After several hours of research and after reviewing several devices, I present you my top 5 of the best blood pressure monitor for home use of 2019.

I have a clear preference for the Omron MIT 5, which combines efficiency, connectivity, and design!

And to help you find the perfect blood pressure monitor, a little guide is at the end of the article!

The Best Blood Pressure Monitors of 2019

This category includes the cheapest blood pressure monitor for home use on the market and also the most basic. However, they offer excellent performance and offer reliable measurements and other features as interesting as those offered by the higher range devices.

1. Duronic BPM150: The Best Cheap

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

A bestseller among entry-level sphygmomanometers, the Duronic BPM150 is perfect for anyone looking for an affordable and easy-to-use device.

The BPM150 is part of the Duronic family of blood pressure monitors designed to be portable, accurate and easy to use. He inaugurates a new cuff model that the manufacturer announces as more comfortable and allows a more precise measurement of blood pressure.

The cuff of the BPM150 has a diameter of 22-42 cm. It is an arm blood pressure monitor suitable for an adult and the cuff is easily rolled up for easy storage.

The Duronic BPM150 blood pressure monitor has a large LCD display with clearly readable numbers.

Like many devices in its class, this console has 3 large buttons: one to start/stop the measurement, another to set the monitor and a third to view the data stored by the device.

The BPM150 can store up to 60 measurements allowing you to follow the variations of your blood pressure, it is also better than at this level that some devices of superior range. Its LCD display shows the diastolic and systolic pressure as well as the pulse, all with a color code that indicates whether the measured blood pressure is high, low or normal.

The monitor also comes with 4 batteries to power it. It is very easy to set up and use: you put on the cuff, you tighten it and you press the Start button to inflate the cuff, the numbers are displayed instantly.

I found that it was easy to scroller between the many data stored. The figures displayed are clearly visible on the large screen of the console and so accurate that if there is a problem, a visit to the doctor will not be a waste of time.

The cuff is suitable for people who have a large arm circumference. Indeed, a cuff too wide or too tight may distort the results displayed by the blood pressure monitor. With the Duronic BPM150 no risk on this plane!

In addition, if the device detects an abnormality (such as irregular heartbeats for example), a symbol appears on the screen. The measurement range of the monitor is 0 to 280 mmHg for blood pressure and 40 to 200 beats per minute for pulse.

What is safe with the BPM150 Duronic is that the manufacturer has everything focused on the simplicity of his device. And he was successful because this blood pressure monitor, in addition to being comfortable and easy to handle, also displays accurate data.

The only complaint I make him is that the 4 batteries supplied with the tensiometer run out quickly. I recommend you to have spare batteries to be sure to have accurate data at all times, it is your health!


  • Compact size
  • Up to 60 recorded measurements
  • Easy to use
  • One size of armband
  • Batteries wear out quickly

2. Omron M2 Basic: Classic Blood Pressure Monitor With Professional Performance

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron has been operating in the electronics market since 1933 and has a reputation for providing reliable and durable products. These are the qualities that I hope to find in this blood pressure monitor.

The Omron M2 Basic is, as indicated in its name, an arm blood pressure monitor with a classic look. The device is very similar to the sphygmomanometers used by professionals with an inflatable cuff and an electronic console.

The cuff has a circumference of 22 to 32 cm, but if you have a bigger arm circumference, you can still buy a model of 32 to 42 cm separately. The monitor has a single blue Start / Stop button to turn the monitor on and off.

This monitor is made of ABS plastic and has a large, easy-to-read screen. Its slight inclination facilitates the reading of the data displayed on the screen: the systolic and diastolic blood pressure and the pulse. This is a good point for users who have vision problems.

A set of 4 batteries is also included in the package so the device will be ready for use as soon as you receive it. Otherwise, you can still buy extra batteries, depending on how often you use your blood pressure monitor.

The operation of the Omron M2 Basic is very simple to understand since it suffices to press the blue button in the center of the monitor. The sphygmomanometer cuff will start to inflate and your blood pressure data will appear on the screen with your pulse.

If at any time, for any reason, you need to stop the operation, press the blue button again and the cuff deflates immediately. It can not be easier!

Otherwise, I can not talk about an Omron blood pressure monitor without mentioning the IntelliSense technology that comes with these devices. An IntelliSense console will then inflate the sphygmomanometer cuff until it reaches an optimal level, so pressure on the arm is very bearable for the user.

High performance for displaying blood pressure and pulse counts, the Omron M2 Basic is also designed to detect and report cases of high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. This blood pressure monitor, on the other hand, only saves the latest measurement you have taken, but you can still write down your data in the included graphical log.

In short, I recommend the Omron M2 Basic if you are looking for a simple, solid and reliable device to keep an eye on your blood pressure on a daily basis.

Moreover, do not take the word “Basic” too literally because even if it is an entry-level device, the Omron M2 Basic remains one of the most powerful in its class.

It will appeal to technophobes who want a device not complicated and gives figures as accurate as a professional device. And believe me, on this point, this Omron blood pressure monitor is doing its job!


  • Affordable price
  • Well legible figures
  • Easy to use
  • Limited memory

The Best Mid-Range Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood pressure monitors with the best price-quality ratio are in this category.

They differ from entry-level devices in the quality of their display and because of the higher number of features available, such as being able to calculate the average of the last three measurements taken by the monitor.

3. Omron: The Best Midrange

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

This is the second blood pressure machine from Omron, a brand renowned for its medical devices of high quality! Here, we are, as a bonus, on a connected blood pressure monitor, which is often the prerogative of high-end sphygmomanometers.

The Mit5 Connect Omron combines state-of-the-art technology with modern design, with a medium and large cuff (22 to 42cm), not too compressive, and a black case with many features to allow you to monitor your blood pressure anytime … anywhere!

It has a large enough screen, with white lettering (better spring on the black, no?) That indicates the key information, such as hypertension (LED), irregular beats and if the installation is correct ( using an LED). In addition, you can easily switch it on with the activation button, illuminated in blue!

And, of course, the measurements are taken quickly, which facilitates its use by people having to take these measures several times a day (and no need to note on an excel file or in a small notebook – you will see why just after).

What’s really interesting, in addition to these features (irregular heartbeat detection, blood pressure level indicator, cuff wrapping guide to make sure the cuff is placed correctly and advanced average function that gives you an average of three readings) is that one can have access to his data and download them if needed! Practice if you need to be closely followed by your cardiologist!

If the grip is a little complicated at first, do not panic: once all buttons and features are known, you will not get lost!

In short, you can retrieve the measurements taken by your blood pressure monitor via your smartphone (in Bluetooth) and integrate them into the Omron Bi-LINK software. Note that the application Omron Connect is beautiful is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and is not required to operate the blood pressure monitor …

But, it seems that the application cannot be linked to other health applications available on the market; it’s minor, of course, but it might have been practical to use, especially if you use other connected meters.

Another point of size: it has a two-user function, which allows you to keep separate records for two people (up to 100 readings with information on the date and time can be stored). Ideal if two family members have heart disease or arterial weakness.

And when you’re done, simply store it in the flexible carrying pouch that’s provided for. Only downside that I found him: the AC adapter is not included in the box, you have to buy it separately (unless the batteries suit you of course), which is a bit of a shame considering the quality performance of the device, as well as a doubt about the design of the measuring tube connecting the cuff to the measuring unit …


  • Elegant, precise and readable unit of measurement
  • Connected (application available, but not required)
  • Many features
  • 100 recorded measurements, for each user (2 possible)
  • AC adapter not included

4. Braun ExactFit 3 BP6100: A Professionally Accurate Sphygmomanometer

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

The ExactFit 3 blood pressure monitor combines the quality of Braun devices with great precision, ease of use and several features that are worth the detour.

The Braun ExactFit3 looks like a professional brassaed sphygmomanometer with the hose as well as an electronic console for displaying data. Sober, almost stripped, it comes with two armbands: one size S-M (22 – 32 cm in diameter) and another size L-XL (32 – 43cm).

The housing for reading the data is very well designed, slightly inclined for a comfortable reading. The buttons are large and the characters displayed are easily readable.

In the package, you also have a user manual and a pocket for storing the monitor when not in use. And the Braun ExactFit3 is directly operational thanks to the set of 4 batteries delivered with.

The Braun ExactFit 3 exists under several references, the BP6100 model that I selected can save up to 50 measurements for 2 users, plus the average of the last 3 measurements for each user. It has an automatic shutdown feature as well as a low battery indicator.

In use, the color code of the console turns green, yellow, orange or red for a quick interpretation of the measured blood pressure (normal, rising, …). Cuff inflation is progressive for more comfortable measurement sessions.

Once you have your data in hand, you can add it to Braun’s Healthy Heart App, available on the App Store and Google Play. It is a handy but optional tool that analyzes your data and gives you advice on how to improve your blood pressure.

You can set reminders about the date of your next doctor appointment or your next appointment. A guide helps you relax before the next measurement session and an option (which I find very interesting) allows you to send your data directly to your doctor or a relative.

Performance issues, the Braun ExactFit 3 offers professional precision. It takes no more than a few seconds to set up and use and the instructions are very easy to follow: you install the cuff, press the red Start button on the monitor and wait until the numbers are displayed.

Like any good blood pressure monitor, it displays systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse. It is a device that I recommend if you need to measure your blood pressure several times a day at home.

I advise you to strictly follow the instructions of the user manual for more precision in the data. Otherwise, the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty, which compensates for the fact that the Healthy Heart app does not directly support the blood pressure monitor data, it must be added manually.

But the blood pressure monitor works perfectly, even for intensive use. It provides accurate data that you can trust especially if you have hypertension problems.


  • Precise measurements
  • Two sizes of cuff provided
  • Easy to set up and use
  • No wireless connection

The Best High-End Sphygmomanometers

The category of high-end sphygmomanometers includes not only the most expensive devices on the market, but also the smartest of them.

5. QardioArm: The Best High-End

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

QardioArm measures your blood pressure without the need for a hose, wire or even an electronic console.

It is a lightweight and compact blood pressure monitor that consists of a cuff to synchronize with your phone via Bluetooth to measure your blood pressure. The designers of the device have all bet on simplicity with this blood pressure monitor.

The cuff does not even have an ignition button but to use it, you must have a smartphone!

To put it away, simply wrap the cuff around a rectangular plastic brick that stores the data and connects the monitor to the dedicated Android or iOS application. The QardioArm or rather the rectangular brick that accompanies it is available in several colors: white, red, blue or gold and the cuff is cut in black nylon.

The QardioArm arm blood pressure monitor works with 4 batteries included in the rectangular base, always. It is easily transportable since it weighs only 310 grams.

The QardioArm offers several original features.

Thus the “Places” function allows you to measure your blood pressure in several places, allowing you to understand the impact of your mode or place of life on your cardiovascular health.

The “Friends and Family” function, for its part, makes it possible to follow the data of other people or to be followed by others creating a small network of support between users.

To measure your blood pressure, you must absolutely download the Qardio application to synchronize the blood pressure monitor with your phone. The QardioArm features an irregular heartbeat detector, a risky blood pressure indicator and a function that calculates the average of the measurements.

It also allows multiple users to use and store their data, but the cuff is only available in one size. To measure your blood pressure, you just put the cuff on your arm and hold it in place with its velcro strap.

As the QardioArm strives as much as possible to offer a simple user experience, it does not carry an ignition button. The monitor automatically turns on and remotely activates the Qardio app on your phone.

From this app, you press a Start button to start measuring and recording data. You will hear the blood pressure monitor move and the pressure on your arm mount and your phone screen will display the usual data: systolic, diastolic and pulse.

All this takes only 30 seconds and your results will appear instantly on the phone. You can set up several reminders from the app to allow you to measure your blood pressure regularly.

The little flaw that I found him: the blood pressure monitor does not go off properly if it is not closed properly. Which quickly depletes his batteries. The probability of error is a little high, but other than that, the QardioArm is a good blood pressure monitor very easy to use.


  • Wireless sphygmomanometer
  • Easy to use
  • Fun features
  • Lack of precision sometimes

How To Choose Your Blood Pressure Monitor?

Regularly checking your blood pressure at home and understanding the measures displayed help prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other major health problems, especially if you are considered a “risky” person.

It’s also motivating to see how much your sports sessions and lifestyle changes have helped lower your blood pressure.

Regularly collected blood pressure monitor data also provide additional information to help your treating physician determine your condition and adjust your treatment accordingly.

If for any of these reasons, you need to buy a blood pressure monitor for your personal use at home, here are the points to consider when finding the right product.

The Meaning Of The Numbers Displayed On The Blood Pressure Meter

A blood pressure monitor usually displays 3 digits: systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, and pulse. And these three numbers are always displayed in this order on a blood pressure monitor.

Systolic Pressure (contraction, pulsation)

It indicates the highest level of blood pressure in the heart in the left ventricle. It is the force exerted by the blood on the walls of your arteries when your heart contracts.

Diastolic pressure (dilation)

It is the lowest blood pressure of the heart when it is relaxed or filled with blood.

The Pulse

It’s simply the number of beats your heart makes per minute.

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor to explain these numbers in detail to better understand your blood pressure.


When using a blood pressure monitor at home, you want it to be as accurate as the device your doctor uses. To do this, take him with you to the doctor so that he can assess his accuracy.

If it is not, then you may need to consult the user manual to see how to adjust the measurements in the event of an error. Also, ask your doctor to validate how you adjust the numbers to make sure you always have the right numbers for each measurement.

The Different Types Of Sphygmomanometer

Arms Models

Cuff sphygmomanometers are usually automatic devices. An integrated monitor or smartphone controls the inflation of the cuff and the numbers on your blood pressure are automatically displayed.

You must don the armband on your left arm, in contact with your skin and at the same level as your heart. You must not talk or move when you measure your blood pressure.

Most cuff sphygmomanometers nowadays carry an indicator of irregular heartbeats. Other smart devices allow you to share your information with your doctor by downloading data to a computer and recording data from multiple users at the same time.

This type of sphygmomanometer has some disadvantages. First, they are bulkier than the models on the wrist. In addition, adjusting the cuff is vital because if it is too tight or not enough, the measures taken will be distorted.

Wrist Patterns

They are fully automatic sphygmomanometers, lightweight, compact and portable. They differ from arm models in their operation.

You must this time install the blood pressure monitor on your wrist by putting on the wristband provided for this purpose. Then raise your arm so that the blood pressure monitor is at the same level as your heart – this is the condition for accurate numbers.

This sphygmomanometer model is generally less expensive than cuff and also less bulky devices. But they also have a high margin of error so remember to check their accuracy regularly.

The Models On The Finger

Rarer, finger tensiometers are very similar to wrist sphygmomanometers. They are small, easy to carry and more comfortable than a cuff sphygmomanometer. But this time again, the main gap is that it is not the most accurate.

The Size Of The Armband

Arm tensiometers usually come with an adjustable cuff. Although this one is designed to suit the majority of users, if you have an exceptionally large or small arm circumference, opt for models with different sizes of cuff available.

To find the cuff with the right size, measure the circumference of your arm midway between your shoulder and elbow while standing with your arm placed along your body.

An arm circumference of 18-22 cm requires a small cuff if it is between 22-32cm is average, and anything above 32cm, buy a cuff suitable for 32-42 cm.

The Speed Of Measurement

The monitor typically takes 20 seconds to 1 minute to measure your blood pressure. Keep in mind that the quicker a blood pressure monitor is to measure, the better, especially if you need to check your blood pressure several times a day!

Electronic Display

A good blood pressure monitor has a user-friendly interface with numbers and buttons and/or keys that are large and readable. This makes it easier to use the monitor and understand the results.

Cuff sphygmomanometers generally have a screen with a display that is easier to read than wrist devices. If you do not have good vision, opt for the cuff.

The Number Of Users Supported

A blood pressure monitor that supports more than one user allows you to measure someone else’s blood pressure and share your data with a family member. This also saves you from having to buy several blood pressure meters at a time.

The Number Of Data Stored In Memory

A blood pressure monitor with high storage memory allows you to keep your measurements for a long time, giving your doctor a clear picture of your condition.

Some devices even have a dedicated application that gives you even more storage options.

Notifications and Alerts

Today’s modern blood pressure monitors are designed to emit notifications or warnings when they find an abnormality in the measurements.

Generally, it is an alert in case of irregular heartbeat. The other frequent alert is the high blood pressure indicator to notify you that an urgent visit to the doctor is necessary.

A Dedicated Application

It’s the feature to look closely if you opt for high-end devices.

Typically, a dedicated application allows you to save more data for a longer measurement history, graphs to measure your progress, and to communicate vital information directly to your doctor.

Tensiometers with dedicated applications usually do not have an electronic display and therefore require you to connect your phone before each measurement.

Consider this disadvantage before you start because if you are reluctant to technology, this feature will make the measurements more complex instead of making your life easier.


Generally, it is between 1 and 3 years.

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