Best Greenhouses 2019 (Buying Guide Tips)

To have fruits and vegetables high in calories or simply to provide protection for your plants, an excellent alternative is the use of a garden greenhouse. The only concern lies in the fact that this product exists under several varieties at the time we live. It can be difficult to find the best greenhouses 2019 that best suits your needs if your purchase decision is not preceded by a time for reflection. A poor quality greenhouse is easy to circumvent if you first learn about the characteristics of this equipment before consulting supplier sites.

The two best models in our ranking are as follows. Kenley 3 × 2 m has a galvanized steel frame with a durable cover. It offers optimal protection against bad weather. The robustness of the ACD Royal 38 will surprise you. Indeed, this greenhouse was designed with aluminum. Moreover, the screws with which you will mount it are made of steel, a very strong and resistant material.

best greenhouses 2019


How To Choose a Good Garden Greenhouse?

If you are a gardener caressed by the dream of having a greenhouse to better care for your plants, it’s time to turn it into a reality. Only, to have the model that suits your needs, this article should be selected according to its design, the protection it offers and its constituent materials.

Buying Guide

Best Greenhouse Design

Where to buy a new garden greenhouse? While this is an important question because it allows you to find the type of market you will be using to make your purchase, before you ask, you should inquire about the design of this product.
First, it is necessary to match the size of this equipment to the location where you will use it and to the dimensions of your garden. The best is to be able to turn around the greenhouse after its establishment. It must be chosen depending on whether you want to use it to cover a vegetable garden, plants or flowers.
Then you have to consider its type and relate it to the intended use of this article. A tunnel greenhouse often with a galvanized steel frame and plastic film is suitable for example for early crops and vegetables. It is also ideal equipment for overwintering plants. A mini greenhouse is suitable for cuttings, seedlings, and small plants. In addition, you can take into account the ability of the chosen model to make the light in your garden benefit from its transparency or color.


To better guide your choice by reading a price comparison, our buying guide for the best garden greenhouses will address another selection criterion. This is the protection offered by this equipment.
A garden greenhouse can play different roles. It promotes the development of seedlings and extends the growing season of certain species. However, for a number of people, it is their protective role that interests them the most. Indeed, it is an effective barrier against climate damage, heavy rain, wind, frost, and too intense sunlight. There are even models that are able to stop certain sun rays that some plants do not have to expose themselves to ensure their survival.

The Material

How to buy a garden greenhouse better value for money? Our advice looks at the constituent materials that this equipment may contain to help you have the answer to this question.
In order to focus on the long term, the question of the robustness of the materials that constitute this product should not be neglected. This concerns, in particular, its structure which must be made of a solid and durable element like steel or aluminum. It is only important to make sure of their ability to resist corrosion. To look for nobility and aesthetics, you can steer towards the wood, but make sure it can withstand the stresses of moisture. As for the covering element, it may consist of polyethylene tarpaulin or glass.

The Best Greenhouses Of 2019

All garden greenhouses are not equal. While some of them give you access to many benefits because of their quality, others may disappoint you. That is why it is important to check the characteristics of this quality before buying one.

Recommended Greenhouses

1. Portable Large Walk

best greenhouses 2019

Main Advantage

What is most notable with these Kenley garden greenhouses is their great resistance to external aggression. Thanks to their stainless steel galvanized structure, they are highly resistant to rust and bad weather.

Main drawback

The opinion of the users was very shared concerning the assembly. Some did not find any difficulty, while others had more trouble, especially in the ground attachment.


The elements which constitute this greenhouse guarantee its excellent stability, and especially, a long life. Which made us give this note.


It’s Robustness

Most of those who had the pleasure of using the Kenley 3 X 2 m did not hesitate to call it the best garden greenhouse on the market. And you will also agree if you take the time to analyze its different characteristics. For starters, let’s talk about its robustness. Its frame is made of stainless galvanized steel. This gives it great strength and stability. In addition, it also has a very resistant roofing system.
Thanks to the solidity of the various elements that make it up, this model is sustainable. There is nothing wrong with its resistance. You have no reason to worry about this, even if you use it in the most difficult weather conditions. It is very resistant to gusts of wind.

Easy Assembly

You must surely tell you that the different elements of this greenhouse are difficult to mount, because of their great strength. And you are not the only one to have had this impression. But when you do the editing, you will quickly realize that you are wrong. In reality, it is very easy to assemble. You will not need to call a professional.
You can do the editing yourself without the help of someone else. All you need is a little notion in DIY, nothing more. In all, it will only take about twenty minutes, at most to set up the entire structure. For the less talented, a half-hour will be enough. And if you get together, it will be much faster.

A Good Level Of Protection For Your Plants

The Kenley 3 X 2 m offers an ideal condition for your plants, in winter and summer. It promotes their growth and development. When the climate becomes very harsh in winter, you can close it, while in summer, you can open it so that your fruits, vegetables and other flowers can enjoy the benefits of the sun.
But even if it is closed, it allows sunlight to enter perfectly, and this is essential for the good development of the plants. Both sides of the greenhouse have two windows that you can open or close as you wish, thanks to a zipper. This allows you to regulate the ventilation inside. And finally, for optimal protection, it also has a net to protect your plants from insects, birds, and even dust.

2. ACD Action R305 Glass

best greenhouses 2019

The ACD garden greenhouse model is part of the Royal range, combining high-quality products in terms of design, ergonomics, and robustness. This equipment has a width of 3.07 m and a height of 2.60 m. These dimensions are ideal for the greenhouse to be as efficient as possible. The total area of this is 18.24 cm2, which is large enough to mount a fairly spacious vegetable plantation.

For more performance and safety, the manufacturer has equipped this model with a safety glass that has the same characteristics as those of a car glass with a thickness of 4 mm. The entire structure is of remarkable quality. It is solid because it is made of aluminum.

When you mount it, you have the right to stainless steel screws that further guarantee the strength of it. Depending on your taste, you can ask the manufacturer to lacquer it according to the color that suits you. Make your dream come true and build a quality greenhouse 7 times stronger than any other model on the market.

Also note that the designer of this equipment has ensured that if the glass breaks, there is no risk of injury or cuts for the gardener or for people in the area. The opening is automatic, which allows you to go out and enter easily.

  • The Secure: the installation of this greenhouse is solid. This is very important especially during the rainy and stormy seasons. Better yet, the manufacturer has ensured that the glass breaks into tiny pieces when the structure breaks so that no one is injured.


  • Robust: the design materials of this greenhouse make it a reliable and very solid model. Indeed, it is made of 4 mm safety glass, stainless steel screws and the set is made of aluminum.


  • Design: very attractive, this model attracts more than one. Its external appearance only enhances your plantation.
High Price: the cost of this greenhouse is a little too high. But this is justified by its many qualities.


3. Gardman R687 4-Tier

best greenhouses 2019

While it’s not easy for everyone to know how to choose the best garden greenhouses in 2019, considering the characteristics of some of these products should help you better orient your selection. This article is offered at a cheap price. Nevertheless, before making any prejudices on its quality, take the time to know its strengths.

This greenhouse is mobile and transportable. It is suitable for use on a balcony or terrace. It is ideal equipment for wintering or forcing plants during the spring. At its 4 shelves, you have the choice to place several varieties of plant species allowing it to adapt to the specific needs of different types of users.

The protection system that this device offers rules out the possibility of exposing your plants to insects, rain or wind. Its assembly does not need to be a connoisseur in the field of DIY. It is simple and everyone can realize it. Its cover is transparent and robust for you to benefit from optimal protection and satisfactory longevity. Its entrance is rollable to allow you to access its inner part without much effort.

With the characteristics of some models, we can quickly identify which garden greenhouse to choose. Relaxdays 10018890-349 is the cheapest in its class, but that does not necessarily mean that this model does not have all the qualities you need.


  • Its Mobility: this greenhouse is transportable at will, this is one of its major strengths. It can be used on the balcony or on the terrace according to your desires. You can use it for wintering or forcing in the spring without any problem.
  • Its System of Protection: it has a good system that allows your plants to stay away from insects, winds, and rain.
  • Easy Assembly: no need to ask for help to mount this garden greenhouse. It will take a few minutes.
Outdoor use: it is not advisable to install this outdoor garden greenhouse. The seams might not hold after a while.


4. Ikea Greenhouse

best greenhouses 2019

This is a small garden greenhouse. Reading values corresponding to its dimensions shows a length equal to 100 cm, width is equivalent to 60 cm and a height of 40/31 cm. It is not bulky and therefore it is easy to find space anywhere and It is notably a tomato greenhouse.

It is also a polycarbonate garden greenhouse. Its chassis is made of aluminum polycarbonate. This material is characterized by its strength to allow you to enjoy optimal longevity when using this product.

Its implementation is not complicated and you can do it even if you are not a professional handyman. It is only necessary that you avoid forcing the tightening of the screws, to place this product on a flat surface and to install it in a sunny place. It must be far from a possible tree that can overhang it to have a satisfactory result.

Its opening is at the level of its upper part. It guarantees both an even distribution of light and an optimal circulation of air. His feet are plastic. They are convenient in keeping the greenhouse on the surface where it is installed.

The Deuba 101481 is a small garden greenhouse. It has a length of 100 cm against a width of 60 cm and a height of 40/31 cm. With its measurements, it is easy to transport and to put it where you want. It is especially recommended for tomatoes.


  • Solid: It is made of polycarbonate with a polycarbonate aluminum frame. You will not have to worry about the durability of this greenhouse.
  • Installation: you do not have to be a good handyman to mount this greenhouse. But it will still avoid forcing the tightening of screws to avoid damaging them. The best is to install it in a sunny place and on a flat surface.
Stability: Some users had to use glue and screws to enhance the stability of the greenhouse.

How To Use a Garden Greenhouse?

If some plants are struggling to withstand the harsh winters, others choke and live very badly when it is a little too hot. In both cases, a greenhouse makes it possible to pamper its most fragile plants in all seasons and especially during freezing periods. Read in this article all the possible uses of a garden greenhouse.


Choose a Good Location For Your Greenhouse

The place where you plan to put your greenhouse depends mainly on your home installation: watering system, shading existing or to develop. In any case, the specialists always recommend to orient the greenhouse according to its use and to keep it away from trees or walls likely to shade it.

Orient Greenhouse Properly

By directing your greenhouse north-south, you save energy on heating, as you enjoy the morning sunlight to warm up the interior and speed V. This temperature is maintained longer. In winter or in a region where there is a little sun, if you want to make the most of each phase of sunshine, instead place the south facing the entrance.

Equip Your Greenhouse Well

In your greenhouse, you should have electric heating, not very big, with thermostat and frost protection. Also, arrange the necessary vents to regulate the temperature naturally inside the greenhouse. On each plot, make sure you have a drip irrigation system. In a pinch, you just need to circulate between the plants’ pipes that you will drill by yourself.

Make a List of Plants To Put in

In general, the greenhouse is suitable for fruits and vegetables as well as green plants and delicate flowers such as fuchsia.

Properly Build Your Greenhouse

Depending on what you plan to grow in, you will choose the appropriate size. That said, make sure to respect a minimum of 6 m² for the area if possible and to build paths between the cultures in order to circulate freely.

Protect Young Shoots in a Greenhouse

If you grow a vegetable garden and fear for your semi-precocious, put them in the greenhouse and take them out when they grow and have strengthened. Or else, you can grow your vegetable garden directly in the greenhouse in order to harvest earlier compared to growing tomatoes or eggplants outside.

Take Care of Your Greenhouse

While a greenhouse is used primarily to protect plants from cold, hail, birds, rodents, but that does not mean that once locked in, you will have nothing to do except water them, no. You are required to continuously monitor the temperature, aerating and adjust the watering according to all these data. If you are worried that it will take a little too much of your time, opt for an automatic device equipped with sensors that just need to be programmed.

Fight Mushrooms

Fungi tend to grow faster in a greenhouse because it is a closed, warm, and humid space. You will need to be very careful because these “parasites” make the plants vulnerable.

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