The choice was difficult, but after several hours of research and intensive comparison between many computers of any price and any destination, I selected the 7 models that seem to me, at the moment, constitute the best laptop value for money 2019.

Here you will find both Chromebooks and Windows laptops. Among the first, my favorite is definitely the Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA, the most complete and the most powerful. But if I had to invest in a more traditional PC, the Dell XPS 13, because of its overall quality, would be my favorite choice.

If you want to invest in a new laptop and do not want to have you on its price/quality ratio, I invite you to check my purchase guide at the end of the article.

Best Laptops Value for Money


The Best Cheap Laptops Value For Money

The entry-level notebook PC has become extremely competitive in recent years, particularly following the introduction of Chromebooks on the European market. This competition has made it particularly interesting in terms of price/quality of available models.
In this section, I have selected the lowest priced laptops while maintaining the correct performance and good hardware quality.

1. Acer Chromebook 514: The Best Cheap

The first model that I present to you is a Chromebook. This is the new model 14 inches Acer, intended to replace the famous Acer Chromebook 14, unfortunately, unavailable at the time of writing these lines.

If you do not know these notebooks a little particular, I invite you to consult our dedicated comparative to know more. But to explain it to you in just a few words, let’s say that Chromebooks are Chrome OS-based PCs, a free open operating system, which allows manufacturers to offer their PCs excellent hardware quality without the need for it. feels about the final price of the PC. Optimized for fast operation, both on ignition and during surfing, these are generally ideal tools for office automation.

It is no surprise that they are therefore among the best value for money ratio of the notebook market. And among them, Acer has established itself as a champion in the field, constantly offering ever more competitive models.

The quality of this laptop goes first by its design: despite its low price, it has a solid aluminum shell and elegant, which gives it a little air of MacBook Air.

This is a 14-inch model with a touch screen 1080p. Yes, yes, I said touch. Amazing at this price, no? And yet, the screen is quality: it is covered with a matte anti-reflective coating (which is quite unusual in the world of touch), which has the advantage of making it readable even in a very sunny room. The display is very beautiful, although the eye a little exercised may notice a lack of brilliance in the colors.

The keyboard is well optimized: the large keys are well spaced and offer excellent typing quality, besides the area around the touchpad is optimal for resting wrists. Plus, it’s backlit! It is an ideal tool to continue working in the dark.

Like all Chromebooks, it is primarily designed for office work, with its 4-core Intel Pentium N4200 processor, Intel HD Graphics graphics card, 4GB RAM, and 32GB expandable memory via Micro-SD. It may seem light if you are used to the data sheets of Windows PCs, but believe me, it is a champion in surfing and office!

The sound is correct (although, of course, headphones are always preferable). It is simply unfortunate that Acer has placed the speakers again at the bottom of the device, which stifles a little the sound depending on the coating on which you put the PC. This will not prevent you, however, from watching a movie comfortably.

Connectivity, it is quite traditional compared to what is currently done on Chromebooks: 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, a mini-jack and, of course, the Micro-SD port I told you more above. No HDMI port? Well no, and it’s more and more the case, even under Windows. In my opinion, this is not problematic in that a hub quickly solves the problem!

Finally, the autonomy is amazing for a computer to 1080p: you can count on nearly a dozen hours of use before having to reload! It is a very mobile computer, from the top of its 1.4 kg!

In the end, with this first Chromebook, I propose you a laptop which, for less than 400 €, offers you an aluminum shell, a screen of quality tactile and Full HD, a comfortable and backlit keyboard, as well as an incredible autonomy. Honestly, what more can you ask for?



2. Acer Spin 11 CP311-1HN: The 360 ° Reversible Rival

Best Laptops Value for Money

I continue in the Chromebook universe with a model that, although smaller (11.6 inches), none the less offers something very interesting: the possibility of reversion to 360 °, the main feature of the Spin range.

Without astonishment for a Chromebook, here we find a good quality aluminum chassis, which gives it strength and resistance.

The reversible 360 ° hinges are well made, and you can easily switch from a computer mode to a tablet mode.

The screenshot is obviously also tactile. This time, on the other hand, it offers an HD definition (1366 x 768 pixels). Given its size, this is obviously not a problem, the Full HD has very little interest on a screen so small. And to get the most out of this tablet function, know that it comes directly with a Wacom EMR stylus, which allows you to get the most out of it!

The keyboard, unsurpassed for an 11.6 “model, is a bit too small to offer a truly comfortable hit over a long time. Nevertheless, it is doing well, with good use of space and not too miniaturized keys. However, it is not backlit.

Components level, it has excellent characteristics for a model of this size: Intel Pentium N4200 processor, HD Graphics 500 graphics card, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, expandable via Micro-SD card.

Connectivity side, there are 2 USB-C, 2 USB 3.0 ports, a jack, and Micro-SD mentioned above. It’s pretty good for such a small model.

Finally, on the mobility side, it weighs only 1.4 kg and has a range that can grow up to 10 hours. In short, you will have no trouble carrying it everywhere!

In the end, this little Chromebook deserves to be part of my selection, because of its quality of construction, its efficiency, and especially its 2-in-1 function of the most interesting, especially when you know that the stylus is directly provided to fully benefit from the touch. The only real complaint I would make is that, given its size, it is difficult to consider it as one and only computer.



3. Acer Swift 1 13.9 “

Best Laptops Value for Money

Of course, Microsoft could not ignore the market share that slowly nibbles Chromebooks, especially in the US. So, we see more and more attempts to compete with Google in the field of quality at a lower price.

As such, the Acer Swift 1 is a successful attempt.

This is again a 13inch model with a full HD screen. And despite this and its low price, it is equipped with a metal chassis, which is frankly unusual in the entry-level Windows!

Its components are pretty good for office use: Intel Pentium N5000 processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB eMMC. That’s where it stinks for me, in the sense that, as much as we do not care a bit of such a small memory on a Chromebook, where the majority of your files can be kept directly in the cloud, as much on a PC Windows is frankly little!
On the other hand, it is rather well-provided connectivity level, and you can easily connect an external hard drive: 1 HDMI port, 1 USB 2.0 port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB-C and a 3.5 mm jack.
Another point where it also stuck is on the side of its autonomy: 5 hours. It’s ok for Windows, but ridiculous compared to the rest of my selection. By cons, its light weight of 1.3 kg is very practical to take it everywhere.

Of course, you can not expect incredible performance from this laptop, but it is still able to launch many tabs simultaneously and run a few light applications without worry.

It is a PC definitely enough for a standard use: you can browse the Internet, do the office, check emails without worry. But it soon shows its limits when it comes to making more use of it, and it is definitely slower than its competitors Chromebooks.

Nevertheless, the overall result is more than satisfactory given its price. It is among the cheapest in the Windows domain, without sacrificing the quality of other components (except the autonomy and internal memory). The whole thing is excellent value for money (although I admit that at an equal price, my favor goes clearly to Chromebooks).



The Best Midrange Notebooks Value For Money

If we exceed the 500 € marks but we do not want to climb much higher, unfortunately, the choice is not more diverse.

And this is normal: if a user does not need (or just want) a high-end laptop or gamer, it will most often be content with a low-end entry-level device (but good enough for basic use).


Nevertheless, the two models that I propose to you here seem to be very interesting in that, always intended for use in office automation, they are very powerful and fast, particularly in multitasking. These are, in my opinion, ideal PCs for professionals who have higher needs than basic office automation (or need to have a fast PC in all circumstances), but also do not need all the options offered, by example, to a graphic design professional.



4. Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA: the best midrange


Best Laptops Value for Money



I come back to a Chromebook which, although it is located in this price range, is none the less the top of the range in Chrome OS laptops.

This is already reflected in its design: with its aluminum shell, which ensures both lightness and strength and, above all, its incredible finesse, it has all the premium Chromebook premium, elegant and professional.

Like the Acer above, it’s a 360 ° reversible model. Nevertheless, with its finesse, it offers, more than the Acer, the feeling of having a real tablet in hand.

Its screen size is quite original: 12.5 inches. It is, of course, touch-sensitive, and offers full HD definition, with excellent brightness and color management, and allows you to use it in almost any environment (but perhaps not in full sun no more).

The keyboard is faultless: despite its relatively compact size, the keys are wide enough and spaced apart to allow a good typing comfort and smooth handling. It is backlit, but with a “smart” backlight: it turns off after a few seconds of use, to save your battery.

The sound, him, without being optimal (is this sometimes the case?) Is much better than the models that I presented to you in the preceding section. Thanks to the headphones on the left and right of the case, it offers a good distribution of sound, which is quite clear and balanced.

Its components, as I announced, promise a fast and efficient use of the computer in all circumstances: Intel Core M3-6Y30 processor, 8GB of RAM and 32GB internal memory expandable via Micro-SD.

Connectivity level, on the other hand, the finesse has a price: it does not include a USB port or HDMI port (just two USB-C, a headphone jack, and Micro-SD slot). Again, this is not a problem if you agree to invest from a hub.

Finally, it is probably the most mobile PC of my selection, with a very small weight of 1.2 kg and a range of about ten hours.
In the end, it is my favorite of this selection for several reasons: impeccable design, speed, efficiency, mobility, autonomy … It is the ideal PC to have at the office when working all day on a computer!


5. Acer Swift 3: Low-Cost Windows PC Very Powerful

Best Laptops Value for Money

Here again, a model under Windows that I, I admit, bluffed by the capabilities it embeds, all combined with good material quality, and for a price more than reasonable

It’s aluminum frame and worked finishes give it excellent material quality. Those accustomed to Acer will easily recognize the touch, even if one is rather accustomed to this kind of design on its more expensive models.

This is again a 14-inch Full HD screen, which offers both a panel of sufficient brightness and a good overall color rendition, even if this is not the most faithful.

Its keyboard is well balanced in terms of the distribution of keys as responsiveness and comfort typing. It lacks only the backlight to be perfect.

With its Intel Core i5 8265U (8th generation, which increases the speed by 10% compared to the 7th generation), its UHD Graphics 620 graphics card, its 4 GB of RAM and its 256 GB SSD, it is a computer largely capable to support any task of everyday life. Essentially turned to desktop, surfing and video playback, it does not have less than enough to perform some graphics editing tasks (unlike Chromebooks).

Connector side, it is rather well supplied with its SD drive, 2 USB 3.0 ports, USB 2.0 port, USB-C port, HDMI port, and headphone jack.

Finally, there is no difference mobility level, since it weighs only 1.5 kg and has a range that can reach 9 to 10 hours (the “U” at the end of its processor number you ‘indicates: it is a model thought to optimize its performances).

In the end, this is a great option for Windows for all that needs a PC very functional in office, fast (although it will be less than a Chromebook), and having a good quality of manufacture. If there is a small price model that I should recommend to you on Windows, it would be that one. And know that if the model interests you but you need less advanced options, there is, in particular, an i3 version, but which is distinguished by the absence of IPS Full HD panel in favor of a TN HD panel in this case.



The Best High-End Laptops Value For Money

In this section, I am allowed to exceed the 1000 € mark to talk about PCs that, if they are not the best performers in this field, allow you, in addition to excellent office management, use in other domains, like graphics or gaming.
Without asking you for an investment of more than 2000 €, they will prove very effective every day, while offering you good flexibility of use which makes PC of very interesting entertainment.

6. Dell XPS 13: The Best High End

Best Laptops Value for Money

The Dell XPS line has been talked about a lot in recent months, thanks to the overall quality of its laptops.

First of all, it’s a design success: the brushed-aluminum frame is beautiful, combined with the black carbon fiber slices. Everything looks good while remaining sober and elegant. The ratio edges/screen is also excellent, the first being very thin and hardly increasing the size of the PC. It is, therefore, one of the most compact 13-inch models on the market.

Its screen is Full HD and offers colorimetry, brightness, and contrasts. Note that, if you are interested, a 4K touch version is available, but the price/quality ratio seems less interesting.

Its carbon fiber keyboard, it is very pleasant to the touch and is designed to minimize typing errors (you have to press well in the center of the key). Of course, it is backlit. There is nothing wrong with the touchpad: it is very responsive.

Component level, it is rather excellent for this price: Intel Core i5-8265U processor (8th generation), Intel UHD graphics card, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB memory and 256 GB SSD. With this solid base, it is able to support advanced desktop tasks, multitasking, photo and video editing, and even some of the most recent games (of course, you’ll have to make a few graphics concessions if you want a satisfying ips, but there is nothing that will prevent you from playing very comfortably).

And despite everything it embarks, it has a battery life of 10 hours, which combined with its 1.2 kg, makes it equivalent, on the move, the Chromebook Asus!

Connectivity side, you will see that the search for the fineness of the PC has led to some choices: traditional USB and HDMI ports have disappeared, in favor of 3 USB-C ports, accompanied by a micro-SD player and a headphone jack. If this can frustrate some, I find, again, that it is easily contourable with a USB-C hub adapted.

In the end, the 2019 version of the Dell XPS 13 honors the excellent reputation of the range: strength, finesse, speed, endurance, it is good in everything. Even if the investment is more consistent, it retains an excellent value for money and is clearly worth it for those who want a laptop capable of being truly versatile.



7. Lenovo Legion Y530: Option For Gamers

Best Laptops Value for Money

With the Lenovo Legion Y530, I propose a computer really designed, at the base, for use in gaming. But besides that, it has some advantages that also make it a good PC for everyday office use.

His only real negative point is in design. This is the only PC in my selection that has a plastic shell, which is less durable. Nevertheless, it is well made (the opening is easy, nothing “crack” to the handling …).

But this is the only concession that has been made because, besides that, it presents a remarkable value for money ratio.

This is this time, a 15.6-inch Full HD screen. This is the largest of my selection, therefore, (and, therefore, also the heaviest: 2.3 kg), but it is normal when we know that it is this dimension of the screen which is mostly invested by builders for laptops for gamers.

The screen is provided with an excellent anti-reflective coating, which makes it usable even in a very sunny room. There is nothing wrong with the image quality: it is a PC that can even satisfy some graphics professionals.

The keyboard, it is flexible enough, which is intended to provide some comfort during long gaming sessions but is also very interesting for the daily typing. He, too, is backlit.

The version I offer includes an Intel Core i5-8300U processor and an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 2GB graphics card. The RAM is 8 GB of RAM, and the hard drive is 1 TB, to which is added an SSD of 128 GB. This is obviously optimal configuration for gaming (although the average is currently going to the Core i7 seen the heaviness of newer games).

In terms of connectivity, the fact that it was precisely designed initially for gaming (where you usually have to bring many accessories to achieve a powerful game) makes a very complete model: 1 HDMI port, 2 USB ports 2.0, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and a headphone input. Nothing to say, then.

And despite this, it also presents an excellent autonomy: 9.5 hours. If, of course, he does not take all this time during an intensive gaming session, he will still be able to accompany you throughout your working day.

As I said in my dedicated article, the Lenovo Legion Y530 offers one of the best value for money ratios of the moment when it comes to cheap laptop PCs. But its relatively lightweight (although it is the heaviest of my selection), its good autonomy and comfortable keyboard also push me to rank among computers at the best value for money at all.

If you want a model as well as able to support you in your daily work as, during your intensive gaming sessions, it is a choice.

How to choose a laptop with good value for money?

Choosing a laptop is easy. But to choose one that offers both good performance and high material quality, all at a competitive price, is another matter.
Here are the main criteria on which I base myself so that you can choose your laptop as well.

Build Quality

The hardware quality of a laptop is crucial to its proper use and operation. It will determine not only the overall quality of the device but also its durability.
Here are the points that are the most critical at this level.

The Screen

Once your laptop is purchased, you will literally spend hundreds or even thousands of hours watching your screen, whether it’s for word processing, surfing the web or watching videos. So, it is impossible to ignore the quality screen.
In general, it is recommended that a screen has at least a definition of 1366 x 768 pixels for a size of 10 to 13 inches. From 13 inches, a definition of 1920 x 1080 pixels is desirable in order to have a clear picture in all circumstances.
Of course, the quality of a screen does not stop at its number of pixels. Its brightness is also important so you can use it comfortably, whether in daylight or in the dark.
Finally, the presence of an effective antireflection treatment is also the guarantee of a comfortable use in all circumstances.

The Keyboard

It is likely that you will also spend a lot of time typing text on your computer (if only to watch movies on the go, as much as investing in a portable DVD player).
Writing emails, Facebook chat or text document composition are common tasks for which the quality of the keyboard is of major importance.
A keyboard good value for money has a reasonable space between keys to have room to type comfortably. In addition, the keys should not be too small or too big.
The size of the keys of a good keyboard must be such that one very rarely makes a false typing. This is especially important for laptops with a small screen because the manufacturer is forced to reduce the size of the keyboard. However, laptops with a good value for money ratio get to have an excellent keyboard even when their screen is only 10 or 11 inches.
To be of quality, the pavement must have a large size and offer a good slide of the fingers. It must also be reactive, precise and its use must be as fluid as possible.

The Sound

When using your laptop, you will probably spend a lot of time watching videos, movies, series, or listening to music.
The most critical people will tell you that laptops always have poor audio. And they are right!
In fact, because of the limited space available in the case of laptops, it is difficult (and expensive) to incorporate quality speakers. Thus, manufacturers have a habit of equipping their machines with basic speakers to save space and reduce costs.
If you want to listen to music with the best possible audio quality or want to watch a movie in an immersive way, it is, therefore, advisable to always use headphones or external speakers, whether via the jack or via Bluetooth.
However, for most people, the basic audio of the laptop is enough. If you’re part of this majority, just be aware that laptops with speakers up or out are preferable to those with speakers facing down.
Indeed, when the speakers are only downward, the sound can quickly be smothered or obstructed as soon as the laptop is placed on a non-flat surface like on his knees or on his bed. The resonance will also be different if you drop it on a wooden table or a glass table, for example.

The Box

The last major piece that determines the hardware quality of a laptop is the case.
There are usually two major types of cases: plastic and aluminum.
The plastic is practical because it is cheap and very light. It is also firm enough to offer proper strength while being flexible enough to cushion shocks.
However, care must be taken with poor quality plastics that are sometimes used to reduce costs. These are most often found in entry-level laptops and their main problem is fragility.
Aluminum housings, on the other hand, offer better resistance than plastic ones. They are firmer but they are also a bit heavier.
Another advantage of aluminum is its aesthetics. Where plastic tends to give an impression of cheapness, aluminum gives a premium and high-end look that is pleasing to the eyes.


In addition to the physical quality of a laptop, its performance is crucial in determining its quality.
Overall, the performance of a laptop PC can be evaluated by two features: the RAM and the microprocessor (CPU).


The larger the RAM, the more memory space the computer has to run applications or load tabs into a browser. Currently, an average user needs about 4GB of RAM to make sure they have enough room for their computer to run smoothly.
In advanced users, such as gamers on big heavy games or people who do video editing, 4 GB of RAM are insufficient and it is better to move to 8 or even 16 GB if you work with video. 3D.



The CPU, meanwhile, is really the heart of the computer. It is he who will perform all the tasks of the machine.

In order to have a laptop with the best value or money ratio, make sure that the microprocessor of the computer is powerful enough to perform the tasks you need.

Well, it’s all well and good, but how can we know if the CPU is good enough for its use?

It’s quite technical, so the easiest way is probably to read or watch a test from a computer that has the same CPU. There are also comparisons to judge the performance of a CPU against others.


All the advantage of a laptop is that it is, I repeat, portable.

But to be, it needs two main things: long battery life and a lightweight.

Battery Life

To be able to be carried everywhere without always being afraid of running out of battery, an autonomy of at least 8 hours is preferable. So, for example, you can take your PC with you to work all day without having to take the charger with you.

Autonomy is also important in traveling. Whether for train, plane or bus, being able to work or play quietly on your laptop makes any trip ten times more enjoyable.

Finally, even within a home, the mobility of a device always makes its use better. Thus, no need for the power cable to enjoy. He can be put on his knees, taken in his bed or on his sofa without worry.

The Weight

Mobility is also dependent on the weight of the device. If possible, a laptop with a good value for money ratio must weigh less than 2 kg in order to be transported easily.

Size matters, of course, because an 11-inch computer will always be easier to move and slip into a bag than a 17-inch model.

Finally, a truly portable computer does not need any accessories to be used. A mouse and a mouse pad are bulky and annoying to carry around with you. That’s why a good touchpad is essential for a laptop because you can gain mobility by leaving your mouse and carpet at home.

The Fan

More and more laptops are now moving towards a hardware structure “fanless”, that is to say without a fan.

This is especially because microprocessor manufacturers like Intel have created chips that generate very little heat compared to older chips. Thus, laptops equipped with these chips no longer need to have a fan.

This advantage does not only reduce costs. Indeed, the lack of fan also reduces the thickness of devices and increase the available space for items such as the battery.

In addition to this, the fanless reduces the risk of malfunction that all too often occurs among laptops. It is not uncommon for appliances with a fan that it becomes dusty after a certain period of use, or even it completely malfunctions, for example, following a slight shock.

In addition, do not forget the noise generated by the fan, which can vary from disturbing to unbearable depending on the speed at which it runs.

The lack of fan is, a very good thing for laptops, and one more factor to count in the choice of the best value for money.

The Price

It is important to keep in mind that the value for money ratio is what it is: a ratio between two parameters.

Thus, a model at 250 € could have a value for money ratio similar to a model of 800 €. Why? Because of their difference in quality.

So there is no question of choosing the cheapest computer possible, but the one that offers the highest value at the most competitive price for what you need.

In conclusion, what Laptop good value for money choose?

If your only criterion is good value for money, you can not go wrong by choosing one of the models in my selection, all of which are very successful in their field while presenting a quality of impeccable design (the only Lenovo Legion Y530 is a little exception in this area with its plastic chassis, which remains nevertheless of good quality).

For the rest, you have to ask yourself about the destination of your PC. If you only have a desktop use, a Chromebook is, in my opinion, the most interesting, and the Acer Chromebook 514 is probably one of the best choices.

If this is your everyday work tool, the Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA will give you even more speed and multitasking opportunities.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to stay on Windows, the Acer Swift 3 (SF314-56-5925) remains, in my opinion, the best choice, even if the Acer Swift 1 (SF114-32-P6M2) 13.9 “offers, for its price, excellent performance too.

If this is your second PC and you want a model both fun and able to accompany you in all your business trips, a reversible model of Acer Spin 11 CP311-1HN seems to me all right.

Finally, if you want a portable PC that is powerful in office, mobile, and able to follow you in other tasks such as gaming or graphics, it is definitely towards the Dell XPS 13 that I advise you to turn (The Lenovo Legion Y530 is also excellent – but a little less, but it has the advantage of being cheaper too).

Honorable Mentions

Lenovo Ideapad 120S-14IAP: if your budget is very small and you are a fan of Windows, it is towards this model that I guide you. It has the advantage of being solid, original (hinges 180 °), light (1.4 kg), autonomous (about 8 hours) and, above all, faster than an average Windows PC, in that that its interface is almost entirely purged of bloatware.
Acer Chromebook 11 CB311-8HT: Among the more traditional 11-inch Chromebooks, this model is interesting in that it offers a solid design (aluminum), original and neat, and very interesting components (processor Intel Celeron N3350, a RAM of 4GB and 32GB of expandable memory via Micro-SD), all for a dozen hours of battery life.
HP Omen 15: If you are looking for a laptop cheap gamer but an excellent value for money ratio, the Omen 15 is a suitable option. It has however lost its place in my selection for the benefit of the Lenovo, in that it only has a battery life of 4.75 hours …)
Lenovo Yoga C930: this Windows PC is an ultrabook with a fine and neat design that has the distinction of being reversible and tactile. With its graphics and sonic quality, it is the ideal tool for daytime work (weight of 1.4 kg, 12 hours of autonomy and powerful components) and chills on Netflix at night.
Dell XPS 15: If you’re looking for a 15-inch solution for both office and home entertainment, the Dell 15-inch version is the choice. While being also powerful, it has moreover a hallucinating autonomy of 16 hours! (On the other hand, the jump in the price range is consequent).

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