15 Best Laptops For Civil Engineering Students 2020 Buyers Guide

Professionals from the Construction and Infrastructure industry often need gadgets and instruments to ensure the precision of their engineering calculations and daily chores. They often need to carry enough charts, statistics, and codes, and standards to check whether their work is up to the mark. Guess what? Professionals do not need to carry this stuff anymore as all this imperative information is ready to use and you just need a laptop to carry it.

Here is the list of top civil engineering laptops for construction professionals and infrastructure professionals which will help them a lot in their day to day project activities!

Our Top Picks For Best Laptops For Civil Engineering Students

  3. MSI GF63 THIN
  5. ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74
  7. MSI GV72
  8. DELL XPS 13 XPS9343-8182SLV
  10. DELL INSPIRON I7559-2512BLK
  13. HP ENVY – 17T TOUCH
  15. HP SPECTRA X360


If we talk about the best laptops for civil engineering students, the ASUS ROG Strix Scar II is an ideal choice. The bright and sharp 15.6-inch display makes it among the best gaming laptops, and it weighs a very reasonable 5.3 lbs.

It can play most of the latest games in high settings and is way better than its competitors that’s why we listed this beast in our list for civil engineering laptops. It’s powered by 8th gen Intel Core i7-8750H with DDR4 16 GB of RAM.

It’s also equipped with GeForce RTX 2070 GPU chipset with 8 GB of video RAM which makes playing games a breeze. Its gorgeous display can make its battery life a little less, but gamers tend to care more about performance than battery life.

It’s designed pretty nicely and doesn’t have rounded edges like regular ASUS laptops. Its performance has no competition, and it packs the latest version of the i7 processor. Overall, this PC from ASUS ROG series is a rare laptop and packs incredibly powerful hardware for an average price.


The Apple MacBook Pro has always been the favorite laptop of most of the companies as well as professionals. It’s capable of doing almost everything that’s good for civil engineering students.

The elegant thin profile and a case machined from a solid block of aluminum is beautiful and will last much longer than the plastic cases of most laptops.

You can use almost every well-known application on it as many companies are making two versions of their programs and for both Windows and Mac OS. If you still need access to Windows, you have the option of dual-booting into Windows or macOS or using Windows virtual machines on MacOS.

The MacBook sports a 15-inch Retina display as well as Apple’s new touch bar. The display is powered by a Radeon Pro 555X graphics processor which isn’t the best GPU for gaming, but it’s perfect for handling programs like Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD. It has 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports as well as other required slots and ports for keeping you up-to-date.

It has a 6 core i7 processor running at 2.2 GHz. That’s why it is one of the best laptops for civil engineers, although it might be considered a little pricey for some people.


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The MSI GF63 Leopard is a 15.6-inch laptop that packs a powerful Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GTX 1650 GPU. The six-core processor is able to deliver the necessary performance whether you are gaming or using the laptop for other applications like video editing or civil engineering applications.

The power of this laptop is the combination of generous RAM, CPU, GPU and storage drive. The Intel Core i7 processor allows the best frame rates for just about any game, and one can play the best gaming titles on it with higher graphical settings.

We feel it’s one of the best-looking laptops on the market and it delivers a solid performance as and decent battery life (for a gaming laptop) at up to 5 hours. It’s less than 1 inch thin and weighs only 4 pounds. Overall, this is one of the best laptops for civil engineering students and it will be able to run anything you throw at it.


Powered by the 6th generation Core i7 processor by Intel, the Alienware AW17R3-4175SLV is best looking laptop for such price. It’s a great example of the perfect civil engineering laptop, and Alienware is the brand that started this trend.

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Other than the i7 processor, it offers high-end configuration such as 16 GB of Memory, 256 GB SSD plus 1 TB HDD and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M GPU. It comes with a typical Alienware design and offers up to 7 hours of battery life.

The only issue users faced about this notebook was of its Windows 8 update, but now it’s available directly on Windows 10, and there’s no need for any updates. It also boasts 4.1 Bluetooth technology and fast Wi-Fi hardware to ensure the fastest connection possible.

One can say it’s the most powerful laptop for almost every task including civil engineering software and will deliver the smoothest performance.


The ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH74 is a high-end gaming laptop for people who are looking for a combination of gaming as well as studying. It’s available for under $1500 and is surely the best civil engineering laptop for the asking price.

It can be also used for video chatting on Skype with family, friends and its audio quality is backed by SonicMaster and AudioWizard technology. It’s powered by a great battery and it can deliver up to 3 hours of gaming pleasure.

Its external design is quite pleasant and overall its design feels premium. Its insides include DDR4 16 GB of RAM, 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, 1 TB of HDD plus 128 GB of SSD and 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M GPU.

It’s like a dream come true to any professional gamer and packs the best possible specifications to the date. Overall, the aspect that makes it a reliable and affordable civil engineering laptop is its price which is way lesser than its competitors.


The latest Lenovo Flex 3 is a 14-inch touchscreen ultrabook which is not only powerful but also extremely flexible and portable. It comes with 1 TB of HDD making it the best laptop in terms of storage. 

Speaking of hardware, it’s powered by the Intel Core i7-6500U processor and 8 GB of Memory. It features 2x 3.0 USB ports and 1x 2.0 port plus a micro SD card slot for additional storage and files transferring.

Other than all the required ports, it also includes an HDMI port in case you’d like to connect it to your HDTV. It might look like a bulky notebook as its sturdy design makes it seem like that but don’t worry, it only weighs about 3 lbs.

Overall, it’s one of the lightest i7 laptops and it won’t be a problem carrying it with yourself. With a 14-inch touchscreen display, 5 hours of battery life and Intel i7 processor, it’s suitable for almost everyone and is a perfect combination of portability and performance.

We highly recommend it to most of the civil engineering students as it has an excellent battery life and weighs very less.

7. MSI GV72

The MSI GV72 is a powerful, slim and light laptop. MSI being one of the most popular gaming laptop brands, provide durable, sturdy and robust machines for a nominal price.

It sports a 17-inch full HD non-reflective display for playing HD games, enjoying movies and also for studying.

When it comes to performance, it’s backed with gaming hardware such as Intel i7-8750H processor, DDR4 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD as well as 356 GB SSD and powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU.

It’s highly known for its full color backlit keyboard and features a Killer Gaming Network E2400 technology. It’s an ergonomically designed laptop that comes with an accurate touchpad and responsive keyboard.

It also boasts True Color Technology which is only available in MSI laptops for now. Other than gamers, we highly recommend it to civil engineering students, professionals, and other power users.

8. DELL XPS 13 XPS9343-8182SLV

Dell’s XPS series delivers sturdy, slim and lightweight laptops that are not only stylish but also affordable ones. The Dell XPS 13 XPS9343-8182SLV is also one of the best civil engineering laptops and comes with a full HD 13-inch touchscreen display.

The laptop itself is full value for the money and on top of that, its sturdy and slim body is simply a bonus. It’s a great option for everything from daily tasks to high-end gaming, it will never disappoint you.

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In fact, it’s a dedicated ultrabook that will run any program and game for you. It can be also used for streaming videos on YouTube and Netflix smoothly as it packs enough hardware power.

When we talk about its specifications, it’s just outstanding for such price and its overall performance makes it among the best engineering laptops. All in all, it’s a full package of the latest technology, from touch display to high-end Intel’s hardware.


The Acer Aspire 5 is the most affordable laptop, and you can buy it for around $800 and sometimes you can find it for even lower prices depending on the options you select. Along with the Intel Core i7-8565U processor, it also boasts  12 GB DDR4 RAM and  512GB of fast SSD storage space.

It can run up to 9.5 hours with a full charge, so if you need a powerful budget laptop with good battery life, then this is it. Looking at its specifications, it also features a 15.6-inch non-touch display and NVIDIA GeForce MX250 graphics.

It’s one of the best laptops for civil engineering students as its keys are perfectly curved and have a very responsive keyboard. It’s powered by Windows 10.

We also recommend this notebook to people who need to use it in illuminated rooms and outdoors as it has a matte finishing. However, it has its drawbacks and overall, it’s a powerful yet budget laptop for students.


The Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK offers a powerful Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor as well as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M GPU. It features a full HD 15-inch display which could be ideal for video editors and graphic designers.

Despite its powerful specifications and high resolution, it has received some negative reviews for its typical Inspiron design but if you need power for a budget price then we can ignore the design and focus on the performance it offers.

It has 8 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD to make your multi-tasking swifter and also 8 GB of SSD. It’s available in two colors including black plus red combination and black plus grey. Both of them look awesome and it’s totally up to you which color to go with.

It’s a very sleek and slim notebook by Dell and is highly recommend to graphics designers. Overall, this is a great all-rounder that boasts an Intel i7 processor and it can be used for a variety of civil engineering programs and games.


The ASUS ROG Zephyrus is another laptop for civil engineers looking for a powerful and good-looking laptop. It’s very thin (0.7″) and only weighs about 5 lbs.

It’s powered by 8th generation Core i7-8750H processor, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10, 512 SSD and USB 3.0 ports. The 15.6-inch display has an impressive 144 Hz refresh rate driven by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU.

This laptop would be great for anyone from civil engineers to someone wanting something a little different for everyday use. It will definitely attract some attention wherever you take it.

This particular device from ASUS is a unique and well-designed laptop. One of its drawbacks is it can run a bit hot under heavy usages, such as intense gaming. However, it does have a technology called ROG Active Aerodynamic System that increases the airflow and reduces temperatures to some extent.


The ASUS ZenBook Pro is a powerful machine sporting an Intel Core i7-9750H processor and RTX 2060 GPU by NVIDIA. Even though the laptop is built for portability, it can still handle most of the latest games.

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The laptop has several standout features in addition to its overall great specifications. The 15.6″ display is 4K resolution. Combined with the NVIDIA dedicated GPU it has a best-in-class performance.

The laptop also includes a ScreenPad, which is a second touchscreen display that can be used as a control surface (includes a stylus). The features put the MacBook touch bar to shame.

It has plenty of ports for connectivity, and we consider it to be one of the best civil engineering laptops. If you have high-end requirements, and a high-end budget, this could be the perfect laptop for you.


HP Envy laptops always are focused on performance and hardware. The Envy 17t Touch is no different and is able to deliver the top-notch performance. It can be a lot better than alternatives like ZenBook Pro.

It comes with an 8th generation Intel i7 quad-core processor and 16 GB of Memory. It includes 512GB SSD for fast boot times and software loads.

Its metal body with rounded edges is very attractive and it has an excellent grip that makes it easy to hold the device. This 17-inch laptop has plenty of advantages and is often preferred by professional gamers.

Overall, it’s a beastly performer maintaining its style and is one of the best touchscreen civil engineering laptops at around $1000.


Here comes the only laptop from Microsoft in this list of best laptops for civil engineering students and professionals and it surely deserves to be on top of the list. However, due to its higher price and less demand we have ranked it in the 14th spot.

Looking at its specifications, it offers Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GPU, 512 GB SSD and 16 GB of RAM. I understand that two grand is a lot for spending on a laptop and not many will go with it.

However, it has its unique design and features that some people will never find on any other laptop. It’s true that no device can be compared with this one and it’s a very well designed PC by Microsoft.

When it comes to weight, it’s extremely light and has a battery life of up to 10 hours. Overall, it’s best for anyone that needs a laptop for their art, and it can be detached easily and used as a tablet.


If you are in the market for a non-traditional laptop, the HP Spectra x360 is a great choice. It’s incredibly thin and the display swivels so you can use it as a tablet with a writing stylus. This can be a valuable feature for students who need to take notes without disturbing the class with typing noises.

It’s not light as a pure tablet device at 4.6 lbs but it has some great specifications. The touch-capable 13.3″ display is driven by an Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU and has a micro-edge bezel that’s almost invisible. For durability, it uses Corning Gorilla Glass that is extremely difficult to break.

This laptop doesn’t skimp on the CPU either. The 8th generation i7 quad-core processor is plenty powerful enough for any computing tasks you throw at it.

For those of you who value security, this laptop has an IR (infra-red) camera for secure logins and a fingerprint reader that can be used for safe payments.

If you are away from power for extended periods of time this laptop has you covered. The battery life is up to 16 hours. Even better, you can fully recharge it in 45 minutes. This battery life would be especially valuable for travelers or students who are away from charging outlets for long periods of time.

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