and crisp images. It is the brightest monitor among the whole monitor series with a brightness level of 269.8. It also delivers quite satisfying colors. 

It comes up with a pair of built-in speakers which are of good quality. In addition, this monitor also comes with a good selection of settings including one of 10 Picture Modes: Low Blue Light, REC. 709 M-book, Standard, HDR, Cinema HDR, sRGB, and User Defined. Low blue light setting prevents you from overexposure to blue light.


  • The TN panel discharges extremely bright light of around 250 nits
  • Basic design would not distract your focus
  • Supports HDR content
  • Pixel response is very fast
  • Input lag is low which makes it ideal
  • Offers ultra-high definition resolution


  • Color performance is mediocre
  • There are not enough ports and these are also placed poorly
  • Stand is not well ergonomic

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4. Dell UP2718Q best monitor for watching films

Dell UP2718Q is a unique monitor and first zone-dimming backlight available in desktop version. It is truly the first monitor that does justice to HDR mode. It is equipped with all the exciting features that you will love to have if you are a movie lover. It is also an excellent option for those who want to upgrade Ultra HD video post-production systems.

UP2718Q is styled in an amazing way using no nonsense approach. Every surface is smooth and corners are rounded. Bezels are thin to give you a very modern look. Screen also comes up with an anti-glare surface which complements HD image quality along with 22ppi super-fine density. There are control buttons on the bottom right corner, still it is suggested to use a joystick for this purpose. 

On the left side there are four USB downstream ports. Stand is firm and solid and bears the weight of the whole monitor. Moreover the stand comes up with extensive ergonomic adjustments, you can tilt, swivel and adjust the height the way you feel comfortable. Its input panel comes up with two Display Ports, two HDMI ports, it also has two upstream USB ports. You can also connect one monitor with two other monitors as signals can be routed in OSD. 

One of the best qualities of this monitor is that it comes up with Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and Hybrid Log Gamma. Not every display comes up with all these features. If a monitor does have HDR feature that does not mean it will offer the best display quality. Not every display can produce extended colors. But this is not an issue with this monitor. 

It is one of the best 4K monitors that you can have to enjoy your favorite movies. Its 27 inches large screen is calibrated with sRGB so you will love the color accuracy it has to offer you. It offers 1000 nits’ peak brightness and contrast ratio is 20000:1. Which means you will get darkest blacks and brightest whites.


  • Supports HDR-10 technology
  • Offers you ultra HD-resolution
  • Comes up with DCI-P3 & Adobe RGB color
  • Contrast quality is mind blowing in HDR mode
  • Offers you 384-zone backlight
  • Build quality is amazing


  • Calibrated modes are not that accurate
  • You may face occasional halo effects in HDR mode
  • Calibration memories are not enough

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5. ASUS VP28UQG best budget monitor for watching movies

Asus VP28UQG is an excellent choice for those who love playing games and professional creators. An amazing 28 inches large monitor comes up with a TN display panel with which you will enjoy clear visuals. Although it does not offer wide viewing angles which characteristics of IPS panels but it does the job well. You will get 4 K resolutions with this monitor.

If we talk about the design, it does lack sleek aesthetics but it looks great. Screen has anti-glare technology so that you don’t have to worry about reflection issues in a well lit room. You can VESA mount it on the wall. Base is very strong so the stand can bear the whole weight of the monitor easily. It has thick bezels and there are no built- in speakers. 

You will have the connectivity options it has to offer you. Ports are located at the rear side of the cabinet. It has one Display Port, a headphone jack and two HDMI ports. Unfortunately it does not have USB ports. Screen tearing is not an issue with AMD’s FreeSync technology and helps with adjusting different refresh rates that will match with graphics cards.

It offers a 60 Hz refresh rate combined with 1ms pixel response rate so that you can have the best experience. Color accuracy is slightly bad. You will have smooth experience with no noticeable blurring and ghosting. You will love the image detailing. It is a budget friendly option for those who want something high quality but do have enough budgets.


  • Supports AMD Free Sync tech
  • You will love its performance
  • Affordable option


  • Color accuracy is slightly skewed
  • It does not come up with speakers and USB ports

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6. LG 32UD99-W best monitor for NetFlix

LG 32UD99-W is an amazing monitor with IPS DISPLAY. Having an IPS display means you are going to get excellent image and color quality.  With its ultimately low input lag and wide viewing angles you will love the movie watching experience. It displays a wide color gamut and supports HDR but HDR’s peak brightness is mediocre.  

It is also an excellent option for media creation. With its mind-blowing response time, it also delivers quickly-moving content with no blur trail. It is a dream monitor for gamers who want low input lag. In appearance, it is just like any other laptop of LG’s Ultra Gear lineup. The stand is large and curved in shape so you cannot place large objects in front of it. 

Ergonomics are not that pleasing but work well. You can adjust the height and tilt it but cannot swivel. You can also VESA mount it if you want. Monitor also has a small loop for cable management but it is not that effective. Borders of the monitor are thin but with stand it becomes thick. It is made up of plastic but the build quality is good so you do not have to worry about it.

IPS display quality is usually but in this monitor contrast ratio is a bit disappointing. In dark black looks like grey. The screen is backlit with no local dimming option. You do not have to worry about the glare in a bright room but it is not that effective. 

You will enjoy a 60Hz remarkable refresh rate. It supports the Freesync refresh rate. It is certified by NVIDIA and so is G-Sync compatible. Connectivity is not an issue as it comes up with 2 HDMI ports, one display port, two USB ports, one USB-C port, and one analog audio out.


  • offers wide viewing angles so you will love image accuracy from every angle
  • Excellent low input lag
  • Displays a wide color gamut


  • Cannot handle reflections well
  • 60 Hz refresh rate is not for gaming but good for watching movies.

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What is the price of a monitor? 

It is all about your budget. If you are low on budget you can get a monitor for watching movies for at least $250. Do not spend more than this. You can find a perfect monitor between $600 to $800. But keep in mind that if you want a monitor just for watching movies you should not get an expensive one. 

What is the perfect display panel technology for watching movies?

For monitors on which you want to watch movies and IPS display panels work fine. It is because these display panels offer high resolution power, image quality and color accuracy that you will love. 

What is the ideal resolution of a monitor for watching movies?

A monitor with Full HD resolution will work fine if you want to watch movies. On the other hand if a monitor has 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution it is just perfect. With this resolution you can enjoy high quality and crisp clear images on such a large screen.  

Do ergonomic options matter?

A monitor must have extensive ergonomic adjustments to offer so that you can watch your favorite movies, videos and TV shows within your comfort zone. It should come up with swivel, tilt, and pivot and height adjustment. In addition to all of this there should also be an option to VESA mount it on the wall so that you may not face any trouble. 

What is the right screen size for a monitor?

Size of the monitor matters a lot but it depends on your needs. If you want a monitor for watching movies, a 24 inches large monitor will work fine. Larger the size of the monitor, bigger the picture and more you will enjoy a movie. A monitor between 27-32 inches screen is just perfect for this purpose. 

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A high-quality monitor that supports high-quality visuals can bring a remarkable change in your life. It is foolish to invest a lot of money on your PC to make it top quality but leaving a very limited amount of money for a monitor.

If the monitor is not capable of producing the right colors or has low resolution with poor image quality, you will have a poor experience with your high-end PC. You will not be able to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies.

We have selected some of the best monitors that support high-quality visuals for movie lovers, you can consider any of them based on your needs, the features you want, and the budget you have. Hope so this guide will prove helpful for you.

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