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Best Laptop For Teachers

I bet this is the simplest laptop buying guide you would find on the internet today!

In this article, I have made it sure to review the top best laptops for teachers that would surprisingly make you either stick to them all at once or add them up into your Buy list!

After several hours of research and intensively plunged into my memories (not so far, I assure you!) I made my selection of the best 8 laptops for teachers.

If I had to leave today on the benches of study, I would opt without hesitation for the Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA, a computer terribly powerful, resistant and autonomous, for a more than reasonable price.

However, I invite you to consult my buyers guide at the end of the article to help you choose the one that will accompany you on a daily basis.

Let’s began and see which are the Best laptops for teachers.

For a teacher, the best laptop for them should be one that can multitask without appearing strained and also have great typing features. Overall, there are a number of things you should have in mind when you go shopping for one. Let’s have a look at them.
Well, let’s not be ashamed to say it: when you’re a teacher, you do not often have a big budget.

But even in a reasonable price range, it is possible to find small pearls in terms of material quality and autonomy. You just have to go off the beaten path.

Best laptops for teachers in 2019

Screen Size
  • The question of the size of the screen is obviously related to the weight and the transportability of your computer in general.
  • A screen 15 or 17 inches Full HD, it’s obviously nice to watch movies or play. But when you have to slip it in a backpack or a satchel, it’s less fun.
  • 11 inches is great for transportation. You can almost slip it into any bag. But if it is your only PC, you will quickly feel limited. Indeed, on the one hand, note taking is often a little less ergonomic, because of its reduced keyboard. And if you want to watch a series on the night in your kit, the size of the screen can quickly put you off.
  • In my opinion, an ideal average is achieved by 13-inch PCs, which generally combine a good transportability/screen size/ergonomics ratio. 14 inches is also pretty good transportable if you adopt a bag adapted.
  • This may seem trivial, but the weight of your computer is a factor not to be overlooked. You will have to carry it from class to class and, if you are one of those who makes daily trips by train and/or bus, you will have it constantly on your shoulders.
  • Beyond 2 kg, this weight really begins to be felt. I recommend you do not exceed this limit if you do not want to quickly feel congested.
  • First off, a laptop that is perfect for teachers should have a reasonably large RAM and also enough storage space. Also, with a fast processor, the teachers will be able to access data more quickly and get optimum performance. Overall, a teacher needs a machine that can open different windows at the same time. Some of the browsers take up really huge space. But if you a bigger RAM, a decent processor and enough storage, then you are guaranteed optimum performance.
  • There could be several reasons why you will want to write in the dark or maybe you could just find yourself in such a situation unintentionally. So a keyboard backlight is essential in case you find yourself writing in a poorly lit environment. It ensures that work is continuous and deadlines are met on time.
  • Longer battery life and decent power saving ability are two main features a good battery should have.  For a teacher, such a battery will give you the freedom to move around without having to be tied down to a source of power.
  • When it comes to the keyboard, it needs to have a spacious area that can allow your palm to rest. So make sure it’s full-sized and that all the keys are remarkably visible. Also, make it’s easy on the fingers.
  • So we went ahead to scout the web and we’ve compiled for you a list of laptops we found to be best for teachers. Within our list, there’s definitely that laptop that suits you best. So be sure to check out the entire list.

1. Acer Spin 11 CP311-1HN: the best cheap

The first laptop in my selection is a Chromebook. Know first of all that Acer is very active in the field of Chromebooks and if the brand has often disappointed me about its Windows PCs, the products it offers under Chrome OS are usually among the best quality/price. This is the case with the Acer Spin 11 CP31-1HN, one of the latest models in the Spin 11 range released on the market.

Let’s talk about design first. You will have noticed, despite its very affordable price, it proudly deals with an aluminum frame. It is a guarantee of solidity and lightness. It weighs only 1.4 kg, which allows you to easily carry it everywhere.

As the name suggests, it has an 11-inch screen. So it’s easy to slip into any bag, but it may be embarrassing in the long run if it’s your only PC. But at the same time, its size is explained in a very simple way: it is a computer convertible to 360 °. This means that you can open it completely and use its touch screen as a tablet. Practice, no?

Its components, though they may seem weak when one is familiar with the data sheets of Windows PCs, are excellent for a Chromebook of this price: Intel Pentium N4200 processor, HD Graphics 500 graphics card, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, expandable via Micro-SD card. Exit the problem of memory that often repels the buyers of Chromebooks: you can safely extend it via a Micro-SD card.

The touch screen 1366 x 768 pixels (HD) is responsive, and the image is quality (the simple HD adapting perfectly to such a small screen). And since it is provided for purchase with its Wacom EMR stylus, you can directly take advantage of the touch!

But what should appeal to teachers is especially its very pleasant battery life: 10 hours, which allows you to easily hold throughout your day of classes, and even to make a small jump through the library (if, it happens )!

As this is a new generation Chromebook, of course, it is compatible with the Google Play Store, which allows you to use the many applications that are available.

Finally, the connection is rather very correct for a Chromebook: 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, a jack, and the Micro-SD I mentioned above. On the other hand, it must be recognized that an HDMI port is missing. But a small HUB can quickly solve the problem.

In the end, this small Chromebook is perfect for a student: small, light, strong and enduring, it will withstand all transport, and its stylus will be a valuable tool for taking notes – when you have to integrate a scheme, for example. It can only be limited in size if it is your only computer.

2. HP Chromebook x360 11-ae105nf: Best Laptop For Teachers


I continue my momentum by offering a second Chromebook located this time under the 300 €! It is a model released in autumn 2018 which, despite its young age, is already an excellent quality/price ratio.

Well, the design side is a little less enticing than the Acer, since this time has plastic and not aluminum. This nevertheless reduces costs and makes it lighter, with only 1.25 kg on the scale.

By cons, as the name suggests, it’s again a computer 11.6 inches convertible to 360 °, which allows you to use it as a tablet. Nevertheless, as the computer’s edges are a bit wider than the previous model, its overall size is larger (30.6 x 20.8 x 1.95 cm). Well, that will not prevent you from slipping it into your bag without worry!

The hinges, like the plastic bonnet, seem well made and do not give the impression of having an entry-level computer in the hands. So, like the HP ad, “Work in laptop mode, watch a movie in easel mode, play in tent mode, move to tablet mode.” And without moderation, your Chromebook will hold up!

Again, its components are very good for a Chromebook in this price range: Intel Celeron N3350 processor, Intel HD 500 graphics card, 4GB of RAM and most importantly, 64GB of internal memory. And if that was not enough, the presence of a Micro-SD card reader should make you happy!

The 1366 x 768-pixel touch screen offers excellent picture quality, although the screen size, of course, does not allow you to watch a movie over 2. 5.1 surround sound is more good for a laptop. In short, you can make a Netflix night without problems in your kit, especially since this Chromebook, given its young age, is compatible with Google Play Store.

On the other hand, if a problem usually encountered on 11-inch computers is the limited space reserved for the keyboard, the x360 11-ae105nf has keys of the correct size and spaced enough to provide excellent typing comfort even over a long period of time. duration.

Connectivity, it is flawless: USB-C for charging, 2 USB 3.0 ports, a headphone jack and this time an HDMI port.

Finally, its real autonomy is around 11 hours, which is even higher than the Acer above and therefore should fully satisfy you.

In short, if your budget does not exceed 300 €, the HP Chromebook x360 11-ae105nf is the laptop you need. Strong, fast and enduring, it should satisfy you throughout your course.


3. Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431: the 14-inch proposal

The third model of my selection is again a Chromebook proposed by Acer, but it is a little older. The advantage, suddenly, is that this high-end model released in 2016 is still very current while being offered at a very affordable price.  


Who says model upscale sit quality materials and here we find with pleasure the aluminum, for a weight of 1.55 kg. A little heavier? Yes, but this time we have a 14-inch screen.




So certainly, it is neither reversible nor tactile. But this time it is a 1080p screen, with good brightness and an effective anti-reflective system, which gives it good visibility even if the sun ruthlessly hit the glass of the classroom.
So, it is a little more imposing to carry, but it allows you a better typing comfort, with a keyboard with well-spaced keys, and more cozy movie nights. Moreover, it offers a good sound, although it is unfortunate that the speakers are placed at the bottom of the device, which tends to stifle a little sound.
Of course, as it starts to date a bit, its components are a little less attractive than on previous models: Intel Celeron N3160 processor, Intel HD Graphics 400 graphics card, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of non-expandable internal memory. It’s still very up-to-date, and if you’re a bit familiar with Chromebooks, you’ll know that the memory problem is rarely a problem, as everything stays in the cloud. Just consider how you will use it.
Finally, the good surprise – and one of the major reasons for its integration in this top – lies in its autonomy: 12 hours, which is pretty incredible on a computer at 1080p.
In the end, even if it starts to date a little, the Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431 continues to be a reference, thanks to it’s material excellence and good components optimization/quality/autonomy. This is a great option for small budgets that are quickly limited with an 11-inch screen.
If you want to know more about this Chromebook, I invite you to read our full test here.
In this category are, in my opinion, the most attractive models, presenting “the right price”, neither too cheap nor too expensive.
If your budget is not too tight, it is definitely here that computers are located at the best value for money.



 4. ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip



Let’s face it, if its price places it in this category, the Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA is not a mid-range PC. Voted the best high-end Chromebook, it presents, for a price below € 600, all the best Chromebooks. Here is the last Chromebook of this selection, and the one I recommend you most warmly.

Writing and presentation have now been made easier by the ASUS C302CA-DHM4 Chromebook Flip. First off, as a teacher, you will love the look exuded by the aluminum metal body. The chrome book also boasts of a flip and touch screen which is a quite a unique feature.




Portability being high amongst what most teachers look for in a laptop, this device should rate very high in your consideration list. Thin bodied and ultra light at 2.6 lbs, you can use it on the bus while you commute, at work, and pretty much anywhere you choose as it not bulky.
Design side, already, we can not be wrong: with its aluminum shell, its finesse, its lightweight (1.2 kg) and its impeccable finish, it has all the Chromebook premium.




The keyboard on this laptop redefines typing as it is very comfortable with minimal key float, in addition to 1.4mm of key travel and adequate space for palms as you type away. With the help of backlight, you can comfortably type or use the laptop in the dark for other purposes.

Here we find a model of an amazing size, but really nice, 12.5 “. It’s perfect to stay easily transportable while offering excellent maneuverability. This screen is Full HD and offers good brightness – perfect for a relaxing evening to chill in front of Netflix!

It is a touch screen because it is again a 360 ° convertible model. But it has the advantage, compared to others, to be much thinner and have a reversion mechanism worked extremely well, which almost allows you to believe that you work with a real tablet in your hands.


The 12.5 inches full HD display offers good clarity while being soft on the eyes, thanks to the anti-glare panel with a light sensor that ensures reduction of glare as a result of reflection and bright environments. Glare causes fatigues and eye strain thus affecting a writers output. The display doubles up as a touchscreen, making it ideal for presentations
Performance-wise, the device is driven by an Intel core processor with 64 GB storage and 4GB RAM, making short work of anything that you throw at it.

The CR302 touchscreen lets you use it in tablet or laptop mode. With next-generation connectivity, connecting to the internet for your research is pretty fast and typing has never been more comfortable. Writers will find this little beauty every bit of value for your money that delivers on a pleasurable writing experience as well as entertainment when you need to unwind.

What allowed such a finesse? A bold bet on connectivity. Indeed, this Asus does not integrate any USB port or HDMI port. There is only one slot for memory expansion via Micro-SD, a headphone jack, and two USB-C ports. If some may be frustrated with such a connection, in my opinion, it can easily get around with a functional USB-C HUB.

The components, they are a step above those of the entry-level Chromebooks: Intel Core M3-6Y30 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal memory expandable, so via Micro-SD. This makes it an extremely fluid and fast model in all circumstances (several open tabs, several applications that run at the same time …)

The keyboard is perfectly ergonomic. The keys are wide enough and spaced apart to allow a good typing comfort and smooth handling. It is also backlit, allowing you to easily note in the darker amphitheaters and at night in your bed.

Battery, finally, is not left behind: with its 10 hours of use, you are quiet for your day of classes and even a little extra in the library.

In the end, this is an excellent model for a student: solid design, performance, speed, autonomy. If there is a problem with this model, it is its lack of availability under the azerty keyboard in Europe. If you fall for him, I recommend you do not order at the last minute.





5. Lenovo Legion Y530: an option for gamers


So now I come to the first Windows PC of my selection. This is a fairly recent model on the market since it was released in the summer of 2018. This is the Lenovo Legion Y530, intended to replace the very famous Y520, which was a must among the PCs Cheap gamers. This is a good model for your daily study, but also suitable for gaming, for the most players of you.

Design side, this time we find plastic. So we see it, even if the price is higher compared to Chromebooks, we come back to less noble materials to get a Windows PC (very) correct at this price. This plastic is nevertheless very well made and should withstand your multiple means of transport.

It has a 15.6 “screen. It is the largest PC of my selection (but it is obviously often a criterion sought by the gamers. Its weight, suddenly, obviously feels 2.3 kg. But it remains very portable, reassure- you.

The screen is Full HD and has an excellent anti-reflective coating, which is perfect for taking notes on benches exposed to sunlight. The keyboard, it is flexible enough, which is intended to provide some comfort during gaming sessions but is also very interesting for the daily typing. He, too, is backlit.

As it is a Windows PC, it is, as often, offered in various versions at the component level. The version I propose includes an Intel Core i5-8300U processor and an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 2GB graphics card. The RAM is 8 GB of RAM, and the hard drive is 1 TB, plus an SSD of 128 GB. This is obviously an optimal configuration for gaming.

But, you will have noticed if you are a little connoisseur in terms of processor, the model of this one ends with “U”: it is thus about a processor optimized at the level of the performances and the battery. And, indeed, this model offers an autonomy of 9.5 hours, which is very rare in the field of Windows PC! If, of course, he does not take all this time during an intensive gaming session, he will nevertheless be able to accompany you throughout your day of classes.

In terms of connectivity, the fact that it was designed initially for gaming is a very complete model: 1 HDMI port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, and a headphone input. Nothing to say, then.

As I said in my dedicated article, the Lenovo Legion Y530 offers one of the best quality/price ratios of the moment when it comes to cheap laptop PCs. But it is, besides, its relatively light weight, good autonomy and comfortable keyboard that pushed me to integrate this selection of the best laptops for students. If you need a good PC for your courses, but you also want to be able to “geekier” during your evenings, this is THE model that I recommend.

Okay, all students are not broke. And if you have a student job that earns you enough or the chance to have generous parents, you may be tempted to head to the models I have selected here.

And, yes, the aficionados of the famous apple will finally find their happiness in this section.

The 3 models that I present to you clearly stand out thanks to their high material quality and their excellent performances.

6. Dell XPS 13: the best high end

We could not guess at first glance, given its sleek and elegant design, but the Dell XPS 13 version 2019 was, too, originally thought in a gaming perspective. This is again a model quite suitable for student life but will make the happiness of gamers that I propose here.
Side design, as I announced, sobriety is the rendezvous. Its aluminum frame is of excellent quality and again allows it to reach the light weight of 1.2 kg. Perfect to carry in his bag so.

As the name suggests, it has a 13-inch screen, which is, in my opinion, the perfect size for the student: neither too big for transport nor too small to allow a good typing comfort and a viewing of nice videos. Especially since the edges of the computers are very thin, which does not lengthen the size of the computer unnecessarily.

It is a Full HD screen, whose colorimetry is exemplary. Its backlit keyboard and keys are well distributed, allowing you to take notes without difficulty.

Its components, obviously, are very powerful, since it is a model designed to run some of the best video games: Intel Core i5-8265U (8th generation), Intel UHD graphics card, 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB memory and 256 GB SSD.

As you will have noticed, the “U” at the end of the processor number is present again, which means that it is optimized on the performance side. Suddenly, he reaches the autonomy of 10 hours, too. Again, I repeat, it is very rare on a Windows PC, and frankly appreciable.

Connectivity side, we find the same type of optimization with the Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA: the smoothness of the computer is made possible thanks to the disappearance of traditional USB and HDMI ports, in favor of 3 USB-C ports, accompanied a micro-SD player and a headphone jack. Again, if this can frustrate some, I find it easy to get around with a suitable USB-C HUB.

Ultimately, this solid, stylish, compact, lightweight, and well-functioning computer is an ideal companion for a student who likes to spend the night playing or who has some inherent graphics and program requirements – often heavy ones.

7. MacBook Air (2018): the champion of battery life

It’s in 2018 that the famous MacBook Air has finally received a small facelift, able to put it back on the front of the stage of ultrabooks.
Design side, we are obviously in the quality, finesse, and precision of the famous apple. And – a highlight – the aluminum it is made of is 100% recycled. A good point for the environment! This is, like the previous model, a 13-inch model, which has been reworked, compared to previous models, to be even thinner and lighter, to be offered at 1.2 kg.

Its screen is very bright, offers excellent colorimetry, and anti-glare management foolproof. It also incorporates the new butterfly keyboard Apple, the brand promises more reliable than the previous (for those familiar with Apple, you will know that the only recurring defect of its ultraportables was located at the keyboard). It’s still an extremely responsive keyboard that’s comfortable to hit.

Small flourish – not essential in my opinion, but the must for some – the MacBook Air 2018 incorporates a Touch ID button.

On the other hand, if you like to watch videos in the evening, you will be delighted to hear that, for once, the sound is really good for a laptop. This is partly made possible by the position of the speakers, located on the front, on both sides of the keyboard. They are surprisingly powerful and accurate, which is really nice.

Component level, it includes an Intel Core i5-8210Y processor, an Intel UHD Graphics 617 graphics card, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. Connectivity, it is quite minimalist – which is usual at Apple, with two USB-C ports and a headphone port. Again, nothing disturbing if you have a USB-C HUB adapted.

On the other hand, it is a champion of autonomy: you can easily use it 13 to 14 hours. What you follow even in your days/nights blockade the craziest.

In the end, Apple has designed the MacBook Air 2018 as a laptop dedicated to office automation, and it is obvious that it is successful. Design, solid, light, fast and very enduring, it is a perfect companion for who wants a powerful tool of study.

8. Apple MacBook Pro 13 “(2017): perfect for graphic design

I know that at the time of writing these lines, the MacBook Pro 13 “2018 is released on the market. Nevertheless, what differentiates the two versions lies essentially in an eighth-generation processor (against the seventh here) which brings more power, which seems to be an argument too insufficient to justify the difference in price in the context of office use by a “standard” student (by this means “not engaged in advanced graphics studies”). Because even if we can afford an Apple, when you’re a student, any economy is welcome!
I will not dwell on the design: what I said about the MacBook Air is obviously valid here, since they go to have the same thickness. By cons, it is a little bigger, despite a 13 “screen too, and a little heavier (1.37 kg). Due? The presence of the Touch Bar, a strip consisting of an Oled screen located above the keyboard that allows you to adapt the controls depending on the application used. It is on this Touch Bar that we also find the famous Touch ID.
More than a gadget, this Touch Bar brings me a real plus to the student, allowing him to access some features quickly.
Without any surprise, the screen offers a perfect colorimetry, to the point that even photographers and graphic artists will be satisfied, and the brightness is flawless even in full light.
And if you are a follower of Netflix nights, the sound, this time, lacks power but remains properly balanced for a laptop.
On the keyboard, however, as it is an older model, it does not yet integrate the new keyboard Butterfly. Some users have complained that they had problems causing them to change it in an Apple Store. By cons, it has the advantage of being very flat, which is confusing at first, but really comfortable over time.
Component level, it includes an Intel Core i5-7267U processor, a graphics card such as Iris Plus Graphics 640, 8 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD. Again, it is a high-performance work model, which even allows jobs more advanced desktop like photo editing.
Autonomy is not left out either since it holds comfortably 13 hours. It’s a little less than the MacBook Air, but nevertheless the second performance of my comparison on this point. However, this time it only has two USB-C ports, which pushes me again to recommend investment in a USB-C HUB.
In the end, unsurprisingly, Apple offers with its MacBook Pro 13 “2017 a notebook of quality, design, solid, light, and powerful, which will make the happiness of any student, and even students in graphics (even if those, as I show in my dedicated comparison, will have more interest in turning to the MacBook Pro 2018 with Touch Bar because the difference in power will be welcome for the use of more advanced programs). The little plus is in my opinion constituted by the Touch Bar, which, far from constituting yet another gadget High Tech, is really practical every day.

In conclusion, much as there are dozens of other laptops out there that seem like they could fit well in this category, bear in mind that the ones we mentioned have the proven ability to do this kind of work perfectly. So whichever model you decide to have from this list, you are guaranteed a satisfactory performance.



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