Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000

If you are a hardcore gaming enthusiast and looking for a portable version of your desktop that allows you to play with equivalent power and zeal without burning a hole in your pocket, you probably need a good quality affordable gaming laptop. These brawny replacements of desktops are becoming more and more popular among serious gamers around the world. And the good news is that it is absolutely possible to find the best gaming laptop under 1000 dollars.

As technology advances, gadgets are becoming faster, smaller and lighter in weight. This has encouraged people to switch from conventional PCs to more compact and easily portable laptops. The newest gaming laptops are easily capable of playing your favorite games at high resolutions and maxed out detail settings.

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How to Choose a Gaming Laptop Under 1000 Dollars

With a lot of options available in the market, choosing the best gaming laptop under $1000 can be a little tricky. Select your device keeping in mind the specific features that you want in your laptop. Consider the various options before you, compare their features and make a decision based on your expectations from your gaming laptop.

If the screen resolution is of utmost importance, choose the laptop offering the highest pixels. Also make sure to choose a laptop with state of the art, efficient processor that ensures fantastic performance. Some gamers may want to give preference to laptops with high storage capacity to store all their games and media files while some others may go in for laptops with larger screen sizes.

So, it is imperative that you base your decision keeping in mind the overall features of a laptop. To help you in selecting the ideal gaming laptop that offers amazing specs too, we have compiled this list of the top 10 gaming laptops under $1000. You can find full reviews of the top 5 options below.
What’s the best gaming laptop for under 1000?

The best possible gaming laptops that can be purchased for right around $1,000 or less it’s gonna be freakin epic. Now the thing to keep in mind here is that we’re talking about raw gaming performance for the money and that is literally the only thing that we are caring about. We’re not talking about like the quality of the keyboard the trackpad the display the number of ports it has.

You’re gonna have to realize that manufacturers are gonna have to cut some corners so some of these laptops. Only have 8 gigs of RAM or they have only an SSD or they have only a one terabyte storage drive. The most important thing here is that we get the most powerful GPU in the computer for the money and that means that we’re looking for a gtx 1060. We’re talking about 20-30 percent performance gap and that is very significant when we’re pinching the pennies and trying to get the most bang for the buck.

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Here is the list of the best gaming laptop for under $1000.

And this is a comparison between the $1000 gaming laptops in mid-2019. Now, choosing one of these things is not super easy, you have to make compromises, of some sort. You’re not going to have like an 800$ laptop, that’s super thin, with the 12-hour battery life and as an amazing performance. It’s just not going to happen. You have to figure out what you find most important in your decision. And also what you don’t care about as much and then make a purchase decision based off of that.
  • Ok, in no particular order we have the Asus GL 553. This is one of the very few laptops with the black and orange color scheme. It has an RGB keyboard and it has a metal top surface.
  • We have the Dell Inspiron 7567, it’s been redesigned for 2017, comes in red or gray and it feels very solid. This thing is dense.
  • Next is the 2017 HP Omen. I haven’t done a video on this refreshed version, it’s so similar to the 2016 model and it’s also very similar to the HP Pavillion this year.
  • Then we have the MSI GE62. This is one of the very first Pascal based laptops on the market. It also has a metal top lid with that MSI dragon logo.
  • Next up is the VX-15 from Acer. This has a more traditional gaming laptop aesthetic. I don’t love the color but I do like the design language that they’re going for.
  • We also have the SABRE 15 from Gigabyte. This is their least expensive gaming laptop and there are no red color accents at all. It’s also based off of a Clevo barebone’s laptop.
  • And then lastly we have the Lenovo Y520. Not too much red on this one. The exterior is all black and it’s kind of low-key but the inside has red accents. And the way that I do my comparison articles, if you haven’t seen them before, I kind of go through several categories and then choose a winner in that category based on these laptops. Alright, let’s do this.

Build Quality

Alright, the first thing is build quality and at this price point, you’re not going to get top tier build quality. I’d much rather have a well engineered plastic chassis then a poorly made metal one.

My top pick is the Dell 7567, this thing’s built like a tank. The chassis is rock-solid. It’s actually weird to have the toughest thing feels for this price point.
The ASUS GL 553 I’d say comes in second place. It’s got an aluminum top panel, plastic bottom, but well built.
The Lenovo Y520 and the ACER VX15 are also really good choices, both of those are built well.

Screen Quality

Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000
Ok, the next thing I want to talk about is screen quality. The thing I need to mention though is that this laptop, the Dell 7567, this originally launched with a TN panel. It was pretty bad, and Dell realized that they made a huge mistake and they now actually ship with IPS panels.
So I mean it’s still not the best of the bunch but it’s significantly better than what they used to have. The winner here is the MSI GE62. A close runner-up would be the GL 553. They’re more expensive, so you’re paying a bit of a premium to get a better screen.
But if you’re looking for something that’s brighter or more color accurate in that $1000 price range, these are my top two picks. The rest of them are actually pretty similar. I’d say that the Dell with its new IPS panel comes out a bit ahead for color accuracy, but they’re noticeably not as good as the two leaders.
The HP Omen and the Dell 7567 both have 4k panel options. The 4k Omen panel looks pretty good. It is a PenTile display. The 4k Dell panel is better. Also if you want, you can upgrade all of these panels, not just the ones on the table, but the ones that are off frame right now, but you can take all the panels out if you want and then purchase them on eBay and replace them.
Now, it’s not an easy process but it can be done. So if you’re stuck with a laptop that doesn’t have the best screen, you can pick up some really bright and really color accurate panels on eBay and do it yourself.


Ok, so here’s a chart of what ports and drives these devices have.
Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000 dollars
At this price point, none of them have Thunderbolt 3 support. They’re all upgradable like you can open them up and add memory and storage drives. But the one that’s easiest to upgrade is the Dell 7567. There’s a single screw to get inside and it just straight up feels like it was built for the user to open it up.
The Saber 15 or the Clevo has the most number of ports, but some of those are located on the bottom right so it can get a little cluttered. Also, the Asus and the MSI have optical drives, if you need them. Now, in general, all of these have good connectivity and good port selection, but I’ve had to choose a winner it would be the MSI GE62.


In terms of the keyboard, all of them have a decent keyboard. None of them are bad per se. My favorite keyboard would probably be the MSI.
Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000 dollars
 It’s a solid keyboard with zoned RGB backlighting. And then the second place I’d say would go to the Lenovo Y520.


Trackpads are a different story. Both of those laptops I just mentioned with good keyboards have not-so-good trackpads. My favorite trackpad is the Dell 7567: plastic surface, windows precision drivers, good button mechanism. I like this one.
To be honest I don’t feel like any of the other ones are as good. Maybe the tracking on the Sabre 15 is similar, but I much prefer to click on the Dell over the dedicated buttons on the Sabre.


Ok, so performance is dependent on two things. First are the components, so the faster components you have the better performance and then the second thing is how well those components are cooled. So if you don’t cook them properly, they just won’t run as well.
Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000
 You need to have a mixture of the two to have like the “best performance”. So, all of these laptops come in, well most of them, come in two configurations in i5 and i7. If you’re just playing games the i5 is perfectly fine, but if you also edit videos I would totally upgrade to an i7.
So, all of these laptops are running a KabyLake i7 and the best thermal performance goes to the Dell 7567. I have a tough time getting this thing to throttle. It’s cooled really well. I kind of ranked them in order from best to worst in terms of how hot the CPU gets when it’s running the 3DMark stress test and then here are some scores from Fire Strike.
Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000
Now, keep in mind that these temperatures are from a benchmark, right? Regular gaming or video editing won’t push the laptop as hard but this gives us a rough idea. While we’re here, I might as well talk about fan noise and these are all running Kaby Lake processors so, for the most part, they’re pretty efficient. The fans don’t always need to run when the laptops are idling. These are the measurements I took and it’s a pretty close battle for first place.
Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000
I think it’s a toss-up between the Dell and HP Omen.


In terms of speakers, the two leaders are the Lenovo and the Dell. The Dell sounds better, it has a sub so if you’re watching videos or playing games you can hear the lower frequencies better. It’s not super heavy bass but it is there.
The Lenovo has a better location for the speakers. It’s up on top so it projects upward and to the sides, so the stereo effect is very pronounced. If you want positional audio for games, and you don’t want headphones or you can’t use headphones, these are very usable. The ASUS also has nice speakers as well.

Battery Life

Here are a chart and the leader here is the Dell.
Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000
It’s a big battery, it’s significantly bigger than some of the other models here. Now all of these are measured on a 1080p screen.
If you upgrade to a 4k panel the battery life will be lower. And in case you’re wondering like how I run my battery tests, I set my laptops to 250 nits, if the laptop can even get to that brightness, but I set it to 250 and I run the script that does web browsing and text input in this loop.


The last category is value and I think the winner for just sheer value is the Lenovo Y520.
Best Gaming Laptop Under $1000
For 850 bucks you’re able to get a 1050Ti, which is a really powerful chip for games and you’re still getting your 2-year Lenovo warranty and stuff. The Dell and the Acer are also really good but every laptop here has some strengths and weaknesses, so you can’t really go wrong choosing any of them. If you’re wondering what my top choices amongst these, it’s the Dell 7567 and like I mentioned everyone choice is a little bit different.
My preference is for a bigger battery and really good build quality and them kind of nailed that. This only applies though for the new IPS panel. If they didn’t have that new panel I would have gone for the Acer VX-15. Now, if you’re one of those people that have the TN panel, it’s not that big of a deal, I mean it is not as good as this new IPS panel, but you always have the option of going to ebay and doing that whole swap thing that I mentioned earlier. It’s really not that expensive and it’s not too difficult on this particular model and you can get some really good panels for like a hundred bucks.
Now, the other thing I want to mention. 3 laptops that I do not recommend purchasing: first is the Samsung Odyssey, I have a review unit, I will not be doing a review on it. It’s $1,500. It’s way too expensive for what that product is. I think it’s overpriced. I think it’s – I mean – it’s a fine laptop it was $1000, not 1500.
The other thing is that the MSI GE62. It has a younger sibling called the GL62 and you might be tempted to purchase the GL because it’s cheaper than this one, but the fans on that thing are super loud, the screen is significantly worse.
Save up for the GE62 if you want the MSI. The other thing does not purchase a laptop with a GTX 960M right now unless it’s like a huge discount because the performance difference between 1050 to 1050Ti and a 960 is way too big to ignore. You do not want to purchase a 960M just to save a couple bucks. You will get longer like lifespan with this laptop if you pick up 1050. It will last you longer in terms of like gaming years. So if you can save up for 1050 or 1050 TI.
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Updated List Of Best Gaming Laptops Under $1000 2019 

#1: Lenovo Z70 17.3″ Laptop

Lenovo Z70 17.3” laptop is equipped with a stunning display and a very powerful Intel Core i7 processor. Its brilliant anti-glare display allows you to carry on with your gaming even in bright sunlight. You can enjoy 3D gaming or stream HD videos with its NVIDIA GeForce 840M graphics.
You can also enjoy high-level audio clarity and maximize volume output without any distortion through its dual JBL-designed speakers with Dolby advanced audio. You can use this laptop’s HDMI port to connect it to your big screen TV for the complete multimedia entertainment.
Its intelligent touchpad makes scrolling and zooming very easy and its very modern looking AccuType keyboard offers great ergonomics and enhances your typing accuracy. This amazing laptop also features an in-built HD webcam and microphones that makes online chatting with friends and family a pleasure.
Its unique OneKey recovery system quickly identifies and repairs any software problem while protecting your crucial data.
  • #2: Lenovo Y50 Touch Laptop
The Lenovo Y50 TOUCH uses a 10-point multi-touch technology which is an innovative way of interacting with your laptop and optimizes user interface. Its high quality 15.6” full HD display ensures crystal clear and crisp screen.
You can enrich your audio experience and enjoy distortion-free, clear sound while playing music, videos or gaming with its premium JBL speakers with Dolby advanced audio. Further, NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics ensure a fantastic multimedia experience. It allows you to play longer and harder than before.
With a storage capacity of 1 TB, you can easily store all your games and media files without any glitch. Its AccuType keyboard is a pleasure to type on with flatter, slightly curved keys. Also, the keyboard is backlit to enable users to type easily in low-lit places. It also features a built-in webcam for video chats with your family and friends.
Overall, Lenovo Y50 TOUCH is a great touchscreen gaming laptop that offers amazing specs at an affordable price.
  • #3: MSI Computer Corp. GP60
The MSI GP60 Leopard-010 gaming laptop packs amazing performance and stunning visuals at their best. It’s a very efficient fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor promises top-of-the-line performance even for the most demanding tasks. You can watch, work and play simultaneously with the MSI exclusive Matrix multi-monitor display that allows you to connect up to two external monitors and transforms your notebook into an ultimate multimedia center.
A unique feature of this laptop is the NVIDIA GeForce 840M that promises to deliver an amazing multimedia experience by providing a perfect graphics solution for surfing the web, streaming HD videos and enjoying entry level gaming. Further, its SteelSeries gaming keyboard is very well crafted and is extremely accurate to provide the best gaming experience.
Along with vibrant visuals, this super-efficient gaming laptop also offers an extraordinary battery life and built-in security features that give you the power to play, create and entertain. With a 750 GB hard drive, 8 GB RAM, great audio and the high-performance Killer e2200 game networking, this gaming laptop is near about perfect.
All in all, this sleek and modern looking gaming laptop offers a unique combination of innovative features that make it stand out.
  • #4. MSI Computer GE60 APACHE-629
The MSI GE60 Apache 629 comes with high-quality Intel Core 4710HQ processor that ensures super efficient performance even for the most challenging tasks. The NVIDIA Geforce GTX850M graphics co-processor guarantees stunning visuals and amazing multimedia experience.
The main features of MSI Apache 629 include 8GB RAM (that makes multi-tasking a breeze), 1024GB hard drive, Windows 8.1 Operating System and 802.11ac WLAN connection for quick and hassle-free net surfing. It comes with an ergonomic SteelSeries gaming keyboard that is quite solid and makes navigation super easy and comfortable.
This laptop is capable of playing intensive games at full HD screen resolution (1920*1080). It offers excellent image quality and a screen that is nice and crisp.
This MSI laptop is a very solid looking device and is capable of providing an excellent gaming experience.
  • #5: Acer Aspire V15 Nitro
The Acer Aspire V15 laptop’s top-of-the-line fourth-generation Intel Core i7-4720 HQ processor with Turbo Boost technology promises very effective and high octane performance.
Breathtaking visual details, stunning NVIDIA GeForce GTX G860M graphics combined with extraordinary speed guarantee high power adrenaline rush and full-on entertainment.
This laptop is up to three times faster than the previous generation. With its 802.11ac wireless connection and Bluetooth 4.0 technologies, you can easily stay connected to the net or other devices. Its spacious and comfortable keyboard enables easy navigation and is also backlit for that amazing gaming experience in a dark lit room.
It also features 4 built-in speakers and Dolby Digital Plus Home Theatre Surround Sound that offer big screen experience, no matter where you are. Also, with the help of its HDMI port, you can extend your movies, videos, and games to your big screen TV without any hassles.

Overall, an excellent gaming laptop (with some amazing features) that guarantees a power-packed gaming experience.

What laptop should I buy for gaming?

Remember, Gaming is fun, and fun and happiness has no prices, but it all depends on your satisfaction and happiness. This is like an addiction, where you want to achieve a position and be the winner, To fulfill the game-winning expectations you need to have a powerful system which runs smoothly and have no interruptions Searching for too many products, specifications I have found that technology grows every day and innovative products are coming in the market. Different companies are competing in the market and fulfilling the need, but on the other hand of the products, they are creating confusions with specifications, features, prices, and brand.   What you have to do is to select the best option that suits you, above-listed laptops are at different prices features ranges, click to order or leave the opportunity, the choice is yours.

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