Best Backpack For Laptop Protection and Travel – 2020

If you are looking for ways to protect your laptop when you travel or best backpack for laptop protection then this article is for you. I have listed the top 10 best backpacks for laptop protection that you need to protect your new laptop.
Today’s question comes from a lot of comments on my previous article’s best laptop for Fortnite.

Many people have asked what I think is the best backpack for laptop protection or what is the best backpack for laptop and travel. So this article is my response to all those people.

I made this is based on my personal opinion and I tried to lease them based on their price-quality durability and more. 

Best Backpack For Laptop Protection


List Of The Best Backpack For Laptop Protection in 2020

These backpacks are the best backpack for laptops and travel too.

1. SwissGear 1900 Scansmart “Best Backpack For Laptop and Travel “

Where the Swiss gear 1900 scan smart. 
Swiss equipment is known for its quality and innovative design making it versatile for various things that were not sacrificing any piece of detail that could affect the product’s overall performance. 

Before we dive into explaining these backpacks features I want to mention that the manufacturer of this backpack is the same manufacturer as a Swiss Army knife. 

Best Backpack For Laptop Protection - 2019

From a design perspective, this backpack is very durable because it is made of a thousand and two hundred a ballistic polyester fabric with a large opening main slot and hard / series zippers. 

It is 18 inches high 13.5 inches wide 9 inches deep and weighs only 1.5 kilograms. 

It has adjustable side compression straps and padded control shaped shoulder straps made of mesh fabric with built-in suspension. Welcome to the features it offers the scan smart left LED technology that makes it faster through airport security and TSA scanning for most portable computers approved 17 inches. 

Moreover, the case has a built-in tablet safe pocket for great electronics protection file folders multiple internal accessory pockets water bottle pocket and a padded media pocket with a headphone cord port. 

There is also a pocket for a pens ID card and the memory sticks the straps on the cabinet lets you attach gear no matter where you go which makes it a really portable backpack. 

But that’s not all the inner laptop sleeve trends through extra protection so you don’t have to worry about anything this the best backpack for laptop protection. If you’re a more adventurous person who likes traveling except using it as a laptop holder you can take advantage of the front quick-access pocket and the reflective accent material built into the shoulder straps the best backpack for laptop and travel

Which adds a higher level of safety when you are out during the night. Overall this is an incredibly durable backpack and because of being oversized it fits adults and large children best. You can use it for many purposes and it feels very comfortable on your shoulders. Because the tightening load is the help in preventing the shifting of contents while improving the caring conform. 

This backpack is pretty durable easy to carry around and can be pretty useful for carrying your laptop around so I would suggest this backpack to everyone.

2. Pelican U100 Elite “Best Backpack For Laptop Protection

This backpack is a wonderful companion for those full of adrenaline and those that are gadget enthusiasts because it is incredibly well-made. It grants you great protection because it is across proof and watertight back meaning you can use it in hot weather conditions. 

best backpack for laptop and travel

The overall design is very smart because it provides you with a lot of space for keeping your laptop smartphone or tablet safely. 

The U100 is made from thousand in our culture nylon which has a rougher texture compared to the traditional nylon making it more abrasion resistant and more lightweight. 

It is also a poly user impact for added strength and waist 3.65 kilograms in addition this backpack is composed of padded adjustable shoulder straps supported by a sternum strap to help you with stability while walking. 

Compression straps make you adjust the overall size of the pack to suit the load you are carrying. Well as a bonus it has sling straps that are mainly used for attaching a jacket or bedroll.

Compartments are designed with the versatility in mind. the main compartment for your laptop comes with foam adhesive squares for accommodating different sizes of laptops. 

To be more precise it fits 15-inch laptops and up to 17 inch MacBook. 

To make sure that your laptop or other gadgets will be saved these compartments are watertight cross proof and made of ABS thermoplastic. 

They are tested to meet the ip67 standards of three to thirty minutes which is an amazing argument for safety measures. 

Besides those two compartments, there are other multiple compartments for storing cables chargers or other similar products and the concealed water bottle pocket. 

So you’re ready to go everywhere you want by having every single thing available. There is also a rear zipped compartment providing extra storage capacity and because the zippers are really easy this backpack can be opened with ease.

3. High Sierra Access “Best Backpack For Laptop”

The High Sierra access is an ideal backpack for anyone that reports a lot of organization has tolled space. It serves great for any situation starting at the tech holder and ending as an asset for adventurous people.

Best Backpack For Laptop Protection

This pack is designed for maximum utility and comfort. it is made of 300 to 600 I’m underneath of fabrics a vapor mesh on handle and back panel for comfort with a built-in rain cover for moisture protection. 

It is 15 inches wide 20 inches high and 9.5 inches deep and weighs only 1.5 pounds. it features shoulder straps with suspension adjustable side compression straps and waist belt with an option to dark away when not in use. 

These things are set for carrying heavy loads while the feeling really light. the back panel is padded with airflow for creating maximum airflow between your back and the pack.

The multiple compartments back have. There is the zippered mesh pocket temp pockets lead media pocket which is removable and key fob hook for keeping all the smaller items secure. 

The laptop compartment accommodates most 17 inch models while the dedicated test closely provides an ideal space for your tablet. 

There is also a media pocket with headphone port and adjustable sternum and compression straps and reflective piping for safety.

Let’s not forget the rain cover that is stored in a hidden compartment at the bottom of the bag which is perfect for keeping your contents dry and clean while it’s raining. 

This backpack is very comfortable because it has padded S-shaped shoulder straps with the suspension system giving you strong pleasure when you’re wearing it. 

Taking all these things aside you will be amazed at how elegant it is the plenty of thoughts available are easy to reach and large so secure that you won’t have to worry about breaking any valuable assets placed inside. 

You can open every compartment with ease because the zippers are incredibly adjustable so you are ready to do whatever you want without losing time for opening and closing this bag. 

This backpack is an excellent all-around keeping you very organized and making you feel comfortable while you are wearing it anywhere you go.

4. Osprey Momentum 32 “Best Backpack For Laptop and Tablet”

The Osprey momentum 32 is the ideal choice in the computer market. Because of its hybrid pack that could carry any of your assets. It is great for any purpose even for those would love to do cycling. It is 20 inches tall 11 inches wide 12 inches deep and weighs only 2.7 pounds. 

Best Backpack For Laptop Protection

This backpack features an escape technology implemented in the back that provides reaches for ventilation keeping you cool and dry on long rides through your destinations. 

The lid lock technology offers space for storing your bike helmet by locking it and this prevents the movement. Basically, you don’t have to worry about it falling during your eyes because it keeps it secure. 

Moreover, there is an effective 20-millimeter removable waist strap that will keep your back close and tight and a sternum strap that has an emergency whistle. The integrated rain cover is also a good feature because it deals easily with the rain. Because it is very strong and keeps your belongings dry.

The compartments when the main compartment is opened you can see document sleeves and mesh pockets for organization. 

A laptop sleeve that is large enough to fit a 15-inch laptop along with a separate slot for tablet and smartphone there is also an internal key attachment clip and internal organizer for bike-related tools and gears. 

It was a collection of zips and pockets made of durable fabric by Ospreys so you don’t have to worry about the quality. The side compression straps keep the pack very stable even if it is not packed in full. 

This backpack is also very comfortable because the shoulder straps are white and have a padded foam material with holes allowing some cooling while you are carrying it. Its bag has a mesh lining and the chest strap is height adjustable which means you can fully load your backpack without feeling obstructive. 

Moreover, the back of the pack features an S-shaped profile with horizontal ridges and a long vertical cutout down the center. 

This shape would feel great on your back and you won’t even feel any pain even if it is fully loaded and you’re carrying it for hours. 

Overall this backpack is a real beast that comes in a combination of great quality and safety measures. it is very durable good-looking and its unique features are enough to convince you to check it out right away without any hesitation. 

No matter if your style this Jam is an ideal choice for you and will create a bond with you from the moment you open.

5. Timbuk2 Spire “Best Backpack for Laptop and Books”

The Timbuk2 Spire backpack clothed in plenty of protection measures and ideal comfort. This backpack has a really good design and is made from Oxford nylon fabric. Featuring a waterproof lot of design with back zip access for quick entry into the main compartment. 

Best Backpack For Laptop Protection - 2019

The anodized aluminum hardware is set for having a sophisticated look. It is 12 point 4 inches in width 18 points 7 inches in height 5.1 in-depth and weighs only 2.4 pounds. 

It is very well organized and features many pockets. its front zip pockets with earbuds ID cards and cash. While the internal organizer is for phone pens or similar small stuff. 

But that’s not all it has a security pocket for cables and other accessories such as car stylish and a large main compartment for your jacket books or other carry-on fundamentals. 

There are also carrying straps such as hand strap and the sternum strap which is removable for an even better experience.

The laptop compartment fits 15 inches laptops and you will also have space for a smartphone or tablet in a separate pocket. 

The custom-fit strap design makes it fit very comfortably and a ventilated back panel gives you a breathing room while you’re carrying it for a longer period of time. The on strobe bottle opener is there in a way you for hemming apart your quick refreshment. 

Overall Timbuktu is a huge player in a backpack market. Because it’s creating classy products since 1989. This model is designed with precise details and large spacing to give all of your assets in the right place. 

You can carry everything you want with it without having to worry about how long the backpack has been on your shoulders because you won’t even notice it. 

The Timbuk2 Spire is definitely one of the best backpacks in the market. If you decide to get it you will never regret it because I can personally vouch for it. Because I think it’s really good and it has a lot of features which are not found in many other bags. That’s all for the best backpack for laptop protection and travel and these all bags are also good for Backpack for laptop and books or for tablet and iPad.

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