10 Best Gaming Monitors Under 100 USD [2021] | Reviews

Gaming has become a favorite activity of youngsters. Initially games can only be played on a computer unit but now with advancement in technology it is possible to play high end games on laptops and smartphones. But no matter what actual fun is always in computer gaming. To have best experience with gaming a high-quality monitor is necessary. 

You will see a variety of gaming monitors in the market. Some of these monitors are high quality and some are of poor quality. The fact is most of us don’t have enough budget, a high end PC requires a lot of money that is the reason we have to make compromises on monitors. 

You may not agree with this but it is possible to have a good quality gaming monitor even if you are tight on budget.

Is it possible to find a good quality monitor under $100?

Most people think that it is impossible to find a decent gaming monitor under $100. Fact is when a monitor has more features its price is increased. Quality is associated with price mostly. 

Well no matter how difficult it is you think but with the advancement in technology now it is possible to have a decent gaming monitor under $100. Though these are not like the latest high-end monitor but are equipped with specs that are necessary for the best gaming experience. These include connectivity ports, screen size, and color accuracy. 

List Of Best Gaming Monitors Under $100

Choosing the right monitor is itself a tough task and it becomes even more complicated as gaming corporations are introducing new exciting monitors by each passing day. We know you still don’t believe us that there are quality monitors under $100 so we have selected some of the best budget monitors under $100.  You can read their specs and then can decide what right option for you is:

1. Dell E-Series E2318Hx Monitor

It is one of a few monitors in the market that is budget friendly but offers quality features at the same time. This quality makes it better than other monitors. It comes with an easily adjustable stand. You can adjust the angle of the monitor according to your needs.

Unfortunately it does not come with height adjustment which can be an issue you can also VESA mount it if you want. Its sleek design and 23 inches screen makes it an attractive choice for gamers.

Its 1920 x 1080 resolution full HD screen gives you excellent color accuracy. Picture quality is extremely good. It has backlit-LED technology for making your experience delightful. Its anti-glare coating on screen makes working easy and bright. HDMI and VGA connections are easy and simple to use. In addition to this also comes up with Display Port for connecting laptops and PCs.

Design may feel a bit outdated but build quality is excellent so these kinds of monitors are perfect. Input lag is very low so you will love the smooth gaming experience it has to offer. It comes up with 5ms response time which is perfect for an average gamer. Contrast ratio is 1000:1 which is good for monitors of this budget but you will not get intense blacks. Colors will look good because of the 250 nit’s brightness peak.

It is the most budget-friendly laptop that you will see in the market offering average ergonomic adjustments, low energy consumption, and average image quality. It will be difficult to find a monitor with such a large screen at this price. You can also consider this monitor if you want to work on it but don’t have to do intensive tasks.


  • Stand is easily adjustable
  • Small bezel and stylish design
  • Screen quality is good


  • Input lag is high
  • Wobble while using

2. HP VH240a IPS Monitor

If you are in search of a budget friendly gaming monitor there is nothing better than considering HP VH240a IPS monitor. a 24 inches large monitor can work fine for both gaming purposes and for less intensive office tasks. HP VH240a just like it a budget-friendly monitor that you can also consider for multiple screen setups. It has frameless design which makes it a perfect choice.

It is an amazing monitor offering full HD resolution so you will enjoy a clear view. It comes up with a 60Hz refresh rate and 250 nit’s brightness. Unfortunately it does not offer variable refresh rate but it is not an issue for casual gamers. One of the most astonishing things about this monitor is that it has an ergonomic stand. You can rotate, swivel, and tilt it. You can also adjust its height.

It also comes up with VESA mounting capability which means you can hook it on the wall or strong monitor arms. Speakers do not offer much but they work fine and good for notifications.

But you can always buy separate speakers for a better experience. Along with this monitor, you get VGA and HDMI connections which are necessary for monitors. Moreover, it also comes up with an HDCP connectivity port.

It offers 5ms response time which is not as good as 1ms but for a casual gamer, it is just perfect. It offers 72% sRGB coverage. It has an IPS panel which means you will get good color accuracy and viewing angles.

This monitor has minimum specs but it is the cheapest option for those who want quality products within a low price. It is not only good for casual gamers but also for viewing documents and browsing purposes.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good refresh rate
  • Easily adjustable
  • Excellent build quality and frameless design


  • Speakers are not that good but work fine

3. ViewSonic VA2459-SMH

ViewSonic VA2459-SMH Monitor utilizes IPS technology to give you the best quality 24 inches large displays. Its modern design is aesthetically pleasing. It is an ultra-slim monitor with thin bezels.  If you love to play games but you are on budget this one is going to be a perfect option for you. It does not have an ergonomic design you can only tilt it but you can VESA mount it if you want.  

Its 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution screen gives you crisp clear image quality. Whatever the viewing angle is it will not affect the image and color quality. It utilizes 6-Bit+ HI-FRC so it will be able to create an average color pallet. Color accuracy is not of very high quality but for this price it is best. It has to offer 250 nits peak brightness which means you will enjoy brighter and clear image quality. Response time is 7 ms which is not that good. 

With this budget friendly monitor, you do not have to worry about connectivity as it comes up with HDMI, and VGA ports. To give you the best working experience it comes up with a blue light filter and flickers free technology so that you do not have to worry about eye strain because of extended usage. It has to offer 1000: 1 static contrast ratio which is more than perfect for this kind of budget monitor. 

It comes up with dual built-in speakers so you will enjoy the best sound quality. Refresh rate is very important while choosing a monitor as it will affect the gaming experience you are going to have with this monitor. Its refresh rate is 70Hz which is fine. It is a monitor with good performance and builds quality that you will love for sure.


  • Offers a high-quality display
  • Offers wide viewing angles
  • Comes up with eye protection technology


  • Response time is not that good

4. Acer R240HY HD IPS Monitor

For this price it is one of the amazing monitors you can consider for playing games. It has a very thin design to offer you as it is only half inches thick. Bezels are ultra-thin to give it a modern look. It is also an excellent option for those who are thinking about multi-monitor setup. Connectivity is not an issue with this monitor as it has to offer one VGA port, one HDMI port, and DVI port on the bottom side of the panel. 

It utilizes IPS technology which means you will get crisp clear image quality with vibrant colors. But keep in mind that it is not as perfect as a high-end monitor. You will not only enjoy gaming but will also love to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. Unfortunately the monitor does not have to offer multiple ergonomic adjustments; it has tilt-only design. Moreover you cannot VESA mount it.

It has a 23.8 inches screen which is perfect for playing games neither small nor too large. With its Full HD resolution you will love the clarity and detail of the picture. Refresh rate is 60 HZ which works fine for most of the gamers. Unfortunately you cannot VESA mount it which is a drawback as it is not an ergonomic design. 

It offers you 250 nits peak brightness and contrast ratio is 1000:1. It offers response time of 4ms which is not as good as 1ms but not that bad and gets the job done. Best thing about this monitor is that it is flicker free and is equipped with a low blue light filter so that you can play your favorite game as long as you want.


  • Offers brilliant value for the price
  • Color quality and gray scale performance is good
  • You will love the gaming features
  • Offers low input lag which is brilliant
  • Energy efficient monitor


  • You can only tilt it to adjust
  • There is no DisplayPort input.
  • Lacks USB ports

5. ASUS VZ239H-W 1080p IPS Monitor

This is one of the best gaming monitors that are available at quite economical price rates. It contains extremely unique and remarkable features in just 100 with a sophisticated style.

This is the best tool that provides fresh players or beginners the chance to practice and upgrade their gaming skills. This is a completely HD monitor with a display of 23 inches in size. 

Its refresh rate is 60 Hz which will give the delivering results even more flawless. Refresh rate varies from 48-76 Hz. ASUS VZ239H-W also gives vibrant color quality. Its resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

This resolution will give a more focused and high-quality image. Its brightness is 250 cd/m2. Its design is also quite unique and presents a classy black look but height adjustment is not available as it is not that flexible.

 All connectivity ports, slots and interferences are available with HDCP that is High-bandwidth digital content that doesn’t allow the copying of your content to other network connections. Its connectivity is also in a wide range like 1 x 3.5mm audio, 1 x HDMI 1.4, and 1 x D-sub. Unfortunately it is not equipped with DisplayPort which is a drawback.

This model also contains various features like Flicker-free technology that prevents eye-strain so you can use your monitor comfortably for a longer time period.  Unfortunately, it does not have an ergonomic design you cannot adjust height or swivel moreover you cannot VESA mount it.

It is a big problem for those who need adjustable monitors. It has a very pleasing design with a contrast ratio of 1000:1‎‎. It offers a response time of 5ms which works fine for gamers.


  • Budget-friendly device
  • Comes up with splendid feature qualities
  • Offers swift response time
  • Frameless and modern design


  • Swivel and height adjustment is not available
  • Flexibility is not noticeable
  • Does not have DisplayPort

6. Samsung LC24F396FHNXZA Curved Monitor

It is an affordable ultra-wide monitor with the excellent curved display quality. You would love to have this monitor if you are a gamer. It will also be perfect for your workplace or home if you have to do a lot of work. It features the IPS panel with rich colors. Although it is not as perfect as 10-bit color depth but still works fine and you will love the color accuracy for this kind of budget monitor.

With this monitor, you will get 350-nit peak brightness and wide viewing angles. Its refresh rate is 60Hz which is better than most of the monitors available in the market. It has an edge-to-edge frameless screen. You can also mount it moreover it is an excellent monitor for multi-monitor set-up. Unfortunately you cannot adjust the height which makes it uncomfortable to use.

Its 24 inches large screen offers Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. You will love the crisp clear image and vivid colors. It offers you wide viewing angles so the image will not disrupt if you view it from different angles. It does not offer variable refresh rate which is not an issue for a casual gamer. It offers response time of 7ms which is not as good as 5ms or 1ms but it will work fine for casual gamers. 

It comes up with a static contrast ratio of 1000:1. It comes up with multiple connectivity options including HDMI, headphone jacks, and VGA port. Moreover it also comes up with built-in speakers which produce good sound quality so that you don’t have to look for external speakers. It is the most affordable curved monitor with astonishing features.


  • Good refresh rate and high contrast ratio
  • Slim and modern design
  • Affordable option


  • You do not get multiple adjustment options
  • FreeSync range is narrow which is not good for gamers
  • There is no DisplayPort

7. ASUS MB168B Portable Monitor

Monitors have become a necessary part of our lives because of the environment. They offer. ASUS MB168B is considered among one of the best budget friendly gaming monitors because of its high-end and mind-blowing specifications. You will love to run your favorite games on this monitor because of its mind-blowing graphics and display quality.

It offers good display quality which offers high color accuracy and top image quality. It comes up with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. You will love to play your favorite game on its brighter screen. You may not like the resolution if you like high end monitors but for casual gamers it is perfect. It is one of the few monitors available in the market which are readily usable whenever you want wherever you want. You just need to plug-in HDMI or USB along with your laptop. 

It also comes up with a carry case so that you can easily pack it and can take it with yourself. Case can also be converted into a stand so you can balance the screen on a flat surface without any other support. It has a stylish design like Zen-book. 

While the display is also compatible with USB 2.0 ports, its brightness and overall image quality will contribute to this old-fashioned bandwidth comparison. Still fine, but not as good as the USB 3.0 connection.

But in the end, when the computer connected is powerful, it just works. And because of the built-in sensors, the display can be set to rotate automatically to adjust the visibility of both images.


  • Budget-friendly laptop
  • Draws data and power over USB 3.0 connection
  • Easily transportable
  • Slim light in weight
  • Comes up with its on carry case


  • Offers you 1366 x 768 resolution
  • Works via USB 2.0 but with low performance

8. AOC 24V2H Ultra-Slim FreeSync Monitor

It is one of the amazing monitors that you can buy under $100 with a 60HZ refresh rate. It will not only give you great gaming experience but will also give you an immersive picture quality. High quality IPS panel with 1000:1 static contrast ratio allows you to enjoy your favorite movies and games. You will not be able to enjoy darker blacks and brighter images.

This mind blowing budget friendly monitor is very strong and does not offer decent ergonomic adjustments. You can only tilt it, but cannot swivel or adjust height. Stand can easily bear the whole weight of the monitor but ports are located on stand so you cannot detach it. Moreover you cannot VESA mount it. 

Connectivity is not an issue with this monitor as it comes up with HDMI ports, one VGA and display port. It also has a headphone jack so that you can enjoy high sound quality of your choice. Although color quality is not that accurate but is much better than TN panel. It has a response time of 5ms which is not as good as 1ms so you may feel trailing of speedy moving objects. It is an excellent option for those who love to play FPS games.  

Further it offers 1080 pixels resolution along with pixel density of 92 pixels per inch. It means you will get sharp details. It comes up with flicker free backlight so you don’t have to worry about eye straining. You can play your favorite game for as long as you want. It is also integrated with a low blue light filter. It offers you 250 nits brightness peak which is amazing for a monitor of this budget.


  • Great monitor at this price
  • Features a curved screen which provides excellent viewing experience
  • Various good features or gaming
  • High static contrast is offered


  • You may experience minor ghosting while playing fast paced games

9. Acer Nitro VG220Q FreeSync Gaming Monitor

Acer Nitro VG220Q is considered among one of the best and quickest displays available in the market within this budget. It offers you 0.3ms response time which is just mind blowing. To give you the best gaming experience it is equipped with motion blur reduction and AMD FreeSync. This monitor offers a fast pixel response of 1ms that you will love about it. 

Its IPS display panel is based on the latest generation that offers a 75 Hz refresh rate. It also comes up with low input lag for ensuring the best experience with fast-paced fighting games.

Motion blur technology it has is known as Visual Response Boost which utilizes backlight strobing for increasing motion clarity. You will love the brightness quality. You can choose between various display modes including Action, Racing, Sport, Eco, Action, Graphics, and Movie. 

It comes up with Full HD resolution which works perfect for gaming. Its 21.5 inches large screen is perfect for this resolution. IPS display technology is famous for high image quality but it works fine.

Moreover, the contrast ratio is not that good. Connectivity is not an issue with this monitor as it comes up with two HDMI ports and one VGA port. The performance of this monitor totally depends on the CPU; if it is of good quality then you will love the gaming experience. 

The worst thing about this monitor is that it does not offer extensive ergonomic adjustments. You cannot adjust its height, swivel, and pivot it. It has a tilt-only design.

Another best thing about this monitor is that you can VESA mount it on your wall. Indeed it is the best value for the price. So you would love to have this monitor if you love to play fighting games.


  • Great monitor at this price
  • Offers wide viewing angles and vibrant colors
  • Various good features for gaming
  • Offers quick response time and low input lag
  • AMD FreeSync up to 75 Hz


  • It does not have Display Port input.
  • It has a tilt-only stand.
  • FreeSync range is narrow

10. BenQ GL2760H Gaming Monitor

It is developed for every kind of task and you will love it. Simply we can say that it is a multipurpose monitor, you can watch-glare movies, play games and you can also consider this monitor for office working. It has an anti screen surface so that you can enjoy your game without worrying about reflection issues. 

This monitor employs a standard arrangement of input ports. It consists of HDMI ports and D-sub ports as connectivity ports. For headphones, a line-in port is also available. It is 27 inches in size with a resolution of Full HD | 1920 x 1080p. It also has an aspect ratio of 16:9. This BenQ EL2870U comes with a TN panel. 

It is a full HD display monitor with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. To reduce ghosting and input lag, it has a very swift and fast response time that is 2ms. It has thick borders that make it robust and firm. You can also display it on the wall with VESA 100 x 100. Native contrast ratio is 1,000:1 and peak brightness is 300 cd/m2. Unfortunately it does not offer you wide viewing angles so the image will distort.

Ergonomic adjustments are very important in a monitor but this monitor only allows you to tilt it and you cannot swivel, pivot, or adjust the height. So if you want a comfortably adjustable monitor it is not for you. But it is an excellent monitor if you want to have a multi-monitor setup.


  • Basic design would not distract your focus
  • Pixel response is very fast
  • Input lag is low which makes it ideal
  • Offers full HD resolution
  • Budget friendly option with a fairly large screen


  • Color performance is mediocre
  • There are not enough ports and these are also placed poorly
  • Does have enough gaming features to offer
  • It does not offer wide viewing angles

What should be the screen size of the monitor under $100?

First thing you should look at on a monitor is its screen size. Larger the screen size better will be your gaming experience. But for gaming a 24 inches large screen monitor is perfect. A monitor with larger screen size than this will not be good because you will have to struggle with focusing. A monitor with a screen smaller than 22 inches is not recommended at all.

Does response time matter?

Most competitive gamers worry about response time. For an ideal monitor response time is 1 to 2 ms. But a monitor having response time between 1 and 5ms works fine. With slower response time you will enjoy smoother game experience. Fortunately you can find a budget monitor with lesser response time. Monitors we have mentioned in this article have low response time.  

What should be the refresh rate?

While choosing a monitor refresh rate must be considered. A preferred refresh rate for a gaming monitor is 120 Hz. Higher the refresh rate of the monitor means better gaming experience. On the other hand monitors with 60 Hz refresh rate are good for story-driven games with low action. Under $100 you will only get monitors with 60 Hz and 75 Hz refresh rate.

Do input and output ports matter?

It would be better to consider a monitor which supports all the video inputs for example DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. Because of this you can connect it with PS4 and Xbox One. If it has a USB port then it is a bonus. Make sure that output ports support graphics cards otherwise you will not be able to connect your monitor. 

Do you need a PC for using a gaming monitor?

Actually you do not need a PC for using a gaming monitor. If the monitor has enough input ports for connecting Xbox, PS4 or other gaming consoles you can use it without a PC. 


Finding a quality product is not that easy. It requires a lot of research. It becomes even more difficult when you are on a budget. To make things easier for you we have provided you a list of monitors that you can consider if you are on a budget and want to upgrade your monitor.

All these monitors have cool gaming features to offer you and you can buy them under $100. Hope so this article will prove helpful for you. If you are still confused about choosing the right one just keep in mind your needs, budget, and kind of work you want to do on this monitor, then it will be easier for you to make a choice.

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