Best Computer PC Cases Of 2020 (Top-Picks)

A good functional PC also passes through a suitable housing. And after several hours of research, I have selected for you the 7 best PC cases among fifty models available.

My choice is the Corsair Crystal 570X RGB which combines elegance and versatility with efficiency.

You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you to acquire the PC case that suits you best.

The Best Cheap PC Cases

Entry-level? Indeed. Nevertheless, it’s two models of a PC market leaders are already on top of many other models in the same range.

1. Corsair Carbide Spec-05: The Best Cheap PC Cases

Corsair is obviously a brand to be reckoned with when it comes to hardware and, over the years, the pirate ship company has skilfully carved out a place in the market for high-quality PC cases.

It is quite natural that the best entry-level product is a Corsair case with here the Corsair Carbide Spec-05. To make a quick tour of technical specifics, this is a mid-tower housing that can accommodate ATX, mini-ATX or obviously micro-ATX systems.

Most of the latest generation graphics cards can be installed, with a maximum length of 370 millimeters with a 150-millimeter high fan. No worries, you can place your new RTX freshly acquired.

Check all the same with the purchase if it corresponds to your configuration!

If you like SSD, no disappointment, the 7 expansion slots allow the installation of 2 of them, not to mention the possibility of adding 3 traditional HDD. Always compatible, you can also easily place a 180 mm power supply.

Finally, we note the capacity to accommodate up to 6 fans of 120 millimeters (one of them in a red LED is included in this number). Note in passing the presence of 2 USB on the front panel, including a USB 3.0 that must be present on any modern housing.

For just over 50 euros, this case all in style offers, of course, a glass observation of your configuration, but not tempered glass. This option is available, but it is then necessary to count about thirty additional euros.

Carbide Spec-05 is one of Corsair’s flagship products. Beautiful, solid and functional, it is suitable for all PC enthusiasts for whom the style to its importance, but who also want to obtain a product easily accessible and manipulable.

No big defects to note on this tower, if not access to some wiring spaces a little too narrow, but it is the case on a number of entry-level boxes. I recommend it if your budget is tight, but you want quality without reproach.

Personally, I also advise thinking about the acquisition of the tempered glass version, much stronger than traditional glass, which can be scratched quickly. But if you pay attention and your case is not on the ground, for example, you can trust Corsair’s own strength.

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2. Corsair Carbide 270R: Sobriety Personified

You have noted in the title, we speak for this model of certain sobriety. It is the users of minimalism that Corsair directs this entry-level product, the Carbide 270R.

Admittedly, this case is available with traditional panels, a stylish and sober black finish.

But there is obviously a version with an observation bay (very basic plastic, barely more expensive, which is not worth it in my opinion) and another that includes a glass tempered glass, as is fashion at the moment and is available for 20 euros to add to the 60 euros proposed at the start.

For this price, you get a product that accommodates a graphics card measuring up to 370 millimeters and a 225-millimeter power supply. It is rather standard at Corsair, 7 expansion slots which, in practice, allow the installation of 2 HDD and 2 SSD if the heart tells you.

There are 3 fan slots of 120 millimeters (or 2 of 140, as is the case almost every time) at the front of the case, 2 at the top and 1 at the back which is included, with a LED red as for the little brother Spec-05.

At the level of the facade, we find the eternal plugs of headphones/mic, buttons start and restart and two USB 3.0 ports (we thank the Corsair passage to standardize the presentation of these instead of 2.0, much slower ).

What I like about the Carbide 270R is the separate slot for the power supply and the hard drives, found on many models from the mid-range, but which is very little generally present on those of entry-level.

This makes the case a lot cleaner, especially if you buy the version that includes tempered glass. We also note the presence of a pre-installed fan that already works with a red LED.

If we do not like this detail, we can obviously replace this fan by just about any combo available on the market. I also like the size of the cable glands, wide enough for easy access during assembly.

What I appreciate less is the fact that the side panels are a nightmare to place correctly, unless you buy the tempered glass version. We can hope that in 2020, these damn panels can be easily assembled and dismantled, thanks to some technology, but this is not the case at all.

Apart from this little black spot, it can hardly be better for the price offered in the entry level.

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The Best Midrange PC Cases

There are three great products in this mid-range, including my personal selection, which is no surprise a model Corsair, a brand that is strong in this article.

3. Corsair Crystal 570X RGB: The Best Midrange PC Casing

I indicated elsewhere in this article with the case of the Obsidian 500D of the same brand, choose between two very good models from Corsair is a bit complicated, but it is indeed my favorite for this selection.

The other case in question is newer and adds a number of features that I particularly like, such as side panels that open with a hinge system or having enough slots for at least 3 SSD behind the motherboard.

But this box is probably made for the most expert of us, or the one we are talking about now is in my opinion much more suitable for ordinary mortals … provided, all the same, manage a minimum “cable management », Which changes all the air circulation and therefore the cooling of the PC, depending on how you manage it.

The Corsair Crystal 570X is a mid-range case sold around 150 euros now, at a price comparable to his younger brother.

It has by default 3 panels (1 front, 2 sides) made of tempered glass, very solid which are detached by a screw, all that is more standard and which requires only little effort. We realize that with these panels, we can observe the entire inside of the case and it must ensure that it is clean and well arranged.

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This is not complicated since the 570X offers an ingenious system of cable cover and is large enough to easily connect the components together, even if space can be a little smaller in hard disks for example.

From this point of view, the Crystal 570X offers two slots for SSD behind the space provided for the motherboard and two others on the chassis side for optical drives (HDD or SSD, as desired).

On the component side, we can easily install different motherboards and latest generation graphics cards (220 and 370 millimeters respectively) and include up to 6 fans between 120 and 140 millimeters, as well as radiators of 360 millimeters.

Just make sure that the motherboard can make room for them. But for most users who are limited to compatible AIOs of the same brand or a fairly basic water cooling, this is absolutely no problem.

And if the cables are managed correctly (velcro integrated, by the way), the air circulation is excellent and not at all impeded, which allows you to use the graphics cards with a blower without fearing pronounced warming of the whole case.

Of course, you can also get rid of tempered glass on the front panel to further optimize the temperature in the tower, but it’s a bit of a shame as it helps to protect your components and against dust. I do not think it’s necessary, but the possibility is in any case present.

And since we are talking about the front panel, it obviously includes start buttons, headphone, and microphone but also 2 USB 3.0 (no USB-C here, it is reserved for the other newer model, c is a pity) and finally the color adjustment.

Yes, the 570X is a model whose fans in the front are embellished with the eternal RGB so fashionable at the moment, it’s accessory, but I love it since it combines with keyboard, mouse, and headphones also RGB.

I also particularly like it because of the layout for the hard drives, the ultra-solid tempered glass panels, the integrated Velcro, its excellent air circulation and all these well-thought-out details that Corsair has the secret about.

It is almost flawless, almost, since unfortunately, it is a bit heavy (10 kilos), which is largely due to the 3 tempered glass panels, and it does not offer the hinges of the Obsidian 500D.

Despite this, this is my favorite box that can be adopted by all, without hesitation, even if you are not a professional editor.

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4. Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5: Minimalist, But Functional


Cooler Master is an extremely popular brand for PC editing enthusiasts. It must be admitted that they are among the first to have proposed very modular and spacious enclosures that allow their users to add or remove a good part of the accessories present in them while keeping a circulation of air that works (but no more in this case).

A criterion that is important when entering the mid-range!

The MasterCase Pro5 is one of those PC tricks that gives countless options to its owners, whether you’re an amateur, a specialist, or even a fan of tuning and customizing the computer.

At the beginning, we find all the good bases of a modern case: 2 bays for the optical readers, 2 or 3 (accessories available separately if you want to change) for the HDD and 4 spaces for the SSD (two on the partition of power supply, 2 that can be placed behind the motherboard slot).

There is also 1 front fan, fully replaceable (and there is room for 2 or 3 of them), which is protected by a removable metal filter. This is not the equivalent of the beautiful magnetic filters found on some high-end models, but it does the trick.

A rear fan also replaceable, remains rather standard.

A number of additional accessories, such as a magnetic filter-protected space above the housing, can be added to add 2 large fans, a raised front panel, an observation window (plastic window or tempered glass) or additional SSD slots.

In short, we have used level modularity with this model.

I really like this modularity, as I really like the separation surface for the power supply (but it must be there from the outset on the mid-range models, in my opinion) and the countless locations for SSD.

We never have enough SSD in 2020! The mounting drawers for hard drives work with clips, which is also an excellent initiative. We still need screws, of course, but it’s much easier to replace an optical drive or disk than it can be on many models.

Where the MasterCase Pro5 disappoints a bit, it is in the price, a little high for the proposed finish, but especially the fact that this case is extremely heavy (more than 10 kilos!) And the fact that the circulation of the air is limited if one acquires all the options.

And if you have a graphics card “founders” with a blower instead of GPU fans, this can be very problematic in terms of heat in the housing.

A model that works well for lovers of minimalism, but require great modularity.

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5. Corsair Obsidian 500D: The Case Of Space

To be honest, I have long hesitated between two models to choose as a favorite for this selection.

It must be said that Corsair designs beautiful boxes that are not only beautiful to see if it is of the least importance for their users, but which are also of irreproachable quality from the mid-range (and even if those of entry-level are already excellent, but at a lower price, lower quality).

This Corsair Obsidian 500D is a version that is supposed to take precedence over the one I chose as being my favorite, but I yet preferred the Crystal 570X, for reasons rather personal. Be aware that if you choose one or the other case, you have in your hands what is best in this popular American brand.

The Corsair Obsidian 500D is not my favorite for the simple reason that I’m not a fan of the front panel that does not leave much room for maximum ventilation, which I need for a “founders” graphics card with a blower.

Well, that’s as simple as that.

By cons, the Obsidian 500D is beautiful, very beautiful. The finish is very upscale and the style is reminiscent of a futuristic craft like a spaceship.

The first thing we notice is the presence of the side panels (tempered glass, of course) mounted on hinges, on each side of the tower. I dreamed about it for years, stuck my fingers in my screw panels and Corsair did it.

In addition, there is also the presence of several filters that are very easily movable for cleaning, without the need to disassemble the entire system.

Everything is very easy to open, resealable and manipulable while remaining very strong, thanks to the reliability of tempered glass and brushed aluminum that make up this system.

Level space, we can almost put everything in this case. Motherboards, graphics cards, power supplies. Whatever the size, you can integrate them!

There are 3 SSD and 2 HDD slots on the back of the motherboard cover, on the right side if facing the PC tower. They are therefore hidden and leave a vital space for mounting a large graphics card or an impressive water-cooling system, not to mention a large number of fans/radiators as needed.

Side fans, there are locations in front, behind, above and below that can be added to them as needed and the space left by the rest of the configuration. Those included are very easily removable, which is Corsair’s hallmark since these last models.

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For my part, I do not hesitate to invite you to the placement of a compatible AIO mechanism like the H115i of the same brand as the case.

There is also a well thought out and flawless cable and cable cover system, a space to insert a fan / LED control and of course a separation for the individual power supply. Finally, we must linger a minute on the front panel, which now includes and for the first time at Corsair USB-c port 3.1, the fastest to date.

What about negative on the Corsair Obsidian 500D, except that there is no LED by default when compared to its “special edition”, which however costs 100 euros more for the RGB and the transparent finish of the front window. We do not put this case in all hands, given its quality and its particularities, and I strongly advise you to be knowledgeable in PC editing or have a real expert nearby to help you.

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The Best High-End Computer PC Cases

If you have room and a large budget, these high-end cases offer the ultimate in space and modularity.

6. BeQuiet! Dark Base Pro 900: The Best High End

Be Quiet! is above all an expert in cooling equipment, be it fans, coolers or watercoolers.

And at this level, they are the champions, with products that are adored in the world of PC Editing and that are afforded the luxury of being generally quite affordable in price, for quality often above what we expect most manufacturers in the field.

But one day, Be Quiet! (Yes the exclamation point is in the name of the brand, which could be translated as “shut up!” Which is quite original to indicate it) has decided to also provide editors, amateurs and professionals, the opportunity to purchase boxes worthy of the rest of their products.

The one presented in our selection is the Dark Base Pro 900, which is undoubtedly the most official representative of the range at the German manufacturer.

Let’s start by highlighting the fact that we are in the presence of a “full tower”, so a larger housing that usually accommodates the most fanciful configurations that incorporate the most fans or water cooling.

We suspect, it’s big, so it weighs heavy, but it’s quite reasonable with a little less than 11 kilos if we compare among others with its high-end competitor of our selection, the Tower 900 of Thermaltake and its 24 kilos quite ridiculous.

So, in the Dark Base Pro 900, we have space for everything that is feasible in this area. Graphics card mounted as you wish, motherboard (ATX, mico and mini too) with a maximum existing AIO, fans of all sizes in front, behind, above and below, in short, what you want Wherever you want, if you buy separately, of course.

But what makes Be Quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 quite interesting is the fact that everything installed inside is flexible. You can add and remove at leisure almost everything in them, be it the bays for the drives, hard drives, fans (the tower can handle up to 8 at once), filters and even the chassis with the cable glands.

It’s a great idea for the manufacturer to offer their customers the ability to decide how to manage their chassis, not just their cables.

On the other hand, we can highlight the fact that this housing has no separation for the power supply to isolate and manage the cables at this level, since if we do not have a flexible power supply, we are quickly blocked by the cables in front of the motherboard, which makes obsolete the presence of tempered glass pane intended to boost the cleanliness of your assembly.

The LED is also part, with LED strips that are also … you guessed it … modular wish. And finally, we can see on the front panel 4 USB 3.0 that allows you to connect a USB headset, phone, and any other accessory, without the need to disconnect his neighbor.

Not to mention the flapper that opens like a door and that serves mainly protection for the filter of the front fans.

Open, it allows better air circulation at the expense of dust protection; closed it protects against dust but blocks a significant part of the airflow.

Proposed at just over 215 euros, the Be Quiet Dark Base Pro 900 case! is without a doubt the reference of the brand which can claim to be almost without defects.

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7. Thermaltake Tower 900: Imposing, Yet Spacious

I owned for a while a high-end housing, which is called “full tower” in the jargon PC, brand Thermaltake. Although it was not the most beautiful tower, it had the merit of being very modular and working in it was a real pleasure.

This is still the case today.

The Taiwanese designer, who has been on the market since 1999, manufactures a wide range of enclosures, which are at all levels of quality.

But the part of the range that interests us here is that reserved for aficionados of PC customization, because Thermaltake is a master in the development of different boxes, exuberant and which stand out compared to traditional models.

Just look at the 100% transparent Core P3, almost without chassis or the Level 20, separated into 3 separate and yet attached parts.

For this part of our selection, we are interested in the Tower 900 model, a very impressive “full tower” that offers all possible options when it comes to customizing your configuration.

This is a special case since the surround is obviously entirely made of tempered glass that directly faces the user, unlike the usual left and right sides.

You can install everything you want on this tower. There are slots for all motherboards, even the most imposing ones.

There are also spaces for 2 fans at the back, 2 above, 4 left and right and 1 for the cage hard drives. All this is obviously compatible with water-cooling and radiators of all sizes (from 120 to 360 millimeters).

Note that two fans are preinstalled.

No problem to mount any graphics card (up to 400 millimeters), even if you have the ability to mount a vertical model, which is not easy, I agree.

All this can be done without sacrificing air circulation (given the space and the number of fans that can be incorporated).

The assembly of hard drives is done by a system of drawers which is for me the most practical of the whole market since one does not need any tools, no screws. We slide the hard drive, we make the power and SATA connections and that’s it. The disc is blocked by a simple system of clips. And he does not move at all.

All housings must absolutely be inspired by this extraordinary system!

Let’s be pretty clear, this Tower 900 model is primarily intended for “fancy” PC enthusiasts with RGB, fluorescent water cooling and that sort of thing. It is much too imposing, with its 24 kilos, for most of us and rather expensive, about 235 euros.

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This is even clearer when you realize that the housing is delivered bare, with absolutely no additional accessories while we expect great things in terms of cable management, including. It is necessary to appropriate all the customization accessories that we want to add and the bill can increase very very quickly.

If you want a very high-quality case for an honorable price, I recommend the Crystal 570X Corsair, much more suitable (and nearly 100 euros cheaper).

But this little parenthesis aside, we are in the presence of an excellent product that has little to reproach itself.

Its only big drawback is to attract dust in mass, because of its size, which requires very regular cleaning of the filters.

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How To Choose The Case Of Your PC?

As with everything to buy and install a new PC, choosing a case is not easy. There are hundreds of models of very different qualities that are suitable for some uses more than others.

We will give a quick overview of the criteria to consider when choosing your PC case.

The Design For PC Cases

The first thing you look at when browsing different sites or stores looking for a PC case is probably a style that suits you.

In fact, before calculating all the technical needs, you must find a tower that appeals to you visually.

What is practical in 2020 is that there are models that go from the most traditional to the most eccentric.

Generally, if you are looking for a more traditional model, I advise you to stay at the entry level. There is a good chance that the look of the inside of your case does not matter to you so you can select a closed model with metal side plates that are probably a bit frustrating to handle but are not transparent. and that will probably never move throughout your use.

In our selection, the Corsair Carbide 270R completely fulfills this contract because it is an extremely sober model, of medium size and totally closed by polished aluminum panels whose minimalist, but solid, finish gives the impression of having rather upscale material by spending only a little money while ensuring a quality specific to this brand.

On the other hand, if you want something more exposed, but also stylish, I recommend the models with a window to observe the well-arranged interior of your configuration.

But do not take the easy option of the plastic window that gets dirty very quickly and protects nothing at all, rather prefer the tempered glass panel, certainly a little more expensive generally, but certainly more solid and much more classy, as c is the case on the Corsair Crystal 570X.

And if you are someone who likes tunning, or modding as we call it in jargon, someone who wants to do something completely personalized, there are obviously fancy boxes for your needs. the craziest, but probably much more expensive.

The Size For PC Cases

Yes, when talking about PC cases, size matters, for several reasons.

A mini-ATX case (which was not presented in the selection, but which exists, so we will mention this category) is a mini-case in which we can usually install only suitable equipment, which excludes in particular in the most cases the latest graphics cards available at the moment.

I do not really like these cases, because, despite their small size and their very small weight, they rarely offer optimal air circulation possibilities.

Indeed, one of the conditions for good air circulation and therefore an ideal housing temperature to ensure proper operation and good life of the components is to have a tower large enough and orderly to facilitate the flow of air.

The standard enclosures, also called “ATX”, which represent in our selection all models of entry and mid-range, allow to install almost everything that is done more standard to date without ever having to worry about the size of the graphics card or power supply.

That said, it is always good to check the size of these two components to ensure that they are compatible (what we will return) with the chosen housing.

Finally, the boxes called “full tower” that is present in the high range of our selection are awesome and often heavy, you must know before buying them. No question of transporting them everywhere, some weighing up to almost 25 kilos.

But these towers are usually very modular and allow all possible fantasies, such as water-cooling, LEDs at all levels and all kinds of RGB fans or not.

If these cases are well mounted, air circulation is the most optimal imaginable in them.

For you to define your priority, but for the vast majority of users, I advise to stay in the mid-range which is between 80 and 150 euros for medium-sized boxes.

Air Circulation

We will quickly move on to this point, mentioned in the article and elsewhere in this buying guide.

It is essential for the proper functioning of the components of your PC and its performance.

To be honest, most professional installers provide cable management that optimizes airflow in the housings, so you do not have to worry too much if the PC is mounted by a pro.

But if this criterion is important enough for you to linger and you plan to build your own PC, make sure to get housing where there are the most opportunities in terms of openings and locations for them. fans, without being obstructed (by a window or a valve for example).

Remember, however, that if these obstructions are limited, it often leaves room for a lot of dust.

For me, sacrificing some of the traffic to the front is worth it if one can place fans on the top or bottom of the case, but that’s a personal preference.


A small detour of importance.

Of course, you have to make sure that the components you buy are not only compatible with each other, but that they are also compatible with the case you buy.

To make it simple and concrete, if your case can not accommodate a graphics card over 370 millimeters (it’s very long, but it’s just an example), check that your new RTX 2080 Ti does not exceed this size.

Enclosures typically indicate these maximum sizes and the kind of compatible motherboard (ATX being the most common).

Be particularly attentive to the size of your diet, since we are seeing more and more isolated sections for this component that are sometimes limited in depth.


We have seen throughout our selection, some boxes are more or less modular and allow to add or remove more easily than other accessories present inside the tower.

As you probably know, the PC market is evolving at an impressive rate and having a case that allows you to add and remove accessories as you please is probably a good way to make sure you can keep the case for a few years to come.

In addition, this modularity also allows for better-personalized cable management, a clean configuration, and a constant and optimal airflow.

And then, if you prefer to have a watercooler, AIO instead of the fans present by default, or if you want to have LED everywhere or a huge water-cooling system of all colors, a serious manufacturer must be able to offer housing that you can change to according to your wildest desires.

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